Best Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

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Trailer security- one of the essential things to consider while thinking about your security system. When it comes to trailer security, one thing that peeps to your mind is trailer hitch locks that are designed to protect your trailer from theft. However, finding the best trailer hitch lock is not easy as there are lots of available options.

Here we have narrow down the top trailer hitch locks that our experienced team used for trailer safety. These trailer hitch lock allows you to feel secure and helps you to enjoy your racing or weekend without tension.

Imagine a situation when you went for a race. After reaching the place, you just met your friends and started talking. Suddenly you revealed that your vehicle is stolen. Nothing is as annoying as this situation. It is nothing but a bolt from the blue. Luckily, proper equipment is available for you to avoid this situation. Trailer hitch lock is the right solution to keep away this type of disturbing event. Explore the trailer hitch locks and get the right one for you from the list.

Best Trailer Hitch Lock Reviewed!

  1. Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ Couplers – Trailer Lock
  2. Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock
  3. Master Lock 2848DAT Key Alike Set with Receiver and Coupler Latch Locks
  4. Connor 1615320 Black 1/2″ and 5/8″ Nickel Swivel Head Receiver Lock for Class I-V (New)
  5. Tow Ready (63228) ‘Gorilla Guard’ Coupler Lock for 2″ Couplers – best coupler locks for a boat, Jet-Ski, and caravan trailers
  6. Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit – One of the best anti-theft hitches
  7. Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Lock (fits all couplers)
  8. Trimax 4010236 Umax50 Premium Die-Cast Dual Purpose Coupler Lock
  9. Ohuhu Hitch Lock 2-Pack, Receiver Hitch Pin Lock – 1/2″ and 5/8″ Receiver Trailer Hitch Lock
  10. Master Lock 2866DAT Fits 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. Receivers Trailer Hitch Locks.

1. Our top pick – Master Lock – Universal Size Fits 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ Couplers – Trailer Locks

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" Couplers - Trailer LocksBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

Master Lock Universal Trailer Coupler 389DAT Lock is one of the popular trailer hitch locks that has got tremendous positive reviews from its users. Following others, we also tested the hitch locks for judging their worthiness. The thing that most people hate is locking procedures. However, in the case of this Master coupler lock, we found that the lock is super-easy to put on and take off.

It can literally fit 1 and 7/8th inch, 2 inch, and 2 and 5/16th-inch ball couplers. The key section is covered that helps to prevent moisture and dust to enter.  A Wafer tumbler lock mechanism is used to make the key which is tough to duplicate. Without inserting the right key, it is impossible to unlock the trailer. Additionally, the key area is covered with strong materials that lock in moisture and debris. The trailer lock is made from forged steel that makes it one of the most durable trailer hitch locks in the market.

Another thing we should do is the color of the trailer hitch lock. The red color alert the thief that there is a safeguard for your vehicles and the thief will probably avoid your trailer. In short, this universal master lock detects trailer theft by preventing hookups.

However, as the trailer hitch can fit the coupler width of 3 and one-quarter of an inch, you need to check whether your coupler width matches with it or not. If your coupler width exceeds the measurement, you should not go for the trailer hitch. You should also keep your trailer in a highly visible well-lit area so that you can monitor easily. So, what are you waiting for? Just “plug” the coupler area and be safe.


  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Very secure
  • Difficult to remove without the key
  • Easily accessible keyhole
  • Ensures longevity
  • An affordable choice
  • The key part is covered that resists rust and corrosion
  • Protect from attempts to break or shatter the lock
  • Read color works as a guard
  • Perfectly fit with a standard lip, rolled lip, straight lip, surge brake, hammer blow, and UFP couplers.


  • It can fit a maximum coupler width of 3 and one-quarter of an inch.
  • As this is a universal lock, there is a possibility that other people can purchase the same keys though the chance to meet with that person is low.

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2. Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set – 5/8″ and 1/2″ Extra Long Black Pins with One Locking System

Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin SetBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

This ” Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Set – 5/8″ and 1/2″ Extra Long Black Pins with One Locking System” is a nice lock for the money, and probably can deter about 90% of would-be thieves.  It can protect your vehicles from thieves except for 10% of highly determined thieves. The lock perfectly goes with all the types of hitch receivers, sizing 1-1/4″, a 2-inch trailer hitch, and 2-1/2″ trailer receiver lock.

