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Master Lock 178d Reviews

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Are you tired of carrying keys wherever you go? You should because we are in a world where everything is now plugged and play. Just like the other activities in our lives, you have to combat the security of your properties smartly. The Master Lock 178d is your ideal solution, with it, you will be sure that your items are safe.

The Top three Reasons to Buy:

1. The lock ensures that your valuables are safe and secure.

2. It can resist drilling to some extent.

3. You can extensively use them indoor and outdoor hence protect your bike or valuables from theft.

master lock 178d ReviewMaster Lock 178d Reviews

Key Features of Master Lock 178d:

1. It has a 2 inch (51mm) wide solid body.

2. Accepts shackle diameter up to 5/16(8 mm).

3. It has four wheels at the bottom.

4. Made from a hardened steel shackle.

Compatibility and Versatility

This combination lock may be an excellent solution to provide you with a feeling of security.
It is a tough job to break this combination in moments, but you may think is that this tiny lock secure enough?

This padlock is among the best padlocks in the market today. To satisfy your interest here we have decided to find out either this Master lock combination lock is active or not.
Master lock padlock highlighted with the like 3 and four-digit combination lock.


Strong Metal Construction

This lock is made from a high-grade metal. The cylinder has not got a leak which can boost the lock picker with a drill.
It is expertly designed to keep the thieves for a long time before the owner becomes alerted.

What If You Don’t Remember The Combination?

There is a great chance you to forget the combination of the lock after a restless day.
Master lock played securely here. People have got the combination reset key to assist one out from an awkward position.
You only require to keep it with yourself. It is not significant and also hard like some keys to remaining in the regular pouch.

Ease of use

It is a solid lock that has got thousands of combinations and also durable metal construction.
It is common in the gyms to keep the lockers efficiently as it does require any key.
Not just the indoor utility you can likewise use them for free services like for bikes at the doors.

master lock 178d info


You have the opportunity to set your 4 digit combination from among the available 10,000 options.

It comes with a separate tool that helps in setting a combination.

It can be used for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

The body, as well as the shackle arms, is solidly built. This, therefore, helps in keeping away the lock pickers and the burglars from planning to break it down.

It is very easy to read; this is because the numbers are in black and have a golden brass background.

It is made from hardened steel which helps in preventing the formation of rust.

It is light in weight and has moderate dimensions; hence it is easy to handle.

The hardened steel shackle is also cut resistant.

It is heavy hence provides the feel of security.

There is a provision of a limited lifetime warranty.


Its pricing structure is surprising; this is because it does not provide discounts on buying larger packs as other products do.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can 178d be used for outdoor purposes?

Answer: Yes, they are definitely for outdoor usage, the lock has been installed in gates and is great. They do not rust and great quality product.

2. How do I reset the combination of Master Lock 178d?

Answer: You can do this by using the key that comes along with the lock. If it happens that you lose your key, you can seek the help of a locksmith, and it is not costly.

3. Is Master Lock good for freezing temperatures?

Answer: It can withstand the cold just fine; however, it can be somehow difficult to open it with gloves on.

4. How much does this weight?

Answer: 230 grams (around 8 ounces ).


Security is a basic need, and for you to live peacefully, you need a lock. Although a lock may not be enough to provide you with the safety that you need, at least it gives a feeling that you are free from danger. For external uses, it is the best. Master Lock has eliminated the need for a key. If you forget about the combination, you do not have to worry, you only need to have access to the reset key, and all your worries will be gone.

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