FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock Review

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock Review

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For a long time, Abus was the leading folding lock market entity, and the FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock changed everything. They introduced, or should we say, invented a new type of folding lock and also gained approval from the Sold Secure. Sold Secure is an established and independent testing house, and gaining Sold Secure Silver is always going to increase our interest. 

So, even for a new product or company in the market, Foldylock gained massive success, and the recent product is something interesting. We thought, why not give it a try, and get a good look at the interesting folding lock.

Top 3 reasons to purchase the FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock

Just checking out the features cannot give you a stand-out idea about any lock. Especially, for the Foldylock, three major features may surprise anyone and let them buy the folding lock without any hesitance. Now, we are going to discuss these three features in brief, and let you on about them. 

Innovative construction concepts

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock | Extreme Bike Lock One of the major features of the Foldylock bike lock is the concept or design structure. Yes, folding locks are efficient for carrying around, and have plenty of locking options. Just like we said, Abus was the leading folding lock manufacturer and Foldylock just changed the whole sacred game of security. 

To make their locks secured and powerful they use hardened steel for constructing locks. But the design included steel links, and the links are made using steel rivets. For this reason, the outlook of the chain lock looks wider. However, when you fold the lock, it becomes more like a simple and small case to carry around anywhere. 

Mostly due to the design, you can even carry the case inside your pocket, and that’s the best thing about it. Not to mention, the lock offers better configuration and utility for most security options. The design enables the lock to be very lightweight and portable – and that’s the major feature you should think about the Foldylock folding locks. 

Surprisingly lightweight

Thanks to the design structure, the Foldylock compact model is surprisingly lightweight. Yes, for a heavy-duty bike lock, this one is sure a lightweight one. Yes, they have used hardened steel to make the lock, and thanks to the rivets, the lock gained good weight distribution. So, you are getting a lightweight and powerful foldable lock at your disposal.

Being lightweight, carrying the foldable lock becomes much easier. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about the extra weight of attaching it with a bike while traveling or riding.

Plenty of locking options

The Foldylock compact offers a lot of internal space for locking the bike frames. This enables the user to lock their bikes on various unmovable objects such as trees, lampposts, mailboxes, etc.  Folding locks are there for giving you plenty of options for locking the bike, and this one does that by ensuring safety.

Unlike Abus, this Compact model packs some useful, and surprising security measurements, though we think the Abus models are durable. Still, the weight distribution and design concept is a renovation in the market, and in the future, we will get much-secured models.

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock

Key Features of the Foldylock Compact Folding Lock

Well, the Foldylock compact is the new folding in the town and works similar to the Abus folding locks. We discussed the top three reasons to purchase the locks, and here are the key features of the folding lock for you. Let’s have a peek at the comfortable features it has to offer for you.


Common knowledge about bike locks is – the heavier the lock the more security it can generate. Mainly, the thickness of the bike lock is the key for anybody. However, folding locks are not the most durable option for high-risk areas, and what about the Foldylock? Well, Foldylock Compact gained Sold Secure rating, and you can stay reassured about the security of this folding lock.

You can say that the lock offers the same amount of security as the Abus Bordo 6000 lock, and like most decent bike locks the lock comes with three different keys. Replicating the keys will be difficult because the mechanism is very complex.

Anyway, if you prefer more security than any U-locks, this will not do for you. Because standard U-locks are thicker and these one’s bars are thinner compared to them. Even with thinner bars, bolt cutters won’t work against it but heavy bolt cutters may gain success. Overall, the security of this lock is greater compared to other foldable locks.


Just like we said, the Foldylock Compact comes with steel links, and the links are connected using steel rivets. Yes, the locks are much thinner compared to any U-lock bars, but the construction is compact. Any bolt cutter attack is not going to work with Foldylock. But when the boltcutter is large, it may be successful.

For cyclists who have lower risk or medium risk levels, Foldylock is a suitable choice for them to secure the bikes.

Ease of Use

Using the Foldylock compact is very easy for its owner. But no doubt, using this folding lock is easier than using any Abus folding locks in the market. You can easily slip the lock from its case, and there will be no hinders on it. Unlocking and re-locking are also very easy for the users, and once you use them – you will get the hang of it.

On the Foldylock, the outer link is situated at the side of the locking mechanism. Thus, releasing and unfolding the folding lock is relatively smooth for the experience. However, you can use the folding lock in awkward or crowded areas. This is a huge advantage over any U-locks you can purchase on the market. Even the 70mm internal spaces can be of huge help for the users.

Ease of Transport

Even comparing with Abus folding locks, the Foldylock Compact is much easier to carry around with ease. As the Foldylock doesn’t come with a rigid shape like U-locks, you can have better maneuvers with it. When you attach the folding lock with the bike frame, the center of gravity is always away from the bike. So, you won’t feel any weight of the bike lock on the bike.

Not to mention, the folding lock is much discreet than any U-locks available in the market right now. Thus there will be no rattle, sound, and the lock won’t fall off the frame that easily. Alongside that, the hard plastic case gives you a much better portable option for the price.

Just screw the case onto your bike holes, and you are set to carry the lock anywhere you want to.


You can use the FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock-on on just about any bike on the mid-range security level. For using the lock, you might need to use the water bottle carrier or screw the whole plastic case on the bike frame.

Also, you can certainly use the velcro straps on the bike frame. However, using the Velcro straps is comparably harder for anybody. However, compatibility is not a huge problem, and you can use it with any bike frame. Also, use the lock in any crowded area without facing any problem. 


Unlike Abus folding locks, the Foldylock Compact is not that expensive. Yes, Abus Bordo 6500 is much better than this model, but the value for money is still better with Foldylock. You are getting mid-risk area security and better support with this price range.


  • Super easy to use
  • VSR technology to prevent cutting and sawing
  • Better value for money
  • Great concept design
  • Hardened steel construction
  • Easy to carry around
  • Includes plastic frame and a Velcro warp
  • Lots of locking options


  • Only for medium risk areas

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock VS Classic

We can say that the Foldylock Compact is just an evolution of the Foldylock Classic model. Because the classic model works just like the compact model. However, there is a key difference between the compact and the classic model. Mainly, the compact model is heavier, bulkier, and has more internal space than the classic model.

Yes, you can still find the Foldylock classic in the market, and we believe that one is also another value for the money. So, the compact model is just an evolution of the fold lock compact and in terms of security, both offer the same amount of support. Not to mention, both of them are equal to the security of the Abus Bordo 6000 folding lock. Anyway, in terms of design and build – the Foldylock Compact will be redeemed, winner.

Final Verdict

Now, if you are looking for a better or affordable version from the Abus Bordo 6500 or 6000 model – the FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock is always the better choice. Mainly, this is a new and innovative folding lock that can compete with Abus folding lock. As a new marketing entity, the lock is gaining popularity and soon will receive bigger updates.