Preventing Bike Theft

6 Tips For Preventing Bike Theft

Cycling has a lot of health benefits. It helps your muscles to stay healthy and also helps to keep healthy both your heart and cardiovascular system. It’s so hard to keep your bike away from thieves. It’s so debilitating when you have a long day in your office only to find out that your bike is stolen when you need it most after a job. Many thieves can remove a bike without notice and load it into an enclosed bike trailer within minutes and driveway unnoticed, leaving the bike owner with nothing.

Preventing Bike Theft

The value of the bike is in the parts with many thieves operating “chop shops” to remove and resell bike parts all over the world. Many bike theft rings operate in every city across the country due to the ease of removing and reselling bike parts.

The following are 6 tips for preventing bike theft:

1. Disable quick-release levers

The release levers are used by trail riders and riders who have a secure storage garage for their property. For the daily commuter, quick release levers l is nothing more than a method that thieves can use to steal your bike tires within seconds. Thieves can also use quick release levers to disengage your bicycle frame in seconds from the lock. If you want to leave your bike in a public place for a long time, then you should remove the quick release tires and replace them with the hex-nut screw in ones.

2. Make the bike look unique

You should ensure your bike is unique. You can use a huge basket, lime green lime bike or saddlebags to make it unique hence scare away thieves. Once you start riding a unique bike, people will associate it with you; hence, they can tell when a different person is riding it. Many thieves shy away from unique bicycles hence preventing bike theft.

3. Get an insurance policy

When you are riding your bike uninsured, you are putting yourself at financial risk. While it may seem a bit irritating and expensive, having cover for your bike is paramount to your ability to stay on the road. If you fail to have a bike cover, you stand to lose quite a bit, the least of which is your motor vehicle license. That being said, let’s talk about a few ways you can ensure your two wheels and cruise the streets in safety.

What would happen if you end up in a wreck?

Since the slightest accident could out your bike out of commission, you are at risk of never being able to ride that bike again. Sure, if there is another vehicle involved and it was indeed their fault, their insurance will cover your costs, if they have coverage of their own.

4. Ensure you lock your bike

Locks are the most important security measure for any bike. You can use a thick and heavy-duty chain to lock your bike. Wrap the chain around a post or something strong. While a bicycle chain may prevent it from being stolen by opportunistic thieves, it will not deter the more determined thieves who can use cutting equipment to break through these locks in a matter of seconds. The fact is that if you leave your bike out in the street, there is little that you can do to prevent it from being stolen by a professional thief.

6 Tips For Preventing Bike Theft

5. Install an alarm

Alarms are a very good deterrent, if the bike is fitted with an alarm, then most thieves will scamper away once the alarm sounds, as the noise will attract too much attention. If parked at home, there is a driveway alarm, which creates a single laser beam across the drive, and if someone breaks the laser, an external alarm will sound hence alerting when someone is in your compound hence preventing bike theft.

6. Keep your bike indoors

If it is possible, try to keep your bike indoors in a locked shed or garage, as this will significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of bicycle theft. Most home insurance policies will only cover bicycles if they are stored indoors while you are at home. You should also make sure that your insurance covers your bike when it is away from your home, so if somebody steals it while you are out at work, you will receive compensation.

Final Words

Cycling really is a great way to get out into the fresh air, and it’s a great way to see the landscape where you live. Most of us could use a little more exercise and cardiovascular training, and it can be as easy as getting on the bike and pedaling. You can use the above tips in preventing bike theft.

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