Changing Your Mailbox Lock Illegal

Is Changing Your Mailbox Lock Illegal? Know Everything About it.

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A new home is always a new feeling for everyone. Changing to a new home requires some big changes in your whole lifestyle. When you shift into a new home, you need to adorn everything properly again like before. Making things as it was can take up much time and days.

Almost all the houses have a mailbox or locking mailbox adjoined to it. The mailbox works as a medium to give away news and information about anything from the outside. But this question might arise that when you shift to another home, what happens to your previous mailbox?

There are some rules regarding changing the mailbox lock. You just can not break it and change it. There will be a procedure to follow. In this write-up, we will hope to understand the purpose of changing a mailbox and its ways.

When Can You Break Mailbox Lock

We understand that a mailbox is a very sensitive item of a house. You receive many personal emails and letters in it and you wish to carry it with you. There can be two situations regarding your mailbox. It is upon who owns the mailbox.

-In your personal mail you can do any changes as you want. It is upon you.

– If your local postmaster owns it, you can not break it, or do any changes to it.

Owning a personal mailbox will give you many benefits and you can take that box with you whenever you change your home. But if your local postmaster is the owner of the mailbox, you need to follow some procedure with that.

If You Are The Owner

As said before, if you are the owner of the mailbox, you can do any modifications and changes. A blacksmith can be the person who will work for you. In this case, you can follow the below procedures to modify your mailbox:

– If the lock is stuck inside, you might need to drill it and break it from outside.

– If you want to change the whole lock, just open it with your regular key and replace the lock with the help of the blacksmith.

– If you change the lock, don’t forget to get the proper keys with it.

There are many concerns about if someone can change their mailbox’s lock simply like this, but it is possible in this very simple way and you will be able to do it without any legal problem.

If The Local Postmaster Is The Owner

The rules will be changed if the local postmaster is the owner of the mailbox. It requires many steps to change your mailbox. The following are some of them:

– At first, you need to go to the post office that is closer to your home with residential proof that you live there.

– Once you have shown them your residency proof, you will be assigned a postmaster who will come to visit the mailbox at your home.

– The postmaster will charge about 40 dollars and he will give you all the required information about changing the mailbox.

– After changing the mailbox, again you have to go to the post office and write a form that you have changed it.

– Only the postmaster or someone from the post office can change the mailbox, so they will be owning the keys afterwards they change it for you.

– You may ask for your key, but that again will take another procedure.

So, it is quite understandable that if the postmaster is the owner of the mailbox, it will require a huge procedure to follow. It is better if you install your personal mailbox to avoid all such issues.

When Is It A Crime To Break The Mailbox Lock?

So far from our discussion, we got this point that changing or replacing a personal mailbox is never a crime and you are free to do it anytime you want. But the question here is when it is taken as a crime to break the lock of the mailbox.

At first, if the mailbox is not your personal, it will be taken as a crime if you don’t mention your local post office about this. But if you inform them and they send someone with you to change it, then you are good to change it.

It was taken as a crime some time back but now it is all okay to change a personal mailbox and keeping the keys. Just take care of the loose parts and keep a straight and clear way towards the mailbox. It will give other people a good idea of doing the same.


Changing your personal mailbox, or the lock of a mailbox is totally fine. You can do it by yourself. But if the mailbox is not yours, but the post office’s, you need to have permission.