Is breathing ionized air safe (2)

Is Breathing Ionized Air Safe?

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As we know, ionizers are super beneficial for cleansing the air in your home, or wherever you operate it. In return, the purified air keeps your respiratory system and overall health healthy and refreshed. Ion generators do it by utilizing ionized particles and dispersing negative ions.

But the question arises when you are getting this purification with electricity, is breathing ionized air safe?

Since the ionization is done inorganically with electrically charged molecules, so they possess a bit of harm to human beings. Like every man-made creation, the ionizers also have a major negative side which is to be considered.

Is Breathing Ionized Air Safe

Is breathing ionized air safe? What causes harm?

Ion generators are artificial, so they eliminate ozone gas into the air. Not just that ozone is bad for the environment but is also harmful to your health. The unnatural occurring of negative ions through the ionizer eliminates this toxic ozone gas. Therefore, excessive usage of ionizers can prove dangerous for health.

Even if you can’t feel the intangible ozone, but when inhaled for a long time, it slowly damages your respiratory organs. As a result, you will be left with chest pain, shortness of breath, heavy coughing, and other respiratory issues.

Why is ozone harmful?

From our childhood, we have been taught how the ozone layer is the savior of the world. It stops the harmful UV rays from entering the earth’s atmosphere. However, it is a savior until it is on the earth’s stratosphere. When the ozone is produced on the ground unnaturally, that’s when the problem arises.

While the ionizers disperse negative ions, they strategically emit ozone gas in the atmosphere too. Ozone consists of 3 atoms of oxygen that are harmful to the human body while inhaled, while oxygen itself contains two.

Does every ionizer release ozone gas?

Unfortunately yes, every electric ionizer produces ozone gas. Some emit in small quantities and some in large. When the very fast ionizer was invented, it used to emit a dangerous quantity of ozone gas, which was not acceptable at all. Though its purification system was great, it was underweighted by the harm it used to cause.

Hence, no law regulates according to which an ionizer can emit ozone. Even if the emission in modern ionizers is way lower than the previous ones, yet the concern is still present there. According to the FDA, now ionizer manufacturers have to look at whether their machines don’t produce more than 50 ppb of ozone gas. However, this figure is variable in different countries.

What is the fix for the dilemma of ‘whether to buy or not to buy an ionizer’?

We know the benefits of an ionizer are too good to let go of. Who won’t want improved air quality, improved sleep, mood, or depression? However, the confusion can get you when you drown in the concerns relating to ion generators.

If you are direly in need of an ion generator, then buy the one which has an ozone detector. These types of ion generators will auto-sense excessive ozone emissions. As a result, it will suppress and prevent further high emissions that are contaminating your air.

However, most modern ionizers already have such a feature. So you have to look for the right one and invest in it accordingly.

Is an ionizer worth it considering this side-effect?

When you have to attain something inorganically, you ought to receive some potential negativity to enjoy its benefits. Therefore, the decision is yours whether you want to enjoy the freshness in the air with a few side-effects or just let it be.

Eventually, we breathe a lot of harmful gases all around. Starting such as carbon emissions from vehicles to our home appliances. So, this much ozone gas won’t be harmful keeping in mind the limit of usage. If you use it unlimited 24/7, then slowly it will catch you as prey.

Fortunately, modern ionizers are manufactured thinking about the hazards users have to face. They emit very limited ozone, but they still do. So, you have to take note of the usage, especially if you have babies and the elderly in the house.

Bottom Line

Since the decision is yours, we won’t recommend you to buy an ionizer. Your survey, do research, and find yourself the most suitable ionizer for your home. Make sure that its benefits outweigh the possible harm it does. Buy the most ozone-effective ionizer you can find for the safety of your family and the environment.