Kwikset SmartCode 909 electronic deadbolt

Kwikset SmartCode 909 Reviews: Is it Worth Buying?

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Kwikset 909 SmartCode electronic deadbolt is top security technology. It provides a key-less entry where you enter personalized codes on a touch-pad to open doors. The device has a backlit keypad that enhances visibility to minimize errors. It runs on 4 AA batteries that last for a long.

Kwikset Smartcode 909 is one of the best in the market and user-friendly, and you can install it without the assistance of a professional. You can program the codes and use the device right away. For enhanced safety, the system also contains a smart key backup plan.

The deadbolt provides you with a means to lock your doors by pressing buttons. Thus, it is convenient for you as it enhances efficiency. You are unlikely to forget to close your doors.

You do not require the assistance of an expert to operate and run a SmartCode locking device. You can comfortably install all the components and set up an access code. It guarantees you top security and keyless entry to a room.

Kwikset SmartCode 909 Deadbolt Reviews

Kwikset smartcode 909 reviewKwikset SmartCode 909 Reviews: Is it Worth Buying?

Features :

  • Key-less entry– the device provides a key-less entry to a room. Instead of using keys, you can press a customized code to gain access.
  • Back-lit keypad with a specific lock button- you can access a back-lit keypad with six digits to aid you in setting up code and operating the lock., You can also access a dedicated lock button. You should always press the button when leaving your home. The door will automatically lock.
  • Sleek metal device- For security, the device has a tamper-proof cover. The sleek metallic design protects the lock and ensures it appears unique.
  • Auto-lock feature- if you are in a hurry and forget to lock your door, you can always use the auto-lock feature. You can configure your device to auto-lock after a few seconds.

Buying Kwikset SmartCode 909 auto lock is a sure means of improving security in a home. The device is tamper-resistant, and no intruder can gain access to a room without consent. However, one will have to part with additional costs to buy the product.

The device has an auto-lock feature. Therefore, if you tend to forget to lock your door, you can configure a setting to auto-lock the door. However, this feature is only convenient when leaving your home. It can cause delays if you are moving in and out of a room.

Installing the lock is a simple task. You can assemble all the components within a short period. The device also comes at an affordable rate, and it is worth every penny.


You want something safe, easy to use and performs very well years after years. In that sense, the Kwikset 909 is what you are looking for.

I’m yet to find any problem with this fine electronic deadbolt after using it for months. It didn’t create any trouble neither mechanical nor electrical. The one-touch feature works perfectly, and entering the code is as easy as to snatch a lollipop from a baby’s hand.

Inside the door, I like the flashing light that lets you know if the lock has been locked down. Understanding the LED color of the lock is very easy, orange tells you that the lock is activated, green tells you that the door is currently unlocked.

If someone has to complain about something, the lock is noisy, it does not make any noise when using a key or flipping the handle of the hoist from the inside, but it is noisy when you close it and can be a problem with a thinner door. The noise lasts only a second, but you may hear it.

Ease of use

Kwikset 909 is finely made to ensure that people can close their houses properly and keep it safe without calling the locksmith in case of error. Besides, it has an auto-lock function of 30 seconds, which means it locks automatically.

Also, if someone enters the wrong key three times, the alarm sounded. You, as the owner, have control over this and more, allowing you to configure the system the way you want.

It comes with a backlit keyboard for easy access at night, internal LED lights tell you whether to lock, while smart key technology, meaning you’ll never have to call the locksmith again.

When you leave the home, you press the central “lock” button, which will put the deadbolts locked.

There is also a normal keyhole if you want to use normal keys, but in my case, this is complete of no use. The beauty of key codes is that you never need to save another key!

 Initially, I feared the battery would run out and get stuck outside, but I was glad to see that the battery lasted about a year, if I remember correctly. Also, it will give you a low battery warning much earlier, so you’ll know how to change it.

The lock is powered by a 4 AA battery and can be accessed by sliding the lock inside the panel.

You don’t have to worry about the installation and configuration. It is made for all general people.


Yes, durability should be your top priority for any safety device. And for Kwikset 909, you don’t have to worry about that.

It is made of stainless steel and finishes with nickel so that rust can never touch your lock. The stainless steel is hard enough to make it break-proof.

As it gets locked down if you enter the wrong key code 3 times, you don’t need to be afraid of breakers who put random codes to unlock. And the others depend on the strength of your entrance.


You may find that the price of 909 is certainly 2 to 3 times higher than the standard Kwikset deadlock with smart features. However, it is one of the most affordable smart locks. You won’t think about the money after using it router or smartphone, it is very convenient if you constantly enter and leave your front entrance every day.

