Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022

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Are you fed up breathing the contaminated air of the city? We know it is not possible for everyone to visit the mountains, beaches or forests every time when they need a blow of fresh air to stimulate their mind. Then it is the high time you invest in a negative ion generator.

Best Negative Ion Generator 2022To help you achieve that purified air within the enclosed space of your home, we have extensively picked up the 6 Best Negative Ion Generators from the market. These air ionizers will not only fill your home with fresh air but will increase your oxygen flow to the brain giving you tons of health benefits.

However, getting an ion generator is not easy as you have to encounter a lot of features. Apart from affordability and quality, you have to look for the area coverage, weight, functioning, etc. before buying them. Therefore, to understand everything, keep eye on our article!

6 Best Negative Ion Generators in 2022

In the following, we are going to ease out your process of buying an air ionizer! There will be descriptive reviews, as well as a buying guide for them so that you can make the right purchase choice.

1. Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator

Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022

Ivation has long been known for its production of the best ion generator. This serves as a multi-purpose air purifier with its 5-layers of filtration. This generator is made to cover a wide area of 3700 square feet. With their easy-to-control features, Ivation air purifiers are made one of the most user-friendly ones.

Anyway, the main mechanisms of this purifier are to eliminate odor, get rid of dirt, purify the air and finish up with a fresh scent in the air. Moreover, the cleansing ozone technology will lift up your mood eradicating negative ions from the air within a few minutes.

The purification power is adjustable. The two 10 level adjustment knobs present there are for the ozone generator and HEPA ionizer. Anyone can easily start to use it with the simplest features. You can customize your house’s purification system with either or both of the functions.

Also, maintaining this ion generator is no hard job. With minimalist knobs and easy to open filters, anyone can effortlessly clean them. The outer is made from durable, shiny wood that can be just wiped to cleanout. The overall structure of this generator is made lightweight to be carried in different rooms of the house.


  • Has five layers of different filtration system
  • Easy to operate with 10 levels adjustable knobs
  • Has a wider area coverage of 3700 square feet
  • Helps to eliminate odor, and leaves the atmosphere with a clean smell
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The fan cannot draw enough CFM
  • The Hepa filter does not have a sealing property

2. Biota Bot Air Purifier with ionizer

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What is the main problem one faces with HEPA filtration ionizer? That is the filtration process does not properly trap dust and allergens. Fortunately, there is Biota Bot air purifier where its HEPA filter is the main concentration to trap 99.97% of the dust allergen and airborne pollen from the environment.

This piece of compact air purifier covers 860 square feet of rooms. Without eliminating ozone, it can produce 10 million negative ions and effectively removes other harmful particles and odors with the carbon filter. Not to mention, it might look sleek and compact, but it’s made of hardcore plastic outside. 

On the other hand, this is a great purifier for small apartments, or for single large rooms. Unlike other ionizers, this one has extra features to make your life even easier. When the filter needs to be cleaned, you will get notified of its advanced flash system. Therefore, you don’t have to stay worried all the time thinking of cleaning it.

Operating this generator is easy with the power buttons. The auto mode is present there that acts as a sensor to detect air quality and turn on by itself. You can also set a timer on it to stop auto after purification for saving unnecessary costs. 


  • Has Hepa filter that kills 99.97% of allergens and dust from the environment
  • Has air-quality detector to auto turn-on if connected with electricity
  • Has filter replacement indicator
  • Appropriate for compact spaces within 860 square feet
  • Stylish and easy to operate


  • Does not have a wide coverage
  • You have to pay extra cost for buying replacement filters

3. TREKOO [Upgraded] Air Purifier Ionizer Ozone Generator

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TREKOO is recognized for making its most modernized and updated ion generator. Let’s take this as an example. Unlike others, this generator produces O3, which helps to kill all the bacteria, odor, and other irritants present in the air. There is a durable and reusable activated-carbon aluminum filter that helps in trapping those pesky irritants. 

The filter needs to replace and save your cost for 15 years. It has a motion-sensing unit that doesn’t sense anyone around, will turn off automatically. When it operates, it gives a million negative ions per second. This in return, makes your home fresh and clean, and you a healthy being.

