GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Review

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Last year, a robbery took place in my neighborhood. The robbers looted the people there, and they couldn’t do anything but watch them. That very incident raised curiosity in my mind about being safer. For that reason, I decided to buy a gun (pistol) for safety reasons as we are a family of four members.

Now we fell into the dilemma of keeping the gun in a safe. So I searched for many gun safes, and after a lot of research and findings, I decided to buy GunVault SV500 speedVault handgun safe from 

The GunVault SV500 is one of the best and suitable gun safes available in the market for the pistol. It is very convenient to use. Not only that, but its security system and quick access also attracted attention towards it. Its compatibility and feasibility are enough to satisfy me, and thus, I bought the safe for my gun and presenting the GunVault SV500 review.

Top 3 reasons to buy the GunVault SV500

A lot of limitations and restrictions bounded me to buy a gun safe. I was nearly on the verge of canceling my plan to buy a gun safe. The features and functions of the GunVault SV500 mesmerized me, and I bought it with no hesitation. Now the questions come, why should you buy it? Here are some small descriptions of 3 reasons you can buy this gun safe. 

1. To keep the gun safe and secured

As I bought the gun, it became a vital and expensive asset to me. Ensuring its security has to be done by me. Again, there remains the risk of the gun being stolen. So the safety of the weapon has to be ensured here.

The SV500 is such a fantastic gun vault that enabled the maximum security and safety of the gun. It ensured its proper management and wellbeing when kept at a certain point. Moreover, the gun vault’s modern technology system enabled us to get the trunk unlocked by my regulated pin code. So only I can operate the usage of the gun safe. 

2. Fast access to the gun

Since the rifle I bought is usually for emergency and severe cases and situations, the availability, and accessibility of the weapon are critical. Again, I might need it any time for any specific reason. So the quickness of getting it should also be ensured.

The GunVault SV500 is such a perfect gun vault that it gives me the best service when it comes to ensuring the gun to me as quickly as possible. The weapon requires the quickest calibration to get unlocked. Thus, I’ll not have to wait or calibrate too long to get the gun. The pin code insertion system is widespread. The handling of the weapon in the vault is very feasible. The fixation of the trunk can be made at any hidden places like beneath the table, at one side face of the table, etc. That enables us to get the gun as quickly as possible with less interruption.  

3. Easy to operate & use

As I am a very busy person for my own business, I hardly have time to waste technical stuff. For that reason, the vault I was looking for had to be quite easily configured. But the function, service, and availability I got from the GunVault SV500 are simply amazing. I never thought of getting the best and simple configuration from a high balanced gun vault. 

The GunVault SV500 is very simple to operate. It can be fixed at any desired place as per the instructions. All the nuts and screws are provided with the whole package. The gun vault is generally operated by a simple code. It also has a backup key system in case of interruptions.  Moreover, it remains aloof from electricity. So the GunVault SV500 is a blessing to me with the specifications I got from it is most simple.  

Key Features of GunVault SV500

1. Non-electrical

Electricity is a compassionate issue for every prospect. It can cause a lot of damage and hazard to the surroundings if not adequately regulated. The GunVault handgun safe is free of any electrical appliances. It is run by a 9V battery for the digital code input. Other than that, the vault has a key that is manual and can be used as usual.

2. Body

As I live in a small house, regular interruption of things occurs inside the house. Many items are broken and damage. So the first and foremost choice of the vault was to be a strong one. The GunVault SV500 is made up of 18 gauge steel construction that gives the best protection to its body as well as the gun inside it. Moreover, there is a protective foam-lined interior that ensures the quality of the weapon when kept inside from any damage.

3. Manual & Pin security

The Gun safe has two types of security systems. The pin code feature is generally enabled by the battery. The vault will operate when the correct pin is entered. Again for backup, a key is enabled and can be regulated as usual. So it gives the best service to all the people.

4. Gun capacity

To ensure the highest amount of security and quality of the gun, the can hold only one arm at a time. It gives the best and prospective service to the arm.

5. Dimension

Exterior product dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches

Interior product dimensions: 2.75 x 5.75 x 8.5 inches

Who is the product for?

The vault is generally made for all kinds of people and their professions. For security purposes, general people like me use this. Again if you’re a businessman and want to keep it in your office, it can also be used. The policeman usually uses it in the police station for quick access to it.

 Mainly, it is convenient for all kinds of us. But make sure you have a licensed gun and know how to use them. It is strictly recommended to make it aloof from kids, underage and non-certified gun users. 

Gunvault sv500 manual

The Gunvaultspeed vault sv500, although possessing the code system, enables the standard feature that is the key enabled feature. It can easily be operated by using the key provided by it. It is made so as to make the usage enabled for all kinds of users. In case the code system looks complicated, or the battery runs out, the key can be operated.

GunVault SpeedVault SV500  Installation

The Gunvault sv500 installation is very much accessible and convenient for the users. The safe is pretty much small in size. I chose a small portion of the area where the highest and quickest availability of the gun can be ensured. The screws will be provided to fix the vault in the area. I drilled the holes in the city and the screws inserted in the. The trunk has the holes to be added, so no extra work was done by me. I installed it with no interruption and still regulating it conveniently.


  1. Easily regulated
  2. California DOJ approved
  3. No electrical applications.
  4. Pin code feature.
  5. Backup key enabled.
  6. Fewer complications while installing.


  1. Only one gun can be stored.
  2. No space to keep the bullets.

Final words

I, as usual, am enjoying the service of the GunVault SV500 very convincingly. It has been providing me the best handling of my gun. The security, quality, maintenance & regulation of it is very much simple. So this has to be a very recommendable gun vault for all of you out there. The result of buying is very much fruitful to me.

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