The use of push-to-lock technology makes it easy to install while the key turn system allows you to unlock the hitch easily. Silicon protective slot cap is used to protect the hitch lock in all weather. Moreover, the trailer hitch comes with a safety clip, two keys with a unique design for the lock (one for use, another as spare), and 5-O rings for each pin. The installation is super-easy. So do the unlock system.

However, when the thief saw the robust trailer hitch lock, they will avoid your goods in most of the cases. Sometimes robust locks are easy to break. Finally, we suggest you use the trailer hitch in a highly visible location and a well-illuminated area.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • External safety clip
  • Nice powder coat finish
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy construction
  • Comes with a rubber key slot cap that protects the hitch from rust and corrosion
  • Durable


  • The Hitch receiver may seem loose for a 2×2 hitch. However, rubber O rings can take the extra space on the pin.

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3. Master Lock 2848DAT Key Alike Set with Receiver and Coupler Latch Locks

Master Lock 2848DAT Key Alike Set with Receiver and Coupler Latch LocksBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide


Finding the best hitch pin lock has never been so easy if you find Master Lock 2848DAT Key Alike Set that comes with Receiver and Coupler Latch Locks. The lock is specially designed for protecting your vehicles, trailers, and RV hitch locks. It can fit 1/2″ (13mm) and 5/8″ (16mm) receivers and can properly secure your trailer while deterring unwanted removal.

If you are worried about transit, this latch lock can be the best solution for you.  As the trailer latch lock uses Push to lock the locking mechanism, it is easy to use and tough to remove without the proper key. The lock is made with an adjustable stainless steel coupler latch lock that can help you to reduce corrosion while a weather-resistant water cap gives you protection against moisture, rain, and dirt.  The latch lock comes with keyed alike, which means if you order several locks, the supplier will provide the same keys for you.


  • Effortless to install and easy
  • Made with stainless steel that ensures longevity
  • The water-tight cap protects from moisture and dust


  • 5/8″ receiver lock may not be enough for some vehicles like OEM Toyota Tundra.
  • Can be corroded
  • Not best for extreme winter

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4. Connor 1615320 Black 1/2″ and 5/8″ Nickel Swivel Head Receiver Lock for Class I-V (New)

Connor 1615320 Black 1/2" and 5/8" Nickel Swivel Head Receiver Lock for Class I-VBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide


Make your journey peaceful and stress-less using Connor 1615320 Black 1/2″ and 5/8″ Nickel Swivel Head Receiver Lock for Class I-V. Using the lock not only helps you to feel secure but also allows you to enjoy your traveling or trek. The advanced secure 360-degree swivel headlock keeps the trailer lock secure by auto-locking into your hitch receiver. You do not need keys for protecting your cargo. Because of the 360-degree swivel headlock design, it is easy to rotate the locking head.

Moreover, the locks are suitable for street-touring motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, street-cruiser motorcycles, marine-personal-craft, off-road motorcycles, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, bike carriers, street-sport-motorcycles, cargos, etc. The best thing that makes it unique is its super easy and quick installation system. Just turn the key 1/4 of the way and it will automatically release from the pin.  The push-to-lock mechanism will secure your hitch and hold it firmly while after unlocking, you can take the key out.

Last but not least, the construction of the trailer lock is robust and sturdy because of the use of stainless steel and rubber shell. Stainless steel reduces corrosion while rubber shell protects from dust and moisture. Therefore, the trailer hitch lock is suitable for inclement weather and condition.


  • Reasonable price
  • Super-easy installation
  • Rubber outer shell design protects against dirt, mist, and moisture.


  • 1/2” pin may lose while locking. But if you are looking for other options, the lock works great.
  • No gap between the O-ring and lock body that may not be able to keep moisture and rust out.

