Best Fireproof HOME SAFES

Best Fireproof Home Safes in 2021

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The instinct of a human being is to keep the valuable things secured to his or her reach.

If you are looking to protect your important papers, documents, or even cash, you must look for something that is not only safe from burglary but also any natural calamity like fire and floods.

Best fireproof home safes are designed and engineered in a way so that they can protect your papers and ensure that the internal temperature is below 350 degrees to ensure that the paper does not start to char or burn. This method protects a safe and creates steam or moisture inside the safe.

Each of the fire-safe boxes safeguards the content inside for up to at least half an hour. Surely when you want to store important papers like passport, certificates, will, or cash inside, you would want to know that they will survive a fire.

So, the most desirable option would be to go for the best fireproof home safe, which can be kept in your home and sourced after the event has passed. Our research below showcases different options for you to choose from. You can find them of different sizes and various combinations that fit your exact requirements.

1# SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad 1.23 Cubic Feet

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof SafeBest Fireproof Home Safes in 2021


Brand:  SentrySafe

Model: SFW123GDC

Weight: 87 pounds

This Fireproof home safe comes in 1.23 cubic feet of space and is fire and waterproof. It is also UL Classified and can endure up to one hour of heat at 1700°F. Hence this safe will surely keep the interior temperature safe for any important documents, cash, and valuable, any electronic items like CDs, DVDs, or USBs. The safe is very strong, and ETL Verified that it can even withstand fall from a height of 15 feet and still remain shut.

It is also providing an ultimate round the clock protection in case of any flood even if it is 8 inches in the water. So, you are assured that your papers are safe even in flood and can be recovered once it passes. 

SentrySafe SFW123GDC also comes with a digital keypad where you can create your safety combination along with a second key to ensure better security. It comes with four perfect bolts and solid steel construction, so even if it falls from a height, it will land safely without any damage. Its hinge bar is protective from any kind of a pry, and comes with a locking drawer, with great bolts to ensure the safe is secured at all times. Besides these, you will also find an interior light to see the documents in case of darkness.

Key Features                     

  • Comes with a 1. 23 cubic feet of inside storage space
  • Can withstand 1700°F for one hour
  • ETL Verified and can remain closed and safe at all times during any damage
  • Offers protection even when 8 inches in water
  • Digital Keypad and four live-locking bolts offering ultimate security


  • Dual resistant to Fire and Water; so if you are putting out a fire or even in floods, the safe will remain secure.
  • The interior LED light shows what you are doing.
  • Digital Keypad with an additional four live-locking bolts for extra security.


  • We need to purchase high-end alkaline batteries for digital usage.
  • Difficult to change the digital combination if needed.

2# SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad 2.05 Cubic Feet Black

SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe Best Fireproof Home Safes in 2021


Brand: SentrySafe

Model:  SFW205GQC

Weight: 125 pounds

Perhaps you are looking for something that can carry more documents, and hence a bigger safe would be an ideal option. The first option above may be too small for you and can offer only a limited space. This waterproof and fireproof sentry safe comes with a digital locking system featuring six live-locking bolts hence offering a higher level of security.

With all this protection, you can save all the documents and cash you want safe and sound from any fire, flood, or even burglars. You can also hide this anywhere in your home to keep it in an unpredictable place to ensure no one can find it easily.

SentrySafe SFW205GQC is marketed to hold on to your important documents easily with its spacious feature. Whether it is your birth certificate, passport, government papers, will, or even jewelry, you will find it easy to find them in this fireproof safe as they can be kept well organized. You may wish to keep a small dehumidifier in the box to ensure that the interiors are safe and the papers do not stick. This is just a recommendation depending on your location. It can be purchased for a small price easily but can be useful to avoid humidity and moisture in the safe.

Key Features           

  • The safe has additional storage as it comes with2.05 cubic feet of space
  • Comes with six perfect bolts to lock and offer an additional and ultimate security
  • It can be drilled to the floor or the wall.


  • It provides extra space to store more documents.
  • The six-bolt locks provide additional security.
  • Great price for extra security.


  • It can be a bit difficult to store this sized safe in small spaces.
  • No holes in the safe but spots are available to drill.

3# First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe

First Alert 2087F WaterproofBest Fireproof Home Safes in 2021Best Fireproof Home Safes in 2021


Brand: First Alert

Model: 2087F

Weight: 82 Pounds

If large safes are not your requirement, try First Alert 2087F Waterproof and fireproof safe sentry offering a great combination locking system, that can be ideal for storing a few documents and safeguard them from any kind of house fire or water from floods. It may be perfect when you wish to store some cash or jewelry with just a couple of important papers. This safe comes in a small size of 0.94 cubic foot space and looks quite handy for a small space.

