Kwikset smartcode 913 Review

An Honest Review of the Kwikset Smartcode 913

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Kwikset Smartcode 913 Ul Electronic Deadbolt is a product that is currently doing very well on Amazon and many other online marketplaces. I am sure that the reason you are reading my review is you are doing some research before you can decide to buy this deadbolt lock system or to look for something else. If that is correct, congratulations on coming to the right place!

kwikset smartcode 913 reviewAn Honest Review of the Kwikset Smartcode 913

What is Kwikset Smartcode 913?

Kwikset 99130-001 SmartCode 913 is a motorised, and one-touch locking deadbolt system which is BHMA Grade 2 certified and UL certified of 20 minutes fire resistance. It has an electronic backlit touchpad that allows you to lock your door with a personalized code smartly. That said, this advanced lock system allows you to enter your home keyless or by simply unlocking your door with an efficient traditional key. With a keyless entry option, all you have to do is enter your personalized code to open your door.

Included in the package are; interior assembly, exterior keypad, mounting plate, latch, Allen wrench, dual keys, adapter ring, SmartKey tool, strike, and a set of fasteners.

I am going to describe Kwikset 99130, tell you three good reasons to buy this product, and look at a few pros as well as cons to it before summarizing with my final thoughts. That said, let’s get straight to it, beginning with the description:

Top 3 Main Reasons to Buy Kwikset 913 SmartCode

1. To enhance the security for your home with an unbreachable deadbolt system. It has a dedicated lock button and auto-lock feature, this advanced lock system will ensure nobody can unlock your door without your code.

2. This product, which many users have praised, even on Amazon, offers great convenience. For example, JP, a user who left a 5-star rating for it on Amazon, pointed out the convenience of not having to deal with metal keys, one of the key reasons that led him to buy the lock.

3. The smart lock is a cheaper alternative compared to other keyless lock systems. That said, another main reason to purchase this product is to save money. Who does not want to save money after all?

Features Of Kwikset 99130 SmartCode

  • Traditional key functionality and a keyless entry option.
  • Auto-lock feature.
  • 10-digit backlit keypad with a dedicated lock button.
  • One-touch locking.
  • 16 presents user codes with an option to personalize user code.
  • Sleek metal design with a polished brass finish.
  • Smart re-key technology with bump guard protection.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
Kwikset smartcode 913 Review


As a prudent buyer, the first question you will ask yourself is; how durable is this product? The Kwikset 913 one-touch locking motorized deadbolt. The lock system will serve you for a lifetime once you install it on your door. This is evidenced by the polished brass finish that is designed to avoid fading or wearing out over time. Not to mention the resilient keypad buttons that will not wear out over time. The lock itself will continue to work great despite how long you have used it!

Ease of Use

This product comes with a backlit keypad with easy to press buttons, not to mention up to 16 preset codes to unlock the door. All you have to do is to enter your system and press ”Enter” to enter your home. Plus, you can easily personalize your code anytime you want for increased security. 


Another question you will ask yourself before buying is; does this lock fit my door? While this product does not fit all does, it fits the majority of doors, including those that measure up to 1-3/8″ – 2″ thick. You can see the sizing specifications and product images in the chart included. 


  • With your personalized code, you can enter your home with the convenience of keyless entry, and the back-lit keypad provides increased visibility.

  • The Kwikset smart deadbolt lock is easy to install. This feature installs in minutes with just a screwdriver. You do not need new holes or carry out any hardwiring. Plus, the package comes with a quick installation video to walk you through the easy steps of installing this keyless lock system.

  • Four AA batteries power it. With that, you do not have to worry about power outages. Whether there is electricity or not, your SmartCode will continue to work.

  • It provides extra security for your home with a dedicated lock button and auto-lock feature. With that, you can be sure that nobody will be able to tamper with your lock to open the door. This lock is tamper-proof, giving users peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe, even when they are many miles away from home.

  • The polished brass finish(which does not fade over time) enhances the traditional look as well as the feel of the product, making a classic statement. It is a great way to improve your exterior design, making your home look stunning.


  • Apart from the fact that this lock is only suitable for thicker doors, I did not see anything not to like about it. But the extra thickness ensures the lock is ultra-strong and unbreakable.

Kwikset SmartCode 913 Installation Guide

The procedure for setting up and installing it is explained in this chapter.

  1. Remove The Deadbolt
    The deadbolt which is installed at the door !just first be removed which is about removing some screws from the faceplates lock in your home’s indoor area. When the screws are removed, then deadbolt will be apart from where you will be required to separate both inside and outside deadbolt portions so that the entire thing is pretty removed from the doorway. Here, you can decide to tap into it using the mallet so it can get loosened faster if you realize it doesn’t get off quickly.

    After that, remove our latch and if the deadbolt is due to Kwikset, then use the current latch which will help you to make it remain installed since it resembles that with a smart lock. When There is a need for removing the existing latch, you can remove screws that hold the latch then pull it straight out.

  2. Have The SmartCode 913 Installed

    When you don’t already have a door latch, you can install a new one where you will slide your latch at the appraise ensuring its middle hole becomes at the center directly to the door hole. When this doesn’t happen, remove your lock, rotate it to 180 degrees where you still hold at the original deadbolt, so that the middle hole position can be changed.

    You can re-insert the latch by ensuring that latch faces up. From the inner side of your door, you can then place your lock where you feed your cable underneath your latch then insert your turn for at the middle hole latch. At the outer side, you need to place your mounting plate on the hole then feed the cable inside it and make sure you secure it towards other locks with two bolts like the kit. It will ensure your door holds that lock in place.

    Ensure the cable is connected at the lock keypad side towards the mechanism where all excess cables are tucked inside the extra available space.


1. Does Kwikset 913 work with Alexa?

Answer: It Doesn’t work with Alexa.

2.  How do you change the batteries on a Kwikset lock?

Answer: Turn interior locks bolt to the vertical position. There is a screw on left side of the body and remove it by wrench. After removing screw pull out the battery cover from the main body.  Separate the battery compartment from lock body. There will 4 slot of AA batteries. Change the non-rechargeable AA batteries and repeat the process inversely. 

Final words

The Kwikset 99130 is a quality product with value for money. If you are looking for an advanced lock with keyless entry, this is the product to go with. Plus, it is easy to install, durable, and adds to your exterior design. I do recommend this product for what it is worth.

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