ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Review

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The bike lock industry is complex and full of different products. Likewise, the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 is one of the big contenders for ensuring the best safety. But among all of the bike locks in the market, why this one such a good one, and why should you purchase the lock? Quite easy as the Abus folding lock provides some of the most unique and powerful features to ensure the safety of your bike.

Before you purchase the bike lock, knowing the top reasons to purchase the lock, and knowing the features of your lock is important. So, we are going to give you a proper discussion of the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85 folding locks today.

Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 reviewABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Review

Top 3 reasons to purchase the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85

If we can convince you with just one benefit of the bike lock, that’s enough. However, depending on the choices of people, here are the top three reasons to purchase the Abuse x plus 6500.

The only high-security foldable lock

Most of the foldable locks come with mid-security risks and support. However, gaining a high-security foldable lock can always benefit you the most. There are mainly two different benefits you can receive from foldable bike locks.

First of all, you can fold the locks, and give them a portable or compact shape. Also, after folding the lock, you get a very flexible shape to lock your bike with ease.

However, that’s mainly the features of a foldable lock, and finding a high-security model is nowhere to be found. Well, that’s until when this model came into the market to introduce itself. This is another important feature that should convince you to purchase the foldable bike lock.

Comes with a lot of locking options

One thing is for sure that you are getting a lot of locking option with the Bordo X-Plus 6500 folding lock. The lock does have less internal space than any standard U-lock in the market. But U-locks does have a huge problem, as you cannot lock them on some specific spaces.

For instance, you won’t be able to lock your U-lock on lampposts and other solid constructions. As this is a foldable lock, you can easily lock them for the flexible shape you get. So, unlike a U-lock, you are getting different locking options and the high-security features working for you.

The best portable option for high-risk areas

Going to high-risk areas require a lot of locking options, and security measurements. Well, the Abus Granit X-Plus 6500 features high-security and best portable option. Just like we said, the Abus foldy lock 6500 is the only high-security portable bike locks available in the market. So, you won’t regret the portability and other features it has to offer.

For a foldable bike lock, the lock itself is pretty light. Well, lighter than other high-risk bike locks, and still it can pack power. As the lock is foldable, you can give it a flexible shape. Not to mention, the flexibility can always ensure that you can tuck it inside the frame of your bike, or just keep it inside your bag. Just like a lot of locking options, you can receive a lot of portability option with this bike lock.

Key Features

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 ReviewNow, after giving you an idea about the top three benefits of getting the bike lock, we are going on with the important features of this foldable bike lock.


Abus Bordo 6500 may shock a lot of people with customer ratings, gold ratings, and many more. For a foldable bike lock, this one offers a high-security feature, and that’s really a surprise. Well, the foldable lock is right at the bottom of the gold rating, and there are many U-lock contenders above the bike lock.

Mainly, the bars of the lock are only 5.5 mm thick, and the bars are thinners than most high-security U-locks. But how the locks are so secured anyway? Because the width of the bar is very wide for any U-lock so attacking the bars will be tough.

Well, yes, you are not getting the best and proper support like a U-lock inside the high-risk area. However, the locks’ support is acceptable in any high-risk zones and areas. Also, you can receive a lot of locking options with the locks, and that’s a security bonus.


Earlier we mentioned, the foldable lock is not like any gold-rated U-locks. Yes, the Granit 6500 does come with gold ratings but the lock is still at the bottom of the chart. Claiming that the lock is for high-risk areas, the construction very moderate. Made using special hardened steel, the foldable lock can provide the best supports for any foldable lock in the market right now.

However, unlike any U-locks, the Abus Bordo 6500 comes with just 5.5 mm thickness. On the other hand, most U-locks offer 14 to 15mm thickness. So, when you are trying to use the locks, in high-risk areas, pry attacks or power tools may affect the security. However, the bars of the Abus Bordo is wider than any U-lock, and that gives it an upper hand over security. For durability, the lock is good but that too -depends on the situation you are in.

Ease of Use

Almost all foldable locks offer simplicity, and they are easy to use. The lock can easily slip down the bike mount without any problem or interference. Frame mounts usually work great with U-lock, but this one is an exception for many people.

If you fold out the middle bars – it will help you to easily release the locked bars. After unlocking the bar mechanism, pull out your key, and use it. To unlock the bars, you need to pull the bar that is closest to the key. When you are trying to get the lock around any unmovable objects such as lampposts, it can be hard or easy. Whether it will be hard or simple to unlock with unmovable objects, depends on various circumstances around you.

Ease of Transport

Foldable bike locks are always the best portable options for two different reasons. First of all, by folding the bike lock, you can actually give it a proper shape and use it accordingly. The second one is, you can move around with it anywhere you want. Just think about any bike lock – the safer, the heavier the lock. 

But this one is a foldable option, and less thick than any U-lock. Not just that, when you fold the lock – it can gain a good shape for portability. When the U-lock is heavy, it will slide down from the bike mount. However, no matter how heavy or thick the foldable bike lock gets, it is a proper portable option.

Thanks to the Granit X plus 6500 plastic and rubber frame mount, you can mount the lock in two ways. One way, you can attack the folding lock with your water bottle mount. Another way is to use the velcro straps and attack the folded lock with the bike’s frame. After attaching it, there should not be any sort of rattling or noise whatsoever.


The Abus Granit 6500 is very compatible with almost every type of bike out there. Yes, it’s a high-risk bike lock and is foldable for a portable option. So, when you get one for yourself, it is compatible with almost any high-risk area or zone.


Just like we said, the lock is a high-security foldable bike lock available in the market. Thanks for that, the bike lock is providing the best support available in the market for foldable locks. Yes, you won’t get the same amount of support as any U-lock available in the mart.

However, the bike lock is a good deal for the money and provides enough security support than carrying a heavy U-lock.


  • Only high-security foldable lock in the market
  • Great portable option
  • Plenty of locking options
  • Two ways mounting option
  • No rattling and better weight distribution


  • Fiddly when it is being used
  • Quite expensive than U-locks

Abus bordo granit x-plus 6500 vs granit x-plus 6000

The brother product of Abus Granit x plus 6500 called the Abus Bordo Granit x plus 6000 – is 7mm wider than the 6500. Still, the 6500 is much more durable and tough than the 6000. When it comes to durability, the Abus Bordo 6500 is tougher and much better.

For security, Granit 6500 is redeemed the winner, and the Granit 6000 is also a pretty good product. However, it cannot beat the 6500 in terms of durability.


Aside from the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500, there are much safer and cheaper locks out there. Mainly, those locks offer much more internal space and other value. But for a folding lock, there are no high-security locks. So, this is a big advantage for the users to get the best security support for their bikes. Considering all the features, the lock is one of the more acceptable bike locks for high-risk areas.