We have compared other smart locks on the same price range but they were not even close. Certainly, the Kwikset is giving you more than others for the price.

The biggest difference between Kwikset 909 and most other electronic bolts is that the Kwikset has an engine, and most other deadbolts get opened by entering the correct key code, then you still have to turn the deadbolt on the knob, and still, this one is cheaper than most others!

Kwikset SmartCode 909 Programming and Installation Guide

Kwikset manufactures a complete line of smart locks, death columns, and related equipment. Installing a single drum Smartcode on the exterior entrance provides reliable protection in an attractive and compact lock. Thanks to brushed brass, brushed brass, bronze, and chrome, you can find a deadbolt lock for installation on any existing door device, and complete installation is a simple procedure.

Step 1

Look at the line in the middle of the edge of the door at the correct height with a tape measure and a pencil. Mannequins are usually installed about 6-8 inches above the handle or lever.

Step 2

Fold the design template that comes with the smart code 909 electronic deadbolt locks onto the door edge line and places it so that the edge of the door matches the centerline. Point to the center points of the holes for the holes on the edge and the lock cylinder on both sides. Use regular or central drills to push through the groove cone to penetrate the door surface.

Step 3

Drill a cylindrical hole with a tapered hole with a drill mounted on a 2/8 inch circular saw. Align the hole with one of the center lines indicated on the front of the door and inside the hole until you enter the end of the saw at the back of the door. Remove the saw from the groove and finish cutting the groove on the other side of the door to reduce surface fragments.

Step 4

Drill the bolt on the edge. Align the drill bit horizontally at the point specified for the center of the slide using a 7/8 inch drill. It penetrates the door until the threaded hole passes through the previously drilled hole in the cylinder.

Step 5

Insert the valve assembly into the hole drilled in step 4 so that the front panel of the valve fits snugly against the edge. Align the front panel with the side and cut the outside line of the front panel to the edge with a tool knife.

Step 6

Cut the entrance to the front of the slider along the edge of the door with a 1/2 inch wooden chisel. Cut the lace about 1/8 inch until the edges align with the edge of the surface.

Step 7

Install the sliding bolt on the edge and secure the front panel with two screws provided.

Step 8

Place the outer cylinder to lock the screw into the outer hole of the cylinder by inserting a flat key into the groove against the sliding screw, keeping the cylinder in place.

Step 9

Place the inner latch assembly on the inner surface of the door by inserting the flat key into the corresponding hole in the sliding bolt while pressing the latch assembly.

Step 10

Connect the thumb latch and the outer lock cylinder to the door, insert the screws into the lock base and fasten it to the outer lock cylinder. Tighten the installation bolts to the terminal.

Step 11

Locate the middle line of the slider screw on the door support by closing the door and turning the latch to push the screw towards the door support.

Step 12

Click on the plate to install the screws on the surface of the substrate, and it will appear in the recommendation stage, a step from the middle line 11. Select a pencil on the outer edge of the plate and click on the inner edge of the hole to decrypt the surface of the substrate.

Step 13

Drill a hole with a diameter of 7/8 inch on the jamb surface in the center of the hole for the bolt marked in step 12. Drill a deep hole about 1 inch.

Step 14

Cut the rhythm on the universal stand with a knife, then use Azmila 1/2 inch to reduce the thickness of the plate to the surface, to maintain the rhythm quickly.

Step 15

Place the bolt plate into the metal cup and press the cup into a 7/8 inch diameter hole. Attach both parts to the jamb with two screws.

Step 16

Remove the bolt assembly. If necessary, the Kwikset 909 installation procedure is modified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Many people consider prices when buying lock products. Is it worth its market price?

-A Kwikset electronic deadbolt comes in a pocket-friendly package. It is cheaper than most smart locks.

  • Many individuals worry about performance. Will a smart lock product fail in the future?

-A Kwikset electronic deadbolt has qualities that contribute to durability. Its sleek metal design provides resistance to external damages.

  • Is it user-friendly and easy to install?

-Using a smart lock device is simple. Installing the product is straightforward. Programming does not take a lot of time.


  • It is easy to set up.
  • Easy to use in low-light areas.
  • Locked or unlocked is easily determined by different switch flash colors.
  • Easily operate by Kwikset App.


  • It doesn’t include required AA batteries.


Overall, you can shop for Kwikset  909 SmartCode electronic deadbolt with fantastic features such as a back-lit keypad and auto-lock settings. Its affordable price is a bargain in the market considering its high performance. You can shop for the device if you are anticipating boosting security within your home.

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