Luggage Lock buying guide

A Complete buying Guide to Luggage Lock of 2020

“There were more than 200 thefts per day from checked luggage at JFK Airport in New York in 2012.”– The Daily Mail

“A CNN story on the TSA from 2010 to 2014 found people filed 30,621 claims of missing valuables, either from checked luggage or disappearing at security checkpoints.”Forbes

The number of stealing at the airport is increasing day by day. So does the number of “lost” items. You will be shocked to know people claim that airport employees and staff are involved with this thieving and announce that the product is lost. Numerous cases have found where people miss their valuable items from there checked items. Though it is hardly possible to stop the theft entirely, you can take necessary steps for minimizing the unpleasant event as thieves tend to avoid secured luggage and other things.

A luggage lock is one of the best solutions for this situation.

Searching and finding the right luggage lock for your upcoming trip is not a bed of roses. It can be troublesome and wastage of money and time if the right one is not found. Go through the reading to understand and recognize the appropriate luggage lock that will suit to your luggage.

Luggage Lock – roam peacefully by locking your luggage

Luggage lock can make your journey stress free and smooth by ensuring that your valuable things are not only safe and secure but also difficult to unlock without the proper key. Using the right
luggage lock gives you peace of mind that your luggage is safe and sound. It prevents your luggage from opening by accident. Most luggage includes an in-built lock. However, you may buy an external luggage lock, either padlocks or lockable straps.

So, if you want to secure your luggage, you should purchase a luggage lock that perfectly goes with your luggage.

Why do you need a luggage lock?

As time passes, the number of traveler increases not only for technological advancement but also for low-cost traveling expenses. Travelling has never been so easy after the revolution of low-cost airlines. People are prone to visit from one place to another. Like traveling, the opportunity for theft has also reached its peak, starting from your arrival airport to staying place like a hotel.

One cannot imagine a tour without luggage. Want to go for a trek or world tour? You just need to put your essential things in your luggage and start roaming. But your whole visit will ruin if you lost your valuable things. Just imagine a situation when you lost your passport or camera, or your daily makeup accessories. The situation is enough to destroy your whole tour and mood. Fortunately, there are ample accessories that can secure your luggage from being theft. Luggage lock is one of them.

Cope with the Airport Security regulations:

Like the increasing number of theft, you will find enough security in many places. The airport is no different. In fact, most of the airports are much secured and you have to go through a detailed security process. Day by day, security in airports, ports, and trains are upgrading. Either do the checking system. Though people want to give maximum protection for their goods, they will also have to follow the airport rules and regulations which sometimes ask you to open your luggage for checking.

However, a good locking system will protect your belongings and saves your time although most luggage comes with an in-built lock. But these in-built locks are not the trustworthy option. A good luggage lock is a perfect deterrent to thieves, making them helpless to break your lock. Additionally, the appropriate lock will also save you time at the airport.

Types of luggage lock:

Luggage lock has various types. Some people look for luggage straps while others prefer TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved luggage locks. TSA approved locks also come with two different types of shackle:

  • TSA locks with flexible shackle
  • TSA locks with a rigid shackle

Flexible shackle gives you the freedom of choice for locking while rigid shackle does not.  Additionally, many TSA lock includes a Search Alert option that notifies the users when the luggage is opened or inspected by TSA officers. There are two types of search Alert options:

  • TSA locks with Search Alert Window.
  • TSA locks with Search Alert Popup.

Search Alert Window or indicator changes the color from green to red and alert you that your luggage is not opened. So, after notification, you should check your luggage whether everything is there or not. 

The best part of the Search Alert option is that no one including TSA officer can reset your Search Alert padlock features. It is only you who can reset the features. So, using a TSA lock is the best option for securing as well as airport inspection situations. Apart from these, based on the locking system luggage lock can be defined in two categories:

  • Padlock with key
  • Combination locks

For unlocking a padlock with keys, you need keys wherein combination locks you just need to sequence the symbols and numbers. Most TSA padlocks are a combination lock, giving you the maximum protection to your belongings. However, if you forget the combination, you can reset the combination any time. But in case of a padlock with keys, it is troublesome if you lost the keys.

