Master Lock Universal Trailer Coupler Lock 389DAT Review

Your vehicles, including boats, trailers, mobile homes, and campers, are quite a substantial investment. You hence require to get a reliable and dependable way of keeping them secure regardless of whether they are towed, hitched, or sitting without being used. Unattended trailers are an easy target for thieves and buglers.

Master Lock Universal Trailer Coupler Lock 389DAT Review

Locks can help you to a great deal when it comes to keeping these properties secure. By investing in trailer locks, you will keep your vehicle trailer secure even when you are not around to look it.

However, there are so many types of locks today in the market, making it hard for you to choose the perfect one for your needs. Master Lock Universal Trailer Coupler Lock 389DAT is the best trailer lock in terms of their construction reliability and manufacturer trustworthiness. Here is an exclusive master lock trailer lock review.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Master Lock 389DAT

The Master Lock has maintained an excellent reputation in the locking system industry from way back in 1921. Master Lock 389DAT has lived up to the expectations and excellent quality of the master lock and has even taken it a little further than the regular trailer locks.

The lock gives you the best value for the money you will use to purchase it. You are probably wondering why you should purchase master lock 389 DAT and leave the rest of the choices available. Some of the top reasons to buy this lock include:

  • An advanced locking mechanism that resists picking
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Universal and versatile lock

Features of Master Lock 389DAT

Master lock coupler lock 389DAT offers you more features than you could imagine. The bright red design is one of the most loved features of this lock. The outer red finish offers you a clear signal that keeps your trailer well protected. More so, this master lock goes beyond enhancing security by providing the advanced locking mechanisms. These mechanisms are effective in preventing thieves from prying or picking from your trailer.

The keys are unique to a single master lock for maximum security. You cannot use the keys interchangeably for different locks. It comes with a keyway cover that keeps dirt and moisture away from the lock.


This lock is highly durable with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and terrain. The lock body has been made in such a way that it gives you a guarantee of being resistant to corrosion and rust. It will neither crack nor break. It’s enduring and suitable metal constructions offer great durability.

Ease of Use

You will have no problem in using this trailer lock to give its ease of use. It has an easy installation and removal process to make sure you have no difficulties in using it. Once you familiarize yourself with it, you will set it up in no time. As compared to other trailer locks, this one you only need to insert the lock steel bar into the trailer coupler and push the locking bar in.


Master lock trailer lock 389DAT is the best option in case you own multiple trailers because of its compatibility. The master lock is versatile, a reason why many customers flock to this lock. Being a universal lock, it is compatible with different trailer couplings hence providing a snug secure fit on different sized couplings.

It can accommodate several sizes of coupler such as 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″ Couplers. This makes it a universal size fit. This feature is important for users who have different trailers. You will also not require to buy a new lock when you purchase another trailer as you can always reuse this master lock.

Visibility and Elegance

The master lock trailer lock has an elegant design with an outer bright red color. Apart from adding a bit of elegance to your trailer, the red color improves further visibility for you. This way, there will be reduced chances of anybody messing with your trailer. The lock gives you superb security and ergonomic usage.


  • Rugged and tough lock

  • Immune to corrosion and rust due to its ergonomic coating

  • Smooth and easy key access

  • Resistant to picking and prying by thieves

  • It has a deterring and imposing look of bright red color to deter theft

  • Manufactured by a highly reputable brand that has a history of making outstanding products.


  • Given a reasonable amount of time, a sledgehammer can break the lock

  •  It has no specific opening sizes that are available to help predict the coupler fitting.

Final Words

It is essential for every trailer owner to have the top best trailer lock. Otherwise, you can never camp peacefully as your hitch will not be well protected, and you may end up waking up empty-handed. Master lock 389DAT should be the top choice as you go out to purchase a trailer lock.

This trailer lock is a prime example of a high-quality lock; rugged, simple to use, durable, etc. it is affordable too. Now you can have peace of mind that your cargo is safe wherever you leave it.

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