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5. Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock for 2″ Couplers – best coupler locks for boat, Jet-Ski, and caravan trailers

Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler LockBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide


Looking for the best coupler lock for securing your boat, Jet-Ski, and caravan trailers? Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock for 2″ Couplers is an excellent coupler lock that we have come across for solving this problem. Numerous stories cover the incidents of stealing the trailer. Imagine a situation when a thief just drives up to your trailer hitch up and drives off within 1-2 minutes. But if you use the right trailer hitch lock, you can sleep peacefully.

Tow Ready Coupler Lock comes with an elegant yet sturdy design. It can fit 2-inch trailer couplers. However, you should not exceed 13/16 inches and the coupler lip’s height should not exceede5/16 inches. This slide on strong metal coupling and tamper-proof features makes it one of the best options in the market. The design of the lock is unique while you need to slide the tongue of the trailer hitch and push it back in. After doing this, you need to insert a pin in the key so that it can hold the lock in place.

Use the trailer coupler lock and feel secure while parked outside or at the campground. Or want to go in the middle of the desert for adventure? Or need to leave your boat and trailer on the street? Just choose Tow Ready Gorilla Coupler Lock and sleep peacefully. However, while purchasing, check the measurement. The slot area is 3-7/8″ wide and 3/8″ tall while the gap in the ball area is 2-9/16″ wide.


  • Comes with easy single-action keys
  • Keyed unique
  • Universal application lock
  • The easy locking system just slides the lock over the tongue of the trailer, pushes it back, inserts the pin.
  • Made with heavy-duty material
  • Impossible to break off


  • Only best for 2-inch trailer couplers
  • Does not work if you want to exceed 3-13/16 inches
  • As the lock is tough to break off, you should not lose the keys. However, replacement keys are also sold separately.

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6. Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock KitOne of the best anti-theft hitches

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock KitBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

Precious things need extra care and protection. When it comes to your best-loved jewelry or our favorite motorcycle, you need to be more conscious. If you are thinking to protect your trailers, here is an excellent choice for you to pick. No other lock guarantees you like this trailer hitch pin lock.

Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit is specially designed for coupling two or more objects together. The lock not only provides excellent towing but also grabs attention for its glittery yellow color. Though thieves with sheer determination can steal your stuff, this lock ensures maximum protection. The kit comes with a universal coupler lock, a brass coupler lock, and a dual bent pin receiver lock, all keyed alike.

The brass coupler latch pin is 1/4″ Diameter and comes with 5/8″ – 1″ adjustable span. It fits perfectly with 1-7/8 inch ball, 2-inch ball, and 2-5/16 inch ball.  On the other hand, bent pin receiver lock fits 5/8″ or 1/2″ hitch pin hole with the round lock cylinder.  Additionally, this trailer coupler lock features a Surround Lock system that is generally used to cover installation holes and prevent access to the cylinder. The lock features a ratchet lock design with 11 locking positions for a variety of couplers.

Furthermore, durable steel and powder coat finishing is used to make the trailer hitch lock. The lock includes a dust cap, or dust cover, to keep dirt, grime, and moisture out of the lock core. The protective coating keeps the trailer hitch lock safe and protects against rust and corrosion. Furthermore, the powder coat finishing lasts for a long time resisting rust, corrosion, etc. Lastly, the lock is very easy to use yet effective. It protects you from the unattended trailer from theft. 


  • Provides excellent towing
  • Keyed alike lock
  • Universal application lock
  • Highly visible bright yellow color
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • After using the lock for one year, one of our testers found corrosion in the lock.

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7. Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Lock (fits all couplers)

Best Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying GuideBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

Want to increase security on your unattended trailer or want to prevent theft? Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal ‘Solid Hardened Steel’ Trailer Lock is a nice solution for you. The trailer lock ensures 360-degrees of hardened steel protection for your unattended trailer. So, do not worry, enjoy your time and holiday. As a result, these trailer locks can give you ultimate protection.

The trailer lock uses a dual lock system which is tough to unlock. It comes with a 2-in-1 locking layer that ensures extra security and cushions your trucks and premises from any attempted break-ins or accidents.

The amazing thing about the lock is it fits most of the coupler types, sizing 1-7/8″, 2″, to 2-5/15″. The key-hole covers protect against dirt and grime. Moreover, the trailer lock includes an attractive Ballistic-grade Nylon housing that not only increases the aesthetic beauty but also gives added protection in bleak and extreme weather. The lock is made with a durable Fulton heavy-duty casing that ensures durability.