Finally, as technology flourished in every area, the locking system is no different. Fingerprint technology is used everywhere in the security system. So does in luggage locking. Nowadays, markets present Smart Locks with Fingerprint Technology which gains popularity within a very short time. The best part is you do not need to be tensed about your key or combination. Your finger is the key.

These locks are not TSA approved and well-established in spite of the growing popularity. TSA approved touch lock is now available from specialist dealers, pricing starts from $60 to $300.

At a glance

 Luggage Lock that you may buy:
1. Luggage strap
2. TSA approved luggage straps
3. TSA lock
4. TSA locks with Search Alert Options – either window features or popup
5. Smart Lock with Finger Print Technology
6. Lockable luggage security cables

What Does TSA mean?

TSA denotes for Transportation Security Administration which is an American agency under the Department of homeland security. The authority monitors the security of traveling people in
the USA. They screen the national airports, commercial passengers and their baggage. TSA has the power to check the passengers’ baggage or luggage with or without the presence of the passenger. Therefore, using a TSA approved lock is a must if you do not want to destroy or cut your luggage lock.

TSA lock is designed for the travelers to lock their luggage that does not require the TSA officers to cut or break their lock. 

So, what makes TSA lock different from others? Do you need to use TSA lock?

TSA approved lock can be opened by TSA officers using a universal “Master key”. Therefore, if you use a TSA approved lock, officers do not need to break your lock or to cut your lock.

As a result, it is safe and your luggage lock and belongings will be safe. 

The lock is developed by Travel Sentry Company that sets standards and approves any design. All the TSA approved locks come with the Company’s identifying mark, red diamond.

 TSA approved lock, comes with a red diamond
identifying the mark, can be unlocked by the TSA officers using a universal Master key.

Using TSA approved lock will save a lot of your time in the airport and protects your goods:

At present, the USA is the only country that declares that the luggage must be openable. So, using a TSA approved lock can be the best solution for this situation.

So, if you are planning to travel within North America, you should use TSA approved lock. Though Canada will check your bag and luggage without your presence, they will not break the lock. In other countries, you may ask to pen your baggage in front of the inspection officer.

Apart from the USA, several countries also use this TSA master key to unlock luggage such as Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Israel, China, Japan, and South Korea. So, if you are planning to purchase the best luggage lock, you should spend on TSA locks that will save time and reduce airport hassle.

Thinks to remember:

While traveling, check the country’s recommended locking
system and research about their screening and inspection rules.  Many countries do not have a universal master key to unlock your luggage.


Lockable luggage security cables -Keep your bag and luggage safe while traveling:

Lockable luggage security cables are a versatile option for the security of your bag and luggage. You can use the cables for various traveling equipment, starting from the backpack, laptop bag, to luggage. The cable locks your luggage or bags with a fixed structure such as a stand, chair, etc. You can also lock more than one bag, suitcase, and luggage together with the cables.

Luggage Straps- cost-effective options for luggage safety:

Another thing you may consider while thinking about your luggage security is luggage straps. Luggage straps come with a colorful design, making it a deterrent to the optimistic thieves. You will also recognize your luggage at the carousel. These straps are easily adjustable, TSA approved and sometimes comes with Search Alert Option.

Complete Buying guide to luggage lock:

  • At first, think what you are looking for? Getting a TSA approved lock is safer for airport inspection.
  • Think about your purpose and the transportation system. TSA locks are perfect for the airport while luggage security cables are best for a bus, train or even for your hostel room.
  • Choose a combination lock over key locks. Keys can be lost but you can easily reset the combination.
  • Check whether the size of the lock’s shackle goes with the size of your luggage’s zipper eyelets.
  • It is better to find a lock with a long cable shackle that allows more flexibility and helps you to attach another lock, giving you the peace of mind that all the zippers are safe and secure.
  • You can choose flexible shackle over rigid shackle for setting your personal preference.
  • If you are traveling by bus or train, you may choose lockable luggage security cables that allow you to lock your luggage, backpacks, or bags with a fixed structure.


No one wants to lose his valuable things from the luggage or bag. The best solution for solving the annoying problem is to use the right luggage locks and accessories based on your traveling purposes and places. The article focuses on the essential accessories that you may use for securing your luggage. While buying a luggage lock, consider the above mention tips and types of luggage locks. 

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