Schlage Camelot Handleset

A Review on Schlage Camelot Handleset Deadbolt

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The Schlage Camelot Handleset is combining with elegance and security in such a way that it is sure to turn the plain front door into a piece of statement. It contains a Grade 1 certified piece and BHMA most appropriate is in Residential Security, Finish rating, and durability.

It is a simple process to install using the simple tool which is a Phillips screwdriver. Never mind about patching