Finally, we can say that the trailer can ensure the best storing and towing security for the bucks.


  • Protects against harsh weather
  • A versatile trailer lock
  • Fit all types of coupler size1-7/8 inches, 2 inches, to 2-5/15 inches.
  • Easy to install
  • Features a keyhole cover that protects from dust
  • Ensures reliability and durability
  • Comes with water-proof ballistic-grade nylon housing


  • Comparatively costly
  • A little bit complicated for inexperienced users.
  • It is large and bulky than other locks on the list. It also requires plenty of space.

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8. Trimax 4010236 Umax50 Premium Die-Cast Dual Purpose Coupler Lock

Trimax 4010236 Umax50 Premium Die-Cast Dual Purpose Coupler LockBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

Trimax 4010236 Umax50 Premium Die-Cast Dual Purpose Coupler Lock boasts its sturdy steel construction which makes it impossible to break. The exclusion design not only makes it attractive but also offers a great defense. Because of the tapered edges, the lock secures your trailer from sled and bar attacks.

The trailer coupler lock can be used for all types of couplers. Therefore, you may say it is one of the versatile coupler locks in the market. The diameter is 5/8 inch. The locking system includes a 6-toothed design which is hard to unlock.

The lock cover is coated with rustproof and corrosion-resistant materials that provide longevity. Finally, it can be said that the rust-proof hammer with a tone epoxy finish and coated cover makes it the best option for you if you want a longer-lasting service. 


  • Perfectly fits all types of coupler
  • Keyhole cover protects the lock from dust
  • Elegant design


  • Pricey

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9. Ohuhu Hitch Lock 2-Pack, Receiver Hitch Pin Lock – 1/2″ and 5/8″ Receiver Trailer Hitch Lock

Ohuhu Hitch Lock 2-Pack, Receiver Hitch Pin LockBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

We have researched various trailer locks and found this Ohuhu Hitch Lock 2-Pack, Receiver Hitch Pin Lock – 1/2″ and 5/8″  Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock worthy. We tested the lock and felt that it was not a waste of our time, money, and energy.

Unlike other locks, this trailer hitch pin lock comes with both size shanks and one lock mechanism that works on both. The cap that covered the lock is an extra bonus for you as it protects your lock from dust and mud. It also keeps your lock safe from dirt and excessive moisture.

Apart from the coated cap or lock cover and excellent locking system, the kit includes diameters (one is thicker), two keys, and an O-ring. We used thicker diameters. High-quality solid steel is used to make the lock. The keys of the lockwork are smooth. As the kit includes two keys, you can take one in your home and another while going outside. This will feel secure in case you lost one key. Moreover, the entire lock is slim and fits perfectly with all types of couplers. But, still, it is not easy to break. We feel relaxed locking up our hitch with this lock.

However, one thing we do not like is the bulkiness of the locking mechanism. It is really tough to attach the trailer chains to the hitch though it is possible and can be done.  Another thing we should mention is that the hitch lock works best if there is no rust or corrosion. If it begins to rust, it will not work perfectly.


  • Inexpensive
  • Heavy duty and solid
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Easy to use
  • The cap of the lock secures your lock from dust, dirt, and mud
  • O-ring protects the lock on the shaft side
  • Easily accessible keyhole
  • A heavy and sturdy lock


  • The bulkiness of the locking mechanism.
  • The lock works perfectly unless corrosion occurs.
  • Not made with high-quality, corrosion-resistive materials.

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10.  Master Lock 2866DAT Fits 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. Receivers Trailer Hitch Lock

Master Lock 2866DAT Fits 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. Receivers Trailer Hitch LockBest Trailer Hitch Lock of 2022 with Buying Guide

Our last pick in the list is Master Lock 2866DAT Fits 1/2 in. and 5/8 in. Receivers Trailer Hitch Lock that features 1/2 in. (13 mm) and 5/8 in. (16 mm) receivers locks. Like Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock, Master Lock 2848DAT, Connor 1615320, and Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock from our list, it also uses a Push-to-lock mechanism for the locking system.