The filter has a quiet operation so your night sleep won’t be disrupted. It purifies your environment without making those irritating noises. Moreover, this Trekoo generator saves maintenance costs in the long run and gives the user hassle-free usage always.  The modern power buttons help with the uncomplicated usage of the generator.

The slim and sleek design of this generator makes it easy to adjust in any place of the room. You can also mount it on your wall approximately 48 inches above the ground, or lay it flat on top of anything.


  • Removes indoor air pollution and odor leaving a clean environment
  • Disperses one million negative ions per second
  • Cost-effective, as made with durable and one-time, non-replaceable filter
  • Provides alerts when cleaning is needed
  • Has motion sensor that allows it to auto turn off when feels no presence of human or animals


  • It won’t work for bigger rooms or houses

4. Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air Purifier

Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022

Green Air produces some good quality, non-ozone air purifier and ionizer. It has an advanced purification system with its three-stage purifiers and IonCluster that clean all the dirt from the air and control the smell. One of the filters is HEPA, which means this ion generator also traps air-born allergens. 

The filter replacement cost will be saved with this ionizer. This amazing purifier has some amazing features, such as a color-changing air-quality sensor. When the quality is too low, the sensor turns red, and blue when the dust and odor get eliminated. This ion generator has an amazing capability to cover an area of 1000 square feet in one go.  

Moreover, the quietest operation gives you a sense of satisfaction to use this ion generator. Your goodnight’s sleep won’t be disrupted. Additionally, for users’ convenience, this purifier has only 4 operating modes, which includes Auto, Fan, Silent, and Night. You can adjust the speed and time using these modes instantly.

This Green Air encore does its job fast within a few minutes. Due to its big air inlets and outlets, it can intake more air and expel more. It tends to cycle the air every 12 minutes in every 350 square feet. On the other hand, the sleek design of the ion generator makes it flexible to fit anywhere in the room.


  • Has dust and odor air quality sensor, and does not eliminate ozone
  • Covers a range of 1000 square feet
  • Has three-stage filtration and IonCluster to clean dirt and eliminate odor
  • Has the quietest operation
  • Cycles the air in every 12 minutes


  • This ion generator is very expensive

5. Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier

Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022

If you want something more than just your air purification, then this Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air purifier is the one for you. From the name itself, you have an idea of how amazingly it can cleanse your surroundings! The five filters present have unique capabilities which they are experts in.

Moreover, this ion generator has the capability of eliminating 99.97% of the bacteria which can be as small as 0.3 microns. In a jiffy, this negative ion generator will transform the air into fresh, clean, and breathable quality. With its easy-to-use touch panel and configuration, you can control the airspeed, timer, and sleep within no time.

The purifier covers a moderately large room of 500 sq feet at a time. With its large air inlet and outlet, this purifier ensures a speedy airflow. The filters are easy to replace without any hassle.

This filter is highly recommended to all pet owners, because of its highly efficient Hepa filter. It’s a perfect appliance for those who suffer from allergies and other respiratory issues relating to dust. Though this ion generator/ air purifier has a low sound operation, still you can turn it into sleep mode to ensure that pin drops silence at night.


  • With 5 layers filters, it ensures the most prominent cleansing of air
  • Easy to operate and provides a noiseless operation
  • Gives faster purification and negative ionizing
  • The filters are easy to replace
  • Has multiple uses at a time.


  • Have to bear the extra cost of buying filters for replacement
  • Has less area coverage

6. Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022Best Negative Ion Generators you need to buy in 2022

This piece of conventional ozone generator is the perfect gift for your grandparents. It is an ozone generator and purifies air-generating ozone. It does not have filters, but works with its ozone plates which need cleaning after every 6000 hours of usage! This is seriously easy to maintain.

It purifies the air heavily along with deodorizing and sterilizing it. Hence, there will be no bacteria, musty, smoky, fish or mildew smell your house will be left with. This one is a pretty classic ozone generator with all the knobs and twist holds kept for quick operation.

