Best Locking Mailbox 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

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Any thief can get access to your mailbox and get valuable information about you. So, it’s essential to keep all the records in check and safe from thieves. Otherwise, you may end up as a victim of identity theft. Yes, maybe the documents are not that much of a big deal for you.

However, the data on the bills or letters may prove to be vital. For this reason, finding the best locking mailbox is also crucial. If you are concerned about the safety of your data, you need to know about locking mailboxes and the best models in the market. And that is where we try to guide you the way and stay safe.

Locking mailbox units can stop any thief on their tracks. Once, they targeted the door locks, and recently the mailbox is their best choice of operation. Anyway, choosing the right locking mailbox is tough, and almost every company claims they are providing the best units.

Amidst all this confusion, we had to check out some of the accessible units in the market and made a list of the 8 best lockable mailboxes. We will talk about them in short and point out both the good side and the bad sides. So, concerned owners out there, scroll below and read the whole content.

1.   Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager – Best Residential Mailbox

Mail boss is one of the best mailbox manufacturers from the US. The units they make are built to last a long time and ensure the best quality. Yes, there are many units from Mail Boss, but Mail Boss 7506 is best for residential usage. First comes the construction material, and the unit is made of 14- and 16- gauge galvanized welded steel. It also has a powder coating over it to keep it out of rust or corrosion. One thing for sure – Mail Boss is very confident about its durability. So, they included a limited lifetime warranty to state the unit is strong and durable.

Anyway, the second-best thing about the Mail Manager is the security option. Mainly, the door mechanism comes with a baffle. No thief can break the lock using a crowbar. Well, there is a limited space to keep everything intact, and that’s good. No need to worry about losing any valuable document. Let the anti-pry locking mechanism keep your documents safe. Only the hardcore thieves will have a chance to break the lock, and we don’t think any thief is fool enough to put a lot of effort into a mailbox.


  • Durable welded galvanized steel construction and is USPS approved
  • An anti-Pry latch locking mechanism
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Features an innovative baffle door
  • A powder-coated finish provides safety against rust or corrosion.


  • Key replacement can get hard
  • Limited size may not hold a lot of mail

Read our brief review on Mail Boss 7506

2. Mail Boss 7106 Mailbox – Best Curbside Locking MailboxBest Locking Mailbox 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are purchasing a secured locking mailbox, there are a lot of disadvantages for outgoing mails. Most of the time, you don’t have any choice but to clip the letter on the side of the mailbox. When you are sending a lot of mails at once – there is no space to keep them safe and intact. Well, here’s another best mailbox from Mail Boss with lots of great features. Just like the first one on our list, Mail Boss 7106 is also the best curbside locking mailbox for its durable construction. Not to mention, the hinges are made of high-quality steel, and the 12 layers of galvanized steel construction make it tough.

Just like our mail manager, this one also offers excellent security against water and corrosion. Anyway, the best thing about the mailbox is the Fast-Trak mounting plates. This mailbox is unique for ensuring the incoming mails and also securing the outgoing mails. Reflective address stickers help the mailman to spot your mails and never miss the mails. So, this is an excellent curbside mailbox for ensuring the safety of both your outgoing and incoming mails.


  • Durable galvanized steel construction with the weather and rust-resistant coating
  • Anti-pry locking mechanism
  • Offers a limited lifetime warranty
  • Four color options to pick from


  • Many times the keys don’t work, and you need to replace them
  • Hinges may catch rust

3. Salsbury Industries 4325BLK – Best Roadside Locking MailboxBest Locking Mailbox 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

Salsbury has been making the best quality mailboxes for over eighty years now, and this one is a great mailbox for solving post theft. Unlike the previous ones on our list, Salsbury 432BLK mailbox is made of aluminum and is weather resistant. Not just that, both side doorway makes it easy to handle outgoing and incoming mails. Inside, you will get a large space to accommodate magazines, large documents, and many more with ease.

Installing is a breeze with the universal mounting option, and you can fit it on just about any mail post. However, you need to use the mailbox properly. Otherwise, it won’t offer you excellent security. There’s a non-locking access panel to deposit mails quickly. Also, to make it easy, the mailbox includes an outgoing mail tray. To get the most of the security features, follow the instruction materials on the package.


  • Weather-resistant aluminum construction
  • Features an outgoing mail tray
  • USPS approved design
  • The mail slot is very wide
  • Very easy to install


  • The package down not include mounting plates
  • If the thief tries, they can fish out mails

4. Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailsafe Medium Capacity Aluminum Black – Best Wall Mount MailboxBest Locking Mailbox 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

Many people are not that concerned about the security of their mailboxes, and they tend to look for cost-effective options. Well, we have one unit right here that is budget-friendly and very easy to install. First of all, Gibraltar Mailsafe is made of thick aluminum instead of steel. Because of that, the mailbox is lightweight and a lot bulky. For this reason, attaching the mailbox in your house or mail post is relatively easy. Not to mention, it comes with wall mounting options too.

