How to find Best Anti-Theft Bike Lock?

Everyone must have a premium bike lock, whether they use their bike to go to work or even down to do the groceries. The locks ensure that the bikes are safe and protect against theft while you do your daily activities and errands. As a whole, it keeps your mind at peace. It is very difficult to find the best lock to protect your bike.

The reason is simple, there are too many bike locks available at the moment on the market. So how do we go on about to find the best anti-theft bike lock? It is rather “simple”, you need to look for some qualities in them to make sure your bikes are always secure.

Preventing Bike Thefts

Thieves are a menace to honest citizens despite whatever reason they may have for stealing. This is true for areas that have a high population and driving isn’t practical. Regardless of that, it is up to bike owners to secure their bikes. If you down have a garage or live in a secure building, then it is up to you to find the best anti-theft bike lock for your bike. Let’s continue to see how to find the best lock.

Features to Look in an Anti-Theft Bike Lock


Weight is one of the most important features to look for when considering buying an anti-theft bike lock. Usually, the tougher it is for a thief to steal a bike, the heavier the lock is. However, before going out and buying the biggest and heaviest anti-theft bike lock you can, make sure to consider how the weight will affect the bike. Heavy locks are more of a hassle to carry around. Add that to your overall weight, it will probably slow down.

If you use your bike a lot of the time and will then be letting it be for several hours unattended, make sure to go for a big lock. However, if you are using your bicycle just to go to the coffee shop during weekends, it’s better to go easy on the weight. This allows for more convenient use of the lock.


There are several styles of anti-theft bike locks on the market right now. However, the ones that are the most effective are D-locks and U-locks. The style does not limit itself to the shape of the locks (U & D). It also extends to the chain locks, or what it looks like exactly. The materials the locks are made from are usually unbreakable. In addition to that, the can be adjusted to the bike’s anchors and are very easy to use.

There are also several other styles of locks. These can be from smart locks, wheel locks, cable locks, and even disc rotors. Locking skewer lock is also very good while smart locks make use of Bluetooth technology.


Most anti-theft locks usually have chains that have plastic tubing around. However, there are several unique types of locks on the market today. These are usually high-tech anti-theft bike locks. Companies are getting innovative and are now covering the anti-theft locks with silicon. This prevents the bicycle from damage while also protecting it against theft.

Your aim should be to purchase anti-theft locks that are manufactured in hardened steel. However, if you plan to leave your bike somewhere for a long period of time, it is better to use titanium chains. Both titanium and hardened steel are virtually impossible to cut even if they use bolt cutters. Unless the thief in question manages to get it through the use of an angle grinder, the bike will most likely be safe.

Recommended Anti-Theft Bike Locks

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Lock

This lock is one of the sturdiest and durable locks you’ll find on the market. It has an 18mm steel shackle that is completely resistant to leverage and bolt cutters. The latter also has high-level disc cylinders in addition to a double sleeve crossbar. They are all from made from hardened steel. It also comes with a layer of protective vinyl coating.

In addition to that, it has a dust cover which increases the lifespan of the cylinder. This leaves with one of the best anti-theft locks. Although in some places, the price can be on the up at over $100, you are in reality investing one of the best high-quality bike locks. This saves you the cost of replacing your bike.

Evolution Chain (Kryptonite)

This one from kryptonite is another innovative anti-theft lock. It is one of the most flexible and convenient bike locks on the market. There are each made in reinforced steel to form manganese which has six sides. This chain will not be a hacksaw victim. This lock rivals even the latest high-tech smart anti-theft locks on the market. The chain protects both the bike and link from damage since it has a soft encasing of nylon fabric. The latter is flexible, super strong and has no problem fitting around any awkward anchors.

Even though this lock weight a bit (7 pounds), it will guarantee your bike safety and will probably even outlive the latter. This makes the weight worth it. Evolution is a bit cheaper and is one of the best options if you wish to have extra security.

Tigr Lightweight Anti-Theft Lock

This lock is has a lightweight titanium make and will save you time and energy. It weighs about 0.5 kg and makes your bike more secure. The latter is very high tech and high-security thanks to its disc lock cylinder. The material is thin and flat. However, it is a hassle for thieves who make use of bolt cutters. Since it is small, it limits the space the thief has to work.


So here are the different ways to find the best anti-theft locks. The things to look when choosing are mostly weight, style, and material. Some will cost more while others much less but overall, it will depend on you, your budget, and preference.