You can put up a timer for up to 120 minutes, or leave it on continuous mode. It can be operated without having extravagant technical knowledge. Moreover, cleaning the ozone plates is very easy. The easy remove access covers can be opened with hand screws, then you can pull the quick access holder out to remove the ozone plates easily.

Nothing needs hazardous dissembling regarding this. You can easily carry this ozone generator everywhere due to the presence of its portable handles. The generator itself is very lightweight to be carried without making it fall. However, you have to be careful and limited with its usage.


  • A very lightweight and portable generator
  • Uses powerful ozone generator to purify the air
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Has easy to operate knobs
  • Disinfects and sterilizes the environment


  • Does not produce negative ions
  • Uses ozone, which is a very toxic gas

BUYING GUIDE: The right ways to pick a Negative Ion Generator

An ion generator comes in any shape or form, but the best one has some commendable features. Though not all, there are a few features that you must look for while buying an ion generator, such as coverage, efficiency, design, ease of operation, portability, noise level, warranty, and price. Combined with all these features is what makes an ion generator worth buying.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, then you must be a beginner here who has never bought such an appliance. But the best part is you are in the right place to know about a negative ion generator more explanatorily. 

Coverage: different manufacturers come with different coverage areas for their ion generators. Now, what coverage you want in your purchase, depends on the size of your house, room, or the place you are buying the generator for in general.

But remember, the coverage area should be at least near to what you want if not exact. Because the one with high coverage will have high speed, which generally will disperse concentrated ozone in the compact spaces. Whereas, the low coverage area will not properly ionize or purify a large space.

Efficiency: The efficiency of an air ionizer is determined by how much negative ion it disperses every second. The efficient your ionizer will be, the better and faster it can work. Therefore, you should have a high expectation from your air ionizer irrespective of its area coverage and other features.

The reason why high efficiency is good is that most negative ions get dropped on the floor, then they get cleaned or vacuumed. Eventually, they are of no use once they fall on the ground. So the more an ionizer will disperse ions, the more will flow into the air despite some of the falls on the ground. 

Design: The modern air ionizers are designed keeping in mind the taste of new generation users. They are not those bulky and huge ionizers anymore, rather slim ones with more updated features.

To choose the design of the generator, along with its colors and variations, the choice is completely yours. But buy a design that will suit your house’s interior or match with other appliances of your house. In this way, you can hold the congruence of your house.

Easy operation: Ease of operation depends from person to person. Some people find it easy to operate them with knobs, while others with push buttons. Most importantly, every generation has different easiness.

There are still some manufacturers who put knob operation into their ionizers. This might be preferred by the older generations to handle. Whereas, mostly modern ionizers contain smart push buttons for fast and easy operation.

However, make sure the ionizer’s buttons are limited and have specific ones so that it is easy for you to understand everything. Too many buttons and adjustment modes make the operation of the ionizer difficult.

Portability: It is important for an ion generator to be lightweight enough and portable to be carried along. No, we are telling you to carry it everywhere you go. But at least from room to room in your house, you can change its placement. A compact ionizer will be great to put in small spaces.

Noise level:  you won’t want to compromise your peace with those ear-bursting noises while operating, right? Then opt for an air ionizer that has a quiet and sleep-proof operating system. Whereas, there are others that provide sleep mode or night mode in which they make no noise while they are turned in these modes.

Warranty: Normally, you will think that the best ion generators will come with a low warranty because the manufacturers trust their products’ quality. But in this case, we believe the air ionizer should have a high warranty period. Because it happens that sometimes these appliances face some issues relating to the mechanism or operation.

No matter how expensive or from a well-known brand you buy ionizer, these are still a machine. And, has high chances of showing disruption, even if it is for your negligence.

Price: If you truly believe in investing in a good quality negative ion generator that will last you for years, then be prepared to spend a little extra on them. In the case of these ionizers, quality, durability, and functionality are dependable on price.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits, and features of your ionizer for the longest time possible, then don’t look at its price. However, quality is not only dependent on the mind-blowing specifications but also on its durability. Normally, cheaper ionizers will be made with cheaper raw materials.