For a mail post, this one has a decent size and can fit a lot of mails. However, the unit does have its negative sides too. Burglars can easily break the lock or baffle if they want. Yes, the mailbox is made of aluminum and plastic – so breaking the lock is not a big deal. But if you are living in a safe neighborhood, this locking mailbox is a great choice for your mail post.


  • Lightweight, thick aluminum construction
  • Cam lock can prevent potential theft
  • Separate compartments for delivery
  • Very easy to install


  • Not very durable like steel units
  • Not suitable for receiving packages

5. Salsbury Industries 3504ASU – Best Surface Mounted Vertical MailboxBest Locking Mailbox 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

People living in apartments need a separate mailbox for ensuring the safety of their documents. You can mount the Salsbury 3504ASU mailbox on the surface of your apartment and get the best security out of it. There are four separate mailbox compartments, and you can use these compartments depending on what type of mail you expect. For high security, this lock offers a 5 cylinder cam lock.

Compared to other products on our list, this product is on the expensive side. But the security this mailbox offers is relatively better than cheaper units. The mailbox has a good sleek design and separate slots that make inserting mail easy. This best mailbox with a lock is an excellent match for apartments. Thanks to the 4 different slots on the unit – several people can use it. Yes, the unit does have some negative sides, but considering the price and features – it is worth your money.


  • Beautiful and sleek design with 2 color options
  • Scratch and trim resistant doors
  • Carrier access doors
  • Custom engraved place cards on the unit


  • A little pricey

6. Architectural 6200B-10 – Best Security Mailbox

Maybe you are a person who receives a lot of packages, and finding the best locking mailbox for packages is hard. Most of the units come with small doors and cannot take boxes. Need not worry as the Architectural 6200B-10 is the best security mailbox for packages and large mails. Thanks to the size, accepting small or mid-sized packages is not impossible anymore. And there is no security risk involved with this unit.

Thanks to the large baffle, the mailbox can hold a mid-sized box with ease. Also, the baffle door is quite durable, so thieves cannot grab their hands on your package. One thing for sure, no lock is completely secure against hardcore pry attacks. However, this mailbox can withstand any hardcore attacks or give thieves a hard time. The product also offers a limited lifetime warranty to keep you assured.


  • Large design lets you accept mid-sized packages or letters
  • Rubber seals keep the packages out from water or moisture
  • Anti-pry locking mechanism
  • Can mount the mailbox on a column or post
  • Corrosion and water-resistant
  • Offers a lifetime warranty


  • Replacing the keys can get complicated.

7. Gibraltar Mailbox L4009WW0 – Best Budget-Friendly

People these days love shopping online, and even manufacturers are trying to make mailboxes for holding packages. However, finding a budget-friendly lockable mailbox that can hold mid-sized packages is also tough. Taking the thought into consideration – Gibraltar made this mailbox unit. As a convenient locking mailbox, Gibraltar L4009WWO keeps all your mail safe from outside elements or theft.

What’s impressive is the capacity of this best mailbox as you can fit multiple packages on it (including letters or postcards). Installing the mailbox is very easy, and it fits on most standard mail posts. Aside from the right features, the mailbox has a unique and beautiful design that makes it go great. One letdown from the mailbox is that there is no lock on it. So, if you receive a lot of packages and live near a risk-free neighborhood, this unit should be the right choice.


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Very easy to install
  • Can accommodate multiple packages
  • Wall mount options and fit on most standard mail posts
  • Rust-resistant powder coating


  • There is no lock in the mailbox.

8. Architectural Mailbox 6900B Elephantrunk – Best Mid-RangeBest Locking Mailbox 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

 Architectural Mailbox 6900B acts as a dropbox so that your packages won’t be unguarded when you are not there to receive them. Unlike the previous mailbox on our list, the mailbox from the Architectural can be bolted into the surface. So, you can rest assured that your packages or documents will stay safe. There’s plenty of space to house multiple boxes, and outgoing mail support is also fantastic.

Comparatively, the price of the lockable mailbox is on the higher side. And installing the mailbox is also tough. You will need proper tools and a lot of effort to bolt the lock in the ground. Anyway, if you check out the features – it is well worth your money. Not to mention the anti-pry 3-point locking mechanism makes this a formidable foe for the thieves. In the mid-budget range area – the mailbox is an excellent choice for many people.


  • Provides high security for your packages
  • Plenty of space to keep multiple packages
  • Securely bolt the lock into the ground
  • Simple and secure locking system


  • Installing is hard and consumes a lot of time.
secure mailbox

Things to Consider When Buying a Locking mailbox

Thanks to locking mailboxes, people can now purchase online packages with more safety. However, just like we said, every company claims they are worthy of the market. Before buying any product, the customer needs to do a little research on the product. Well, he needs to go through a proper thinking process and choice. And to help you with the process, we will inform you about some critical considerations before buying the best mailbox.