From the above discussion, it is clear that push-to-lock can hold the lock firmly and is tough to unlock without keys. Like other Push-to-Lock, this Master Lock 2866DAT holds the lock body firmly onto the pin allowing you to sleep peacefully. Furthermore, a water-tough seal and watertight cap give extra security to your locks in the chilly weather. Moreover, a 4-pin cylinder gives additional pick resistance. You cannot remove the key unless the key is secure. Lastly, the receiver locks add extra security.


  • Keyed Different
  • The lock is covered by a cap that is made with water-resistant material
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Theft deterrence while towing


  • Corrosion may occur.

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Trailers are used for transporting valuable items for longer distances. If the driver takes a break, they stay unattended. As trailers are used for carrying goods like motorcycles, and others, it is essential to keep them safe and secure. Many stories are found about trailer robbery and stealing. Nothing destroys your mood when your valuable motorcycle is lost with the trailer. Fortunately, the trailer hitch lock and other equipment are there to solve your problem.

Trailer hitch locks are designed to save your vehicles from the notorious thief by attaching your trailer hitch and receiver together.  Anyone cannot be able to unlock or un-hitch the trailer without the key. 

Things to check before buying a trailer lock

Want to protect your trailer, caravan, and luggage from theft? No one wants to return to the place where he left his caravan, car, or trailer. Neither did he want to see his trailer towed away by the thieves. Protect your valuable trailer using a good-quality trailer hitch lock.

One of the best solutions is to use locks or any type of deterrent to prevent optimistic thieves. Numerous hitch accessories are there to solve your problem. At present, markets offer a wide range of hitch locks, latch locks, etc. though choosing the appropriate one is quite difficult sometimes. Continue this reading to find the right trailer locks for you.

Trailer Hitch Lock – safe and secure way to haul your trailer and your constant traveling companion

Trailer coupler locks that are specially designed for protecting your trailer from theft are essential equipment that you need while roaming around the countryside or anywhere for securing your trailer. This visible anti-theft device makes the thieves alert and demotivates them for stealing your trailer.

Do you need a trailer hitch lock?

The answer is yes if you want to protect your trailer. Trailer Lock is a visible theft deterrent made with sturdy materials. Stressful days are gone when you continuously need to look and check your trailer. The lock is here to solve your problem, preventing your caravan, trailers, etc. from being hitched up and towed away.

Hitch locks come in various designs and sizes. Either did the purpose. Some people look for pulling horse trailers while others search for pulling a caravan, parade float, or a boat. No matter what the reason is, a  coupler lock is mandatory if you want to secure your stuff.

The first step for securing your trailer is to ensure a visible deterrent so that the optimistic thieves stop noticing your trailer and look for the least secure vehicles. It is commonly found that most thieves avoid the trailers and caravans which have hitch locks as they do not want to waste their time. It is hardly possible for the thieves to attach your trailer to their car and tow the car away if you have a hitch lock. You can live peacefully by locking the trailer anywhere although it is suggested to keep your vehicles in a well-lit area.

How does trailer Lock work?

Trailer Lock attaches the hitch, which makes it impossible for the thieves to connect your vehicles or trailers to their car, let alone towing away. You can rely on the hitch lock as it provides maximum security and protection for your equipment.

Generally, the receiver hitch lock attaches crosswise o to the receiver hole which is connected to your trailer. You cannot detach the lock without a key or number combination. Most trailer hitch lock comes with one or two metal pins that secure your stuff from being stolen.

How to choose the right trailer lock for you?

Finding the right trailer hitch locks can be both times consuming and laborious. Numerous hitch accessories are available in the market that helps you to secure your trailer. There are various types, sizes, and designs available, requiring attaching the trailer and receiver hatch in different parts or areas of your trailer. However, the purpose is the same – to protect your stuff from unwanted situations.

Weight towing capacity- how much load do you need to carry?

