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Bikes are ubiquitous and vital assets one can invest in. They are portable and suitable since they fit any job that entails moving to several places. The bikes are, however, at high risk of getting stolen due to their lightweight and versatile work. 

I’m this article; you will learn the best bike locking tips you can use to ensure that your bike is safely and correctly stored. The tips are divided into two in that, says you can save the bike in the outdoor area and at home. The chapter will explain all in details to lock a bike properly in the indoor and outdoor.

Tips for Properly Storing Bikes In Outdoor Area

When you lock your bike at the streets, there are essential things you must confirm to avoid putting them at risk of getting stolen. There should be maximum security in your bike, and here are the tips to ensure that.

Properly Lock a bike

1. Select a busy place

When selecting a place to lock your bike, ensure it is an active area.

The site must have more pedestrians, and even the CCTVs must be there. Typically, most people become nervous when they are CCTVs, and this will frighten them not to steal your bike. Where there are many people and bikes locked, there will be distractions, and it will distract people since they won’t have time to steal bikes.

2. Lock your bike in immovable objects

When the object you use to lock the bike is fixed, it also means the bike will stay there safe and undistracted. However, for movable objects, it can be easy even for the thieves to steal the bike with the objectives you have used to lock them. Ensure the objects you use have been cemented at the ground and don’t latch on trees and signboards. They have high risks of making your bike gets stolen.

3. Avoid Giving Clues to Thieves

After you lock your bike where you have selected, don’t mention it to people where you will go and the places you will visit before you come back for your bike. This will make your program be known, and people will know when to steal your bike. The thieves must never see the place you are going since they will get to know the time you’ll spend away from your bike and they can be tempted to work on stealing the bike.

4.Lock The Bike And Remove Front Wheel

If you are unsure of the area where you are parking your bike if it is safe or not, you should remove the front wheel after locking it. You can opt to go to your destination with it so that no one can be interested in stealing your bike which has only a single wheel. You must do whatever it takes to make sure you are contented for leaving your bike at the locked zone.

5. Lock The Bike With U-Cable

U cable is the best option to use when locking your bike. Better enough, they can be two so that one can lock one wheel. When you use two u-cables, you won’t worry about the safety of your bike because it ensures the bike can’t move from there. Always avoid locking the bike with a single u-cable since this can tempt a thief to try it and when they succeed, your bike will be gone.

Indoor Tips For Properly Locking Your Bike

When you are at home, always make sure that your bike is locked properly after you park it. The thieves can decide to steal it from your home, so it is good that you be cautious of everything. The thieves can take your bike from home at midnight. If you have gardens or playgrounds, they will make sure they know where you lock your bike in your home. so you can prevent such from happening, you should know tips for safely securing your bike at home.

Properly lock a bike indoor

1. Keep The Bike In The House

The only best safety measure to take for your bike at home is to keep it inside the house. Either way, you can make a flat for bikes if you have many and whenever you arrive at home, you must ensure that it is well kept in the place It is supposed to be, and the door is fully locked. The best thing that will give you an attitude of staying with the bike in the house is making sure it is always clean. Wash your bike after every use, and you will like how it will attract you in the house.

2. Keep The Bike At The Communal Space

When the flat you live in has a communal space that you share, it is tempting when you think of leaving there your bike. You might realize space is not safe for you to store whatever it is but with the bikes, if everybody has their bikes kept in the area, it becomes difficult for them to steal each other’s bikes. You will know who owns which bike and people will fear to take another person’s bicycle.

3. Keep The Bike Inside The Garage Or Shed

The Garage Or the shed is another best optioned you can keep your bike. If you have one for your assets, you need to store the bikes inside there too. Ensure the bikes are locked in the garage and the doors are correctly locked as well.

4. Keeping your bike in the garden or yard

You can store the bike in the yard area or inside your garden. The environment is relaxed, and no one can suspect that your motorcycle is stored there. You only need to get the unit for storing bikes and place it inside your garden where the bikes will be safe the entire time you aren’t using them.

5. Lock Your Gate Compound

Whenever you are at home even relaxing, you should always make sure your compound hates are locked. This will give you freedom of leaving your bike outside for a while before you go again. It is a safety measure when you have just arrived at home, and you want to move.


When keeping the bike safe, ensure that it is all the time locked well either when you are at work, outside the home, or at home. The above tips will give you a full idea of what it entails to ensure your bike is locked properly and safe from thieves.


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