Ease of maintenance:  if you owe a busy hectic life, then buy an air ionizer that takes the least maintenance attention. It will prove cost-free for you in the long run. Moreover, you won’t have to service the ionizer from time to time to keep it going.

Also, look for non-replaceable filters in your ionizer. Because it may cost you a lot in the life of your ionizer to replace filters every time.

Ozone emission: even though every negative ion generator emits ozone. But the goal is to find the one with the least emission. Ozone at the ground level is toxic for every living being, also to the environment. So, you have to research well and find the most appropriate low ozone emitting ionizer for yourself.

What does a negative ion generator do?

A negative ion generator produces small tasteless and odorless air molecules or negative ions. These negative ions are naturally found in sea beaches, forestry, waterfall, and in any other soothing place on earth. Since people can’t visit these places every day out of their hectic life, they have to buy these naturally formed particles’ generators that unnaturally produce the ions.

An ion generator uses electricity to charge and produce these ions in the air. These are then inhaled by humans to achieve a calm and refreshed life. Negative ions have innumerable benefits for humans which we will know below. Along with negative ions, these man-made ion generators also produce ozone.

Now ozone on the ground is undoubtedly harmful. It triggers respiratory issues like coughing, cold, etc. in the long run. One must have restrictions in using these generators as this artificial ion generation process is not safe for too long.

Why use a negative ionizer?

Exposing your body to negative ions is crucial. Ionizing helps to heal depression, relieve stress, and lift your mood. In the daily dose of stress and negativity, people tend to have less mental peace. Moreover, they cannot go vacationing on a beach or to Wyoming whenever they want.

Hence, they need to invest in a good quality negative ionizer. When the ionized air is inhaled, it runs through the bloodstream and triggers the euphoric hormone inside your body. This in return, helps out with all the mentioned benefits. Therefore, if you want to live a peaceful life out of all the tension there, then you should also buy a negative ionizer.

You will have an improved sleep, a happy and enthusiastic mind, and a motivated individual in you.

Some important FAQ about air ionizer

Before or after anyone buys an air ionizer, they tend to have a lot of confusion. And those confusions come in the form of queries. Therefore, to help you out with the common queries, we have enlisted a few of them. We hope this will help you too.

  • Are ion generators safe?

They are partially safe because with dispersing ions in the air, they emit a little bit of ozone gas too. Though the modern ion generators disperse very limited ozone, they still do, which can be proven toxic in the long run.

  • Can negative ions be harmful?

Negative ions are in no way harmful. They are the only ‘negatives’ on earth providing positive vibes. For both human health and the environment, negative ions are blessings.

  • Do Negative ions help you sleep?

Negative ions relax your mood and calm your mind, which in return helps you sleep peacefully. However, they do not directly affect sleep in any form.

  • Can negative ions kill bacteria?

Negative ions are not meant to kill bacteria. These tiny molecules do not possess antibacterial properties. If you intend to kill bacteria, then buy a 2-in-1 air purifier and ion generator.

  • Does my ion generator need to be cleaned every day?

That depends on the filtration system of your ionizer. Not every brand of ionizer needs frequent cleaning, but depending on your usage you should clean your ion generator.

  • How to use a negative ion generator?

Using a negative ion generator is not rocket science. Just buy, set up in a suitable place, and turn it on with the pushbuttons. Then you can carry on with the other functioning as specified.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this article for the best negative ion generators ends here. We want to tell that everyone deserves that peace in life that comes from a touch of mother nature. Since you can’t visit her, it’s wise to bring on the vibe in your home which is possible with an ion generator. You will feel your mental stress-relieving and mood-boosting in a good way.

These ion generators will not only provide with the needed calmness and peace but will also purify your environment and make it a better place for you. We know they possess some potential drawbacks, but that can be reduced with your restricted usage and caution.

From our point of view if you tell us to choose the best negative ion generator, then it will be the Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air Purifier. However, your choice is also welcomed! No matter what, keep our tips and suggestions in mind before you buy one actually!