With 1700-degree F resistance for up to one hour, it will, however, maintain the internal temperature lower than 350 degrees F. The best part is that its waterproof seal keeps the contents safe and dry even when submerged in water during floods. The safe offers great concealed hinges and four perfect locks on the door, keep away the anxiety of burglary. So if you are looking for a compact safe that offers an option to secure your documents from any kind of intrusion, then go for this perfect safe from First Alert.

It offers an adjustable storage shelf, a key rack, and a door pocket, all of which make this safe an ideal purchase.

More cost-effective than other safety vaults, it comes with two keys for any kind of an emergency, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the security of the safe. You can also mount it on the wall and keep in your cupboard if you wish.

Key Features

  • A small sized safe perfect for any small home.
  • Concealed hinges to protect from any thieves.
  • Quad door bolts for maximum protection.
  • Option for an adjustable storage shelf.


  • Small and compact with 0.94 cubic feet space.
  • Fire protection for up to 1700-degree F for at least an hour.
  • Two keys to ensure safety in your hands.


  • It may be too small when you wish to store many documents like files or folders.
  • The lock may get stuck if not used well.

4# Mesa Burglar and Fire Safe

Messa Burglar and Fire SafeBest Fireproof Home Safes in 2021


Brand: Mesa Safe

Model: MBF1512C

Weight: 170 Pounds

With so many options, why not go for a safety vault that can keep your documents safe and secure? When you are looking for burglar and fire protection, go for Mesa fireproof home safe is not only safe but also factory tested U.L. Listed and Group 2 combination lock.  This is a medium-sized safe with 1.7 cubic feet inside space, offering four holes for drilling and solid steel construction in grey color. It also comes across a sturdy piece and surely looks efficient even to protect handguns and firearms.

Mesa fireproof safe has strong steel hinges, 1-3/4-inch thick steel, and a huge fire-resistant body. It also offers a strong and adjustable shelf. Don’t miss the heat offered for over two hours for up to 350 degrees F well tested in the factory for up to 1830-degree F. Its perfect finishing comes a great set of shelves. It’s walls and the door that can protect your belongings for long. Mesa safe offers a great locking system, so hard that it is safe from even any kind of a drill and a punch and comes with a re-locking system as well. So you can rest assured if something happens that you are prepared well in advance.

Key Features

  • A small sized safe with 0.94 cubic feet of inside space

  • Pry-proof concealed hinges

  • Four bolts on the door for maximum protection

  • Option for an adjustable storage shelf


  • It will take hours for a burglar to open the safe.
  • Perfectly built with a strong handle.
  • The safe is perfect even if thrown from a two-level building.
  • Tested for safety at the factory.
  • It offers four holes for drilling.
  • Shelves come with a great combination of removing or adjusting.
  • The body of the safe is tested in the factory’s high levels of heat.
  • Here is your perfect lock that is safe from any thieves or .burglars even if they have a drill to use.


  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • High cost.

5# AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box SafeBest Fireproof Home Safes in 2021


Brand: AmazonBasics

Model: YB-66YLA-F

Weight: 90 Pounds

Here is that perfect safe you always wanted to own as it not only protects your valuables from any kind of fire but also safeguards it from a burglary or theft. This durable and spacious fire resistant safe should be on the top of your list of items as it is sure to provide you peace of mind.

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe gets the job done and looks good as well. It has a traditional look of a safe with the digital lock and manual handle both the way it used to be. This model gives you extra space for2.1-cubic-foot. As it provides perfect fire safety, you can’t get any better when it comes to safeguarding your digital documents from any kind of peril or natural disaster.

This Amazon fireproof safe has undergone the UL 72 test, which ensures that it is safe from any kind of fire. Your belongings are also safe for up to 20 minutes, even if they are in the heat of 1200 degrees F and have been checked already by Intertek. You will also find an adjustable shelf that can easily optimize the storage space in the safe when needed.

The exterior does a fairly good job as well, with a strong steel body and five bolts with a thickness of 0.75 inches for additional security. Its electronic keypad offers easier and quicker access than any others in this size while including a key for any emergency.

Key Features

  • Strong built safe with a great body sure to keep all your documents safe
  • Perfect for digital and electronic media storage
  • Record and tested for all kinds of protection
  • Easy access for the electronic keypad lock
  • Offers an adjustable shelf, to be used when necessary to increase or decrease the contents and their sizes


  • Strong built and can’t be easily broken.
  • Spacious safe with 2.1 cubic feet space.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • It offers great fire resistance.


  • Can be a bit heavy to use
  • It may not be perfectly safe from thieves as it may open if tried a few times.

6# SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Dial Combination 2.05 Cubic Feet

SentrySafe SFW205CWB Fireproof Safe and Waterproof SafeBest Fireproof Home Safes in 2021


Brand: SentrySafe

Model: SFW205CWB

Weight: 131 Pounds

A great option when you are looking for a perfect fireproof safe! Even though it may look a bit expensive, but it has all that you need for safeguarding your important documents, including irreplaceable documents and valuables. Even it gets thrown from a height of fifteen feet; it is verified by ETL to remain closed and undamaged. Also, in the case of floods, it can be submerged in 5 feet water for over 24 hours and still be intact.

The additional feature offered in fireproof SentrySafe SFW205CWB is its preset dial combination and six-bolt locks. Anyway, its steel construction and pry-resistant hinge bar with hardware that gives it a sturdy and robust feel. SentrySafe is so sure of the quality of this safe that they are even ready to provide you a replacement if the safe gets damaged by fire or water. So, you can assure that this safe will not only protect your documents but also last a lifetime!

You can also add up interior trays for organizing your documents well and anchor the safe down on the ground with bolts easily to safeguard it from the thieves. An additional key rack is perfect for storing the keys, and door pocket is great to store documents for immediate use.

Key Features

  • Total interior space of 2.05 cubic
  • Preset dial combination lock
  • Fire and water-resistant
  • Long term usage


  • Can insert trays to organize items and papers.
  • Rust-resistant strong steel body.
  • Safe from any kind of peril or thieves offering complete peace of mind.


  • Quite a bit of weight to move around.
  • Only a one-year limited warranty.

Fireproof Home Safe Buying Guide

What to consider before buying a Fireproof safe in the home

If you have decided that you need to buy the fireproof safe, it is undoubtedly a good decision but with it comes another question – which would be the best one for you?

In the market, you can get a fireproof safe built by low category metals. You may find a lot of information regarding what is best but choosing one for your exact requirement can be tiresome.

Here we are listing a few of them that will ensure you make an informed and correct decision for storing your assets.

Size of the Home Fireproof Safe

When looking for a fireproof safe, it is better to go for a safe that is bigger than you think you need, as usually when you start placing items in the safe, you wish to store more of your valuables.

The bigger, the better. The best way to check the size of the safe is by its cubic feet, which are the depth of the safe and the storage space.


Although you are not going to keep moving your safe, it is important to consider how you will bring it in and remove it in case of shifting to a new house.

Especially if you have fitted it on the floor, it may be difficult to take out a heavy one. But also a must consider fact is that if a fireproof safe is strong, it will be heavy as well. So, do consider these facts before deciding if you want a light or heavy-weight safe.


The interior of a safe is very important to note, as this is where you will store the papers and other items. If you can get adjustable shelves and extra storage on the door, it will be surely useful as you can put in and remove items as per your need and when you wish. 


The outside body of a safe is an important element when looking for a safe. If you want to protect your documents from water and fire, then you must look for fire and water-resistant safety exterior.

Ease of use

You will need to open and close the safe as and when needed, so the ease of use is of high value as well.


A key reason for buying a safe is to safeguard your assets. Hence, the safe must come with additional security features that should be protecting the items inside completely. Look for a safe which has additional locks and extra keys. Go for one which has a combination or digital lock so that it can be only opened by you.

Fire Safety

House fires are quite common and can happen anytime. A fireproof safe is made of thick and durable steel material which maintains the inside temperature and regulates the humidity to keep your items safe and secure without any fire damage. 


A safe should also be water-resistant in case of any flood or water in the house due to any disaster. This kind of safe must protect your documents inside and keep them dry for a long period of time.


At times, you will see safes that are light and easy to take and leave, but the others may be quite heavy. It depends on your usage but remembers it is safety that we are working on here rather than portability.


What is the strength of the metal it is made of and the quality of the product? Can it withstand strong fire or explosions, and how much pressure will it be able to go through? Finally, that is what you buy a safe for. So must check on this factor before making your purchase. 

Fire Rating

What is the fire rating of the product? This essentially means the temperature rating and the time it can spend in the fire, as well as the humidity it can maintain inside. Also, remember that data or media will need stronger protection against fire than documents or papers. Most of these can be sensitive to heat and humidity, and a regular fire-resistant safe is usually not engineered to protect against them.

A regular fire-resistant safe will be engineered and designed to protect all these items and keep the internal temperatures less than 350 degrees. But digital data or media will be destroyed between 120 to 180 degrees or 85% humidity. So, do check on the fire rating before you purchase your safe.


There may be many other customers who have bought a safe fitting your requirements. Go through their reviews and see what they have to say about it. It is always better to make an informed decision.