The locks are often classified based on the weight they can tow, starting from Class I, to Class V. Class I can weigh up to 2000 pounds and can be pulled by small car whereas Class 5 can easily haul up to 30,000 pounds and can only be pulled by heavy-duty trucks. However, here is an estimated weight capacity of these five classes:

Trailer Hitch Lock buying Guide

As from the above chart, you can easily understand if you are looking for smaller loads, you should go for Class I that can haul up to 2,000 pounds and is perfect for most vehicle types. However, the weight also includes the weight of the payload. You can install the hitch lock with most of the vehicles including passenger cars and small crossover SUVs.

Additionally, if you are looking for mid-sized cars, then you should select Class II that can carry up to 3,500 pounds. Class II can haul small trucks, mid-sized sedans, and minivans as well as moderate cargo like mid-sized boats, and small campers.

Wondering what should you do if you need to lock more than 3,500 pounds? Class III is here that can load up to 5,000 and can be used for at least mid-sized pickups while Class IV can load up to 10,000 pounds. Class III is a versatile option and can tow pickup trucks, full-size SUVs, minivans, mid-sized campers, mid-sized boats, and utility trailers. On the other hand, Class Iv is designed to mount heavy-duty pickup trucks, large SUV vehicles, large campers, toy haulers, and large boats.

The amazing part of class IV is- this type is generally a weight-distribution hitch that helps to distribute the weight of the load by taking a portion of the weight in the rear axle of the tow vehicle and shifting the load to the other axles. As a result, a weight-distribution hitch allows a safer and smoother ride. It is recommended to use and add a weight distribution system if your hitch does not allow it for a heavy-duty hitch.

Finally, if you want to secure a larger RV or any heavy-duty vehicles like commercial trucks, you should choose Class V that can haul around 30,000 pounds. Class V hitches are available in two options –

  • Fifth wheel hitches and
  • Gooseneck hitches.

Fifth wheel hitches are best for securing more loads, providing sharper turning and good stability although the fifth wheel hatch takes a great space. However, most of the fifth wheel hitch is easily separable so that you can detach the hitch when necessary.

On the other hand, gooseneck hitches are also designed for the pickup truck. However, the only difference is gooseneck uses a ball and coupler while the fifth wheel hitch uses a kingpin. Most horse and livestock trailers use gooseneck hitch lock.

Fitting – a perfect trailer coupler lock is the one that fits your car, boat, or other kinds of stuff perfectly.

One of the most essential things you should focus on while buying a trailer coupler lock is fitting. The best hitch lock that does not fit perfectly is nothing but a waste of your money, time, and energy. Among the various range of sizes and designs, you should look for the hitch locks that fit your trailer. It is difficult to break the lock that fits perfectly, making it less likely to tamper with.

The first and foremost work when purchasing a lock is to check whether the hitch receiver and other towing equipment fit together or not. Most of the hitch locks use with half-inch and five-eighths of an inch in diameter.  Class II receiver hitches come with half-inch pins while Class III, IV, and V receiver hitches use five-eighths inch pins. Check whether your lock matches up with what you’re towing or not.

Look into the quality of the towing Hitch:

You will find various manufacturers of towing hitch or coupler locks. As a result, the quality of hitch locks differs from one to another, starting from performance to durability difference. However, most of the towing hitch is made with sturdy materials.

Materials – All-welded steel is used to make most of the towing hitch that ensures longevity and ensures the strength needed for a heavy load.  Hitch locks that are made with stainless steel offer durability and safe towing. On the other hand, a hitch lock that includes a powder-coated finish remains resistant to dust, rust, chipping, UV damage, and other elements. You should also check whether the welding of the hitch is good or not.

Recommendation: Buy a heavy-duty and high-quality trailer hitch and get excellent towing performance.


To remain safe, try to find the manufacturers that provide a warranty. It may be the warranty for damaged products or damage of certain parts of the hitch. This approach will help you to ensure the long life of your hitch.


Towing a trailer is as essential as having enough fuel or gas to run your vehicle. Whether you have a boat, a recreational vehicle, a horse trailer, an SUV, or any other trailer, a trailer lock is a must that provides maximum protection from being stolen. Hitch lock allows you to adjust loads (especially Class III, IV, and V) and can carry heavy loads easily.  So, while buying a trailer hitch lock, focus on its material, welding, fitting, classes, towing capacity, and usage so that you can get maximum security from it.

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