10 things to do after a burglary

10 things to do after a burglary

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The aftermath of burglary may leave you traumatized, horrified, and also in a panic. If you have no prior experience of what you must and should not do while in such situations, catching thieves and also getting your prized possession back may be quite tricky. This makes planning forward of time very significant.

To make a better plan, here is a list of what you require to do after a burglary:


1. Call the police

The quicker you call the police, the better the possibilities are of arresting the wrong people. Because of this, you shall also be ready to save other houses from collapsing victims to them. Other than this, having the policemen over can ensure that your. house is secured and also safe for you and even your family to return to. Registering a police report within 24 hours from the time of the occurrence can also assist you in processing your insurance claims quicker.

2. Consider your safety

If you just arrived home and notice a thief inside your property, don’t enter and also put your protection at risk. Showing yourself to the burglar, especially if you have no plan if he has a company or even if he or she is armed or not, isn’t the smartest thing to do. Instead, you may take shelter in one of your neighbors’ homes waiting for the police to come. If you are inside the house during the burglary, find a secure spot where you may hide waiting.

3. Do not touch anything yet

Till the police come, don’t touch anything inside the house. The police may require to see the incident as it is. It may assist provide them with a greater sense of something they shall deal with. Like, you must resist any urge to reposition the valuables or even fix broken things. Washing your home before the investigation begins can wipe out essential pieces of evidence.

4. Recall crucial details

If you saw the burglars, try to remember relevant and also essential details. Data such as gender estimated height, and also the age could help the officers with the investigation. You may also take notes of what kind of clothing burglars had also worn the place where they disappeared to. It may also assist if you may recall if they were on foot or even in case they had their car. Master plate number can assist the policemen to point the burglars’ specific identities.

burglary video

5. Review your surveillance videos

If you have a better surveillance system in the house, there is a good possibility that you have the entire incident on record. You may use this video as evidence against burglars and also in assisting the officers find them with ease.

6. Take notes of anything you’ve lost

There are many reasons why you require to make a list of the stolen things. First, it may assist give the police officers a clearer idea of how much was lost. It may also help them in finding out for the valuables. If you can’t give pictures, you may try drawing them to provide better descriptions. Receipts and also serial numbers are also significant in proving that the stolen things are yours.

7. File your insurance claims

The insurance company shall require the related documents before it starts to process your claim. Ensure that you have all file available before filing for the insurance. Getting the police officer report and also the itemized list of the stolen valuables ready within 24 hours can assist make the process quicker. The adjuster may also arrive at the home to make a personal assessment of the losses claimed.

8. Improve your home safety

Because there has been an apparent breach in the security, you might require to make improvements to prevent the same thing from occurring again. The first things you need to review are the points of entrance and also exit. If the locks were too poor, try to install something more robust. The extension of deadbolt locks and also deadlocks is an excellent option. 

9. Allow yourself to meltdown

Following the processed every document and also files required, you must also provide yourself proper time to take things in. You may file a leave from the work to take some days off. It is normal to feel emotional and also cry over the loss during such situations. Your house is your sanctuary and also feeling compromised, and even insecure when you are inside, it can provide you with a whirlwind of sensations as well as the stress. Taking a few time off may assist you to get yourself back on the track.

10. Help build awareness

You may share the experience with neighbors or even your friends so that they can get knowledge from it. They do not certainly have to undergo getting burgled for them to know essential things about home safety. Apart from this, creating awareness may also mean talking with the neighbors’ the purpose of setting up a great neighborhood watch plans in the community you live at. You may also set up neighborhood blogs so that characters who have undergone burglary can correlate their experiences and even thoughts.

The above are the things to do after a burglary. Now I hope there are very essential and will help you in one way or the other, or even help your neighbor.

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