Check other products and other brands with varied prices and the quality it provides for the price. This will help you decide the best option for you.

What kind of Fireproof safe would be good for a home?

A good home safe would be able to provide a high level of protection for the prized possessions you own like your Will, jewelry, family heirlooms, golden bullions, cash, precious stamp collections, paintings, or even disk drives. A good home safety vault should be able to keep away burglars, nosy home visitors, kids, or their friends. It is ideal to go for a wall or floor mounted Safe to protect them from being carried away by potential burglars.

It is a good idea to go for fire and water-resistant safe for avoiding any mishap due to floods, fire hazards. There are many models available these days that can serve this purpose.

What is an ideal burglary resistance rating for a fireproof home safe?

One of the major risk factors for people to decide to invest in a safe for a home is burglars. This threat continues to remain for homes unless they have a safe where they can store their expensive belongings. Once considering installing a home safe, it is also important to know the feature of burglary protection that comes with home burglary-resistance rating.

This rating has been evolved post an advanced industry testing, which was completed with the help of many lock picking tools right from simple to complex ones and including guns, explosives, and torches. Some of the Safe ratings are mentioned below for your understanding –

  • UL RSC safe can withhold any entry attempt like punching, prying, or even drilling.
  • TL-15 rate means that it can resist a five minute attack with simple tools.
  • A TL-30 safe has been able to withstand a 30-minute break-in attempt with drills, power saws or any electrical tool
  • If you have a C-class home safe, they are models that offer steel doors with a one-inch thickness on a steel body of half an inch thickness.
  • A B-Class reversed 1 safe is usually used by insurance agents to calculate the premium of the house owner as they feature a steel door with a body of similar thickness as of C-class safes.
  • The best and sturdy ones are TL-30X6 safes, which can withstand a half an hour break in an attempt with power saws, lock picking, or cutting tools and pressure applying devices.


Do fireproof safes really work?

Yes, they fireproof safes do work in a certain way against fire. But that doesn’t change the fact that fire cannot harm the safe. Most safe around the market comes with some time durations included. This means, there won’t be any physical damage or problem once the fire is set. So, considering the fact, fireproof safes do work and can save the things you are keeping inside.

Will paper money burn in a fireproof safe?

We all know paper money will catch fire when it’s exposed to the fire. So, when you are using a fireproof safe, there’s less chance for paper money catching any fire at all. However, most fireproof safes come with time limitations. This means the safe will keep the inside safe for a certain amount of time. After that, the inside will catch fire. So, the fireproof safe can keep your paper money safe, unless there is some way fire gets inside.

Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

Where you should place your safe depends on some important factors. For instance, you need to understand where you are placing the safe. But for many people, keeping the safe right at the corner of any room is the best bet. Keep your safe right between the two outside walls for instance. If you can do so, the safe will receive enough protection and safety. Not just that, when you are living in multiple storied houses, try to place the safe on the ground floor. Checking out the privacy of safe is another important matter. However, everything depends on what you are trying to protect.

Are fireproof home safes a good idea?

How you should choose a safe depends on what type of things you are keeping inside. First of all, fireproof safes do work for many people. Especially, if you are always keeping reliable and important documents in check, fireproof safes are the real deal. So, if you need to keep paper cash or documents completely safe, getting fireproof safes are worth it. Another fact is that fireproof safes are not effective in a long-term fire. Most other fire safes can stay intact even after staying one-hour in a fire. So, that’s enough time for the fire brigade to do their job.

What’s the difference between fireproof and fire resistant?

Fireproof and fire resistance is a completely different type of condition. When you say that something is fireproof it means that the product can hold its own against fire for a certain amount of time. Means, there is a time duration before the thing starts to collapse against fire at all. But fire-resistance means the product won’t catch fire that easily. Not just that, the product will remain intact within lower heat or fire. Most people prefer fireproof products because they are better. Yes, a lot of the times, the fire-resistant product won’t survive fire breakout.

Is 30 minute fire protection enough?

The most common safes come with a 30-minutes fireproof warranty. So, the safe will keep its touch for 30 minutes within a fire. However, fire tends to spread for 20 minutes within a room. So, having 30 minutes is sufficient time for any customer to think of buying a safe. But we recommend getting a 1-hour fireproof safe for keeping everything safe. Yes, it’s a much safer bet for any customer out there. You can never say every fire will do its job within 30 minutes.

Final Words

Whichever best fireproof safe for home you choose to purchase; must be as per your assets to be stored and keeping in mind the safety requirements for these items. Also, it is important to consider the possibility of natural disasters in the area you stay as well as security status in terms of burglaries. Do make an informed decision as this could be the most important one you will make for yourself.

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