August Smart Lock Pro Review

August Smart Lock Pro Review 2020

The August Smart Lock Pro review is substantial and also expensive, but eventually well worth that cash – mainly if you are a heavy Home Kit, Amazon Alexa user, or Google Assistant. The smart home is becoming smarter, but not everyone needs to do away with their old systems completely. For instance, while there are lots of the Smart locks out there meant to repair your old Lock in favor of the keypad or even new keyhole, few people need to keeps an ability to manage their older keys.

This, however, is where August comes in with a Smart Lock 3rd generation, that fits onto the existing deadbolt and also enables you to keeps using the old key When you (or even the landlord) need to while continuing benefits of the smarter lock.

August Smart Lock Pro ReviewAugust Smart Lock Pro Review 2020August Smart Lock Pro Review 2020August Smart Lock Pro Review 2020

Top 3 main reasons to buy August Smart Lock Pro

– It is easy to use.

– Installing the device is easy.

– Fixing up a Connect Wi-Fi adapter is very easy.


Right off that bat, let me say which this lock is not weatherproof or even intended for outdoor usage. Instead, it shall go on the inside of the deadbolt and also works from the temperatures from 32 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I too wish this lock had longer set life- it uses 4 AA batteries that last about six months. While utilizing cells makes installation more comfortable, having to return the batteries doubly a year sounds disturbing.

Also, this lock has no alarm, so it is very concerned which a criminal would quickly remove it to separate the lock from your mobile app. He’d still need to get past your current deadbolt, but you would not certainly be aware which an intrusion or even attempted invasion, was following.


An August Smart Lock 3rd Generation utilizes Wi-Fi technology to interact with the phone.  As the phone is connected with a lock, a door shall automatically unlock as they approach it (given which you have the phone with you, that 99% of the time is the case).

That process is known as geofencing, and also it makes locking or even unlocking the door quite effortless. If you are old school, one can but use keys or even control a lock through the mobile app. The one thing one can be assured of- so hard as you have the phone with you, you will not be locked out.

This Smart Lock Pro additionally integrates with the Apple HomeKit, and also Google Assistant so one can vocally control this lock, yet a different backup system to make sure you will never be locked out.

One can even give access to guests for particular or even indefinite periods, which makes carrying the dog servant in the breeze. Also if you need to see who is coming in and also out of the house, look out a case history in an August app- but we will get to which later.

Ease of Use and Installation of August Smart Lock Pro

There are some things about a lock’s design that lend themselves to a comfortable experience. For beginners, it’s straightforward to utilize the Lock manually. Turn the external ring of the lock clockwise to lock that door, or even anti-clockwise to unlock it. That is excellent for the most significant users, acknowledging the partner is most expected a little less likely to adopt the new Smart home tech than you are. 

On top of this, this Lock features a ring of the lights on its front, an indicating status, and also it’s very easy to replace the batteries just by pressing in on its August logo to remove a front cover.

In general, the installation of this August lock is effortless, and also while the Lock is a bit bulky, It is still well-designed and simple to use. It must fit right at home in any current-looking house and also shall keep the landlord glad should they stop by for a visit.

We have already talked about the fact that this app makes it very easy to install this August Lock and also related accessories. When one opens the app, you will be greeted with an overview of the properties and, that makes it easy to pick to each lock if you have various setup. Tap on the lock, and you can instantly Lock or even unlock It just by tapping on the green or the red circle.

Sometimes, It is found that this app took a less second to find this Lock and also react to the command, but in general, this app was extremely fast.

Quickly locking and unlocking this lock is not all one can do from this app, however. One can also set up automation, that can be suitable for those that need to set up their Lock and even then forgets about it. From this app, one can set the lock to automatically unlock When one leaves the 200-foot radius around the home, suggesting the door must be ready to open as soon as you get home.

One can also set this lock to automatically lock after a specified time – though It is suggested you could apply this same location-based automation as you may with unlocking this device.

Last but not least, one can set “smart alerts” to notify you when your door is locked or even unlocked When a door is left open When your door is automatically locked or even unlocked, and so on. It also should be simple to regularly keep tabs on its status of the lock, if that is something you need to do. Function aside, the August app is almost well-designed and also easy to operate. It seems pretty modern, and also should fit right at the home on any flagship smartphone.

What we like about August Smart Lock Pro

  • It is easy to use
  • Installing the device is easy
  • Fixing up a Connect Wi-Fi adapter is also very easy.

What we dislike about August Smart Lock Pro

  • It is expensive
  • The lock is bulky

Final Words

This August Smart Lock 3rd Generation is a great idea to give the lock Smart characteristics without taking away with the great key. It is responsive and also very easy to use, plus an app looks and also operates excellent, too. Of course, It is not that perfect – the Lock is a somehow bulkier than most people would have liked, and also it’d be helpful to have more than one smart home integration.

August Smart Lock Pro Review 2020

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