How to Secure Sliding Glass Door

How to Secure Sliding Glass Door: 5 Effective Tips

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Glass doors are one of the most popular forms of home and business glazing outside conventional windows. Modern glass doors are constructed from tempered glass. And they are energy-efficient. You can classify them into different types, and they are safe to use on the inside and outside. Glass doors for indoors can be personalized to suit your interior space and personal style. But what you have to be concerned about is how to secure sliding glass doors. Glass doors indoors are not just partitions-they are important and practical components of the architecture of your house. From opaque shower or carved bathroom doors to translucent french doors leading into a dining room or living space, interior glass doors make the rooms feel bigger but also provide privacy

How secure are sliding doors?

Glass sliding doors offer a beautiful complement to your house. But they are the main weakness in defence, too. Even if your daily doors and windows are not covered, you can probably do something about that large glass surface that can be quickly opened or broken from outside.

Attach a double-bolt lock to protect the sliding glass door. This will keep the door from being pulled off its track by an intruder. It is possible to use a portable protection bar or a door barricade to block the door from the inside so it can not be unlocked from the outside.

Best way to secure a sliding glass door :

If you want, then you can try it on your sliding glass door. It’ll help you to see a new experience with your entry.

Tips 1:  Defensive midfielder door lock in security patio

Midfielder door lock is a good one. This is a loop lock intended to fasten the door to the jamb. It consists of a reinforced steel locking bar, and diecast formed mounting plate and guard. The Security Protector is quick to use.

Tips 2. Expert Security Lock Bar

A safety bar is a very useful complement to sliding windows and sliding doors. It effectively stops the sliding panel from externally opening.

The most critical thing to look for when buying a safety bar is the thickness. You want to make sure that when it is locked, it is long enough to reach the width of the sliding door so that the bar can be positioned as a shield.

Tips 3. Barricade with sliding doors

A door barricade is indeed very comparable to that of a safety bar. It similarly protects the door by trying to prevent this from sliding to open. The variation would be that the barricade is a permanent setup. It is screwed up next to the door to the floor. It’s a little better than a bar for convenience because it takes less space.

Tips 4. Develop your privacy

The sliding glass door can be decorated with various materials. That means the alleged intruder won’t be able to see your home’s interior. If a robber doesn’t know what’s inside and whether anyone is inside or not, they’re less likely to enter your house. But if you can see it, including your huge TV and new microwave, then the lure can be too strong to stop. There are two perfect ways to cover the interior; drapes and a modesty film about windows.

Tips 5. Determine flood lights or trap burglars

Burglars prefer to work with insecure homes in the dark. If you are willing to shed a bright light on their jobs, they will find it too dangerous. In this regard, an outdoor floodlight which illustrates the area at the front of the door can do wonderful things. The floodlight needs a movement sensor for detecting when a person or a large animal moves within the sensitive distance. It then flashes the bright light that will remain on for some time, usually about a minute or so.

Which is the better french door or sliding door?

The answer is always your specifications. A sloping patio door is the best choice if you are looking for a cost-effective sliding door which doesn’t take too much room. However, if you would like to look more conventional and have more space, you might have a French sliding door. In any case, for both door models, you can’t go wrong for versatility and energy-saving choices now open.

How do you secure a sliding door from the outside?

Sliding doors do not provide enough protection as opposed to standard doors. They are quick to move off the ground if appropriate protective precautions are not taken. It can be not easy to secure sliding doors, particularly on the outdoor track.

  •  Keep doors locked while no one is present in the building. In warm climatic conditions, sliding doors are normally kept open, but a computer can bypass quickly. The only way to keep the door open is to lock it.
  • If there is an obsolete lock in the sliding door, replace it with one new. Usually, sliding doors work with a traditional hook lock which is pushed open with enough power. It would help if you substituted the bolt with conventional lock, but require patience and caution to do so.
  • Get a rivet stick, or position it between handles and framework of the inside lock. Make sure that the dowel is sufficiently long to hold a door handle once it has closed its doors. If the door’s track is inside, the stick may only drop into that direction, and if the order is outside, the bar should be higher to avoid any handle movement.

By following this article and all of the points that we attached in this article, you can keep your sliding door secure and fine.

End Note

Exterior doors may be constructed of large panels mounted in a frame, such as those used for sliding doors and storm doors, or made of materials such as hardwood, metal or plastic, of curved mirrors placed within the door.

We mentioned this article how you could secure your sliding door, secure sliding door from outside etc. So enjoy your sliding door without hazard. 

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