Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review

Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review 2021

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Who does not want a secured door lock for their home! The brand Eufy is one of the best-selling smart locks that provide adequate quality security for the door. Moreover, it is a high performer to serve four types of open lock systems with quick time.

It has the best keyless entry door lock system with some smart technologies. It includes the automatic locking system for your door too.

You will be able to get all the solutions to the problems with this Eufy Smart Lock Touch. high-quality features with an affordable price of this lock are serving the best security in the world. Now, Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review will introduce all about the product.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

Several times, you forget to lock your entry door when you are in a hurry. It is not gratifying when you return to your home and try to unlock your door with a key. The door lock opening is more difficult when you come back from shops and carry various things in your hand.

You may forget to keep your door key and leave it inside of your home. Or, you may lose your key while outside of the house. Here, you will know the top 3 reasons that you definitely like to buy the Eufy smart lock touch.

1. Automatic Locking

Can you imagine a door can lock when you forget to shut it! Yes, the Eufy smart lock touch is highly efficient in producing this kind of security for you.

With the intelligence of this lock, it closes the door automatically. That is a high-performing feature to keep your home secure.

2. Four Ways of Unlocking

This smart lock has multiple ways to unlock your door. You can unlock your door with your fingerprint. You can use the touch screen and digital keypad by using code or numbers. You can use the Bluetooth device and Eufy unlocking app. And finally, you can unlock it manually by using a key. So, the multiple ways of opening the door bring the user-friendly feature.

3. Quick Fingerprint Detection

Nowadays everyone is busy with their jobs and tasks. Everyone wants to save time. They do not feel good when they have to spend time unlocking their doors.

The smart touched lock can scan your fingerprint. It can trace your fingerprint within 0.3 seconds. And is capable of unlocking within a single second.

Key Specification

No one likes to leave their home without any security and protection. People always like to maintain their privacy too. They do not want to consider making it more secure.Eufy Security Smart Touch Review

The company, Eufy provides a Security Smart Lock Touch for your home door. That has achieved the leading position in the market for many years. The company is famous for providing the best security with various features and economic value.

You already know that the Eufy smart lock is a very handy performer for your home security. Let’s have a look at the key features of this smart device:

  • Fingerprint Identification
  • 4 ways to unlock the door
  • Automatic locking system
  • All-weather protected
  • The capability of privacy protection
  • Easy to set up
  • Emergency unlocking system
  • Certified Security by ANSI
  • Durable battery power
  • Rain protected
  • Affordable price
  • Keypad lock
  • Bluetooth connected
  • App-based control
  • Fast unlocking
  • Interior constructed with zinc
  • High temperature protected
  • 6x3x1 inch dimension
  • 53 pounds weight
  • Battery-powered

Buying Guide

For the last few years, Eufy has held the smart lock market very highly. They have reached more steps ahead of previous selling capacity in the market. They produce some best quality locks with high features and maintain the price too. Moreover, they are successful in maintaining the balance between the price and features for a long time.

The smart Eufy locks have become a more popular provider due to their affordable price. Many of the Smart Lock providers are available in the market. But Eufy has gained reliability from the customers, and they are the leading seller in recent days.

The consumers of the Eufy lock are high-satisfied with the continuity. It is not only the security provider; it is also a money server for the users. So, the customers did not find any problem using this smart lock for a longer time.

The customers love the 4 ways of unlocking the process of the door lock. They are also quite satisfied with the quick unlocking time, which just needs only a minute to do. So, Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch is the right choice to buy, and you know these things:


The Eufy smart lock is very much secured for the entry door of your home. The auto-locking feature of this product is convenient. The users of this lock feel very comfortable with the alto-lock system.

Nowadays, many people forget to lock their entry doors. These incidents can happen, and you lose your valuable things.

Sometimes you face various problems to maintain your privacy. Then you need a good quality lock to provide your security.

This Eufy lock is an exclusive lock with four types of unlocking systems. The product is also a source of reliability in the issue of security.

Build quality

Everyone wants a strong material that constructs a smart lock. This Eufy smart touch lock is best with its zinc-produced material. The product is also capable of protecting against all weather changes. It can preserve the heat of the sun and temperature. On the other hand, it is capable of working during the rainy season.

So this Eufy smart security is a big performer for home protection. It provides durable batteries with a 1-year replacement warranty.

You can not find any issues with the construction quality of the Eufy products. The lock has become the leading seller in the market, and the company has gained dependability from the users. You can buy the Eufy smart lock without any doubt and confusion.

Ease of Use

The Eufy lock is simple to install and adjustable with home doors. This lock is effortless to use too. It can read your fingerprint within just 0.3 seconds. Moreover, it is capable of unlocking within 1 second. It can lock your door automatically, and you do not need to carry any key for it.

So, the Eufy smart lock touch is very user-friendly for any age. It can give a comfortable entry for your home. The various unlocking processes include more comfortability for the users.

As Eufy is one of the leading marketers, you do not need to be worried about its using process. The product is much intelligent to serve you insecure ways. There is nothing to consider to buy this smart door lock.


The product is just 3.53 pounds in weight to give you security. The dimension of this lock is about 6x3x1 inches with black colored. The 4 numbers of removable batteries provide durable performance, and you can unlock them in case of emergency.

The product is just harmonious, and the adaptability is rarer than any other locks in the market. It plays a vital role in making a balance between features and price. Due to the high-compatibility of this product, consumers like to choose it without any hesitation. Reliability is a source of strength, and you can not achieve it within a short time. But Eufy has proved that they are exceptional with the performance and price.


  • Is the Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch durable?

The Eufy Smart lock touch has been constructed with durable zinc material. And the product is capable of protecting against all changes in the weather. This high performer also provides a 1-year full service and warranty to the users.

  • Do the Eufy smart lock touch have alternatives?

There is no other choice but to unpick the Eufy smart lock. Thus, this is one of the popular Smart locks in recent years. You may get the product within an economical budget. The company provides service and replacement warranty too. 

  • Is the unlocking system sound?

The Eufy Smart lock provides four types of unlocking systems. Fingerprint identification, Bluetooth app, touchscreen keypad, and key are the providers of unlocking. So, you can get multiple unlocking systems from this smart lock.


In a nutshell, you must agree that the security of your home is a must. You can not imagine your home entry door has no lock system to protect your home. In fact, a smart touch door lock can keep your privacy quite well.

Without any doubt, the Eufy smart touch lock is a unique choice for your home protection. This lock has been constructed with smart features and technologies. You will get a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth unlocks, touchscreen keypad, and many more features from it.

Hopefully, you have been delighted with Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Review so much. And, the details of the product will provide you the perfect guide to buy it.