Security Features and Locks

People purchase locking mailboxes to find peace of mind about their packages or mails. So, security features and the type of locks are always the first and foremost priority. In this case, you have to know what kind of secure mailbox you are looking for. There are many types of lockable mailboxes out there. We cannot describe the details, but we can try to give you a good idea about locking mailbox types. Anyway, before doing so – the user needs to understand where he will place the mailbox. Depending on the place, you need to decide what mailbox you should get.

  • Curbside mailboxes: However, there is a type of mailbox known as curbside mailboxes. Mainly these types of mailboxes are installed in a post or column. There is a mail slot in the mailbox where the postman can put large envelopes with ease. Afterward, the user can use a key to unlock the mailbox’s lock and bring out the documents. But users cannot get packages from these types of mailboxes.
  • Ground or surface mounting mailboxes: Whether you want to bolt the mailbox into the ground or on the surface is not up to you. However, you can choose the specific mailbox that can be bolted into the ground or the surface. These mailboxes are great for receiving packages and large documents.

Anyway, ground bolted mailboxes are tough to mount or install. There are several reasons for that, and one of them is that it consumes a lot of your precious time. On the other hand, surface bolted mailboxes have plates on the upper and lower side of the mailbox.

First, the top plate will secure the mail part, and the plate below your mailbox will defend it with the surface. These mailboxes are easy to install and use. However, manufacturers are coming up with new and improved mechanisms to make mailboxes work like a charm.

LOCK MAILBOXManufacturing Material

Mail and identity theft is rising at a staggering rate, and that is why people are looking for a secure residential mailbox. So, safety or high security is the top priority in terms of purchasing such units. That’s why construction material is the key to every mailbox. Mailboxes are not meant for style, but they do come with great designs and sleek styles. But the main focus is always on the construction material all the time, and design is a part of the story.

There are two types of construction materials used in a typical mailbox. Most manufacturers use stainless steel to make mailboxes, and they are the safest ones available. Stainless steel has separate grades and qualities, and the price depends on the quality of the steel. Also, some manufacturers use aluminum to make lightweight mailboxes. But they are not that strong against pry attacks. If you are living in any risk-free neighborhood – aluminum mailboxes are a worthy choice. But we prefer the stainless steel mailboxes as they are very rugged and durable.

Door Mechanism

If you have read the review list, you can tell that the baffle door mechanism is best for ensuring safety. When your mailbox has a baffle door, nobody can get their hands on your mails. The only problem with the door is the outgoing mail support. However, most mailboxes come with clips so that you can get help.

Protection against Elements

Even after having a durable construction – a mailbox has to face a lot of rough attacks. Aside from pry attacks, any mailbox has to meet weather conditions. So, the mailbox has to withstand most of the attacks or take away some time from the thief. No mailbox or lock is 100% secured or durable. But durability can sometimes consume this time or make him late. Not just that, the construction material should have the ability to withstand a weather condition.

You are always keeping the mailbox outside your house. So, ensuring the mailbox can withstand rough conditions and resist corrosion is essential


Some important FAQ

  • What U.S. Postal Service Regulations Must I Follow?

You must position your mailbox 41 inches to 45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of your mailbox. Also, you should place the mailbox 6 inches to 8 inches away from the curb.

  • What is the recommended post size?

The mailbox should not be taller than 45 inches from the street level.

  • How Does the Postal Worker Put Mail in a Locking Mailbox?

Typical mailboxes have a letter slot where they just insert the letters. On the other hand, a self-locking mailbox is set to be opened by the mail carrier once. Also, mailmen have a key called an arrow key that helps them access every mailbox.

  • Ground Mount Versus Stand Mount – What’s the Difference?

Surface mount is mainly a curbside mailbox, and ground mailboxes are known as walk-up mail. Surface mailboxes are relatively easy to install and mostly for home-usage. On the commercial place, ground mount mailboxes are popular.

  • Can I Paint My Locking Mailbox?

Yes, you can paint it with any color you want.

  • How Secure Are Locked Mailboxes?

Well, it is worth it as the anti-prying mechanism keeps your incoming mails safe. But some thieves can pry open the mailbox using a screwdriver. And locked mailbox cannot secure your outgoing mails.

  • How to properly clean a locking mailbox?

For the most part, you just have to keep the mailbox safe from outside weather elements. Almost every mailbox comes with a color coating on it, and you must follow the mailbox clean. Otherwise, dirt will start to pile up, and the shine will disappear. Wipe out the dirt over the mailbox and rinse it with water. Afterward, clean the mailbox using a soft cloth.

Final Verdict

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to keep your mails safe. Especially the incoming mails are very crucial on your part. Locked mailboxes are worth your money for various reasons. These mailboxes cannot secure the outgoing mails – but they still have a lot of security to offer you.

In our point of view, Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager is the best choice. However, which one you pick is entirely up to you. Always keep the suggested considerations in mind.

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