4 digit combination lock

4 Digit Combination Lock: Great protector for lockers!

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When it comes to selecting the best padlock; whether it is for school and employee locker, gym, sports, storage fence, and hasp, 4 digit combination lock by Desired Tools has often been favored because of several reasons.

So, when it comes to selecting the ideal lock for your project, you do not have to be stressed out because this is exactly what you should go for. Below are some of the things you should know about this lock.

4 DIGIT COMBINATION LOCK4 Digit Combination Lock: Great protector for lockers!

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The top three reasons to buy 4 digit combination lock by desired tools

1. It helps in providing your valuables with security.

2. They provide their buyers with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

3. It is good for gyms so fitness centers should opt for this.

4 Digit Combination Lock Features

1. Made from weatherproof zinc alloy as well as plated steel.

2. 4 digits resettable combination.

3. Versatile application.

4. Lock 10, 000 combination locks.

4 Digit Combination Lock features

How to set 4 digit combination:

Desired Tools padlocks are very user-friendly and easy to use. Its combination set up procedure is simple too. Here we presented a combination set up procedure.

How to set combination of 4 digit combination lock


It provides great usability; it is good for outdoor and indoor use. Hence it is very significant when it comes to security, and they can easily retrofit into any project.

It is durable and constructed with weatherproof material hence can stand any kind of weather.

It provides a wide range of lock combinations; hence it makes it harder for the thief to guess the right code.

It is very easy to use; programming is not as hard as you may think. If you happen to forget the combination, you just need to turn the key that came with the  digital combination lock and reset to a combination that you can easily remember.


Keeping track of more than a few is hard because it has a lot of combinations. This issue mostly affects gyms, schools, and places with lockers more than 50. However, this problem can be easily dealt with by using a computer system to help in keeping track of the locker number as well as combinations.

The passwords are not pre-generated; therefore, you have to make sure that you come up with a unique password to be certain that your locker is surely secure.

Single key reset, and it is the only way you can use to reset your combination in case you forget apart from calling a locksmith. Therefore, you should make sure that it is always in a safe place where losing it is impossible.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I do if I forget my combination?

You can use the reset key which comes along with the padlock; if that is impossible, then you can also call a locksmith to give you a hand.

2. Does it come with a pre-generated password?

No, it does not have a pre-generated password, this means that you have to generate a unique password by yourself, and you have to make sure that it is as unique as possible.

3. Is this digit combination lock weatherproof?

Yes, the lock is weatherproof and mostly designed for indoors but can as well be used outdoors.


4 digit combination locks are some of the most secure locks available in the market. No matter your need, you can be sure that your locker, gym, sports, storage fence, and hasp are safe if you use this lock. The Desired tools padlock is cheap, sturdy as hell and durable, this Desired tools padlock is a great piece of steel for those who are looking for something to hold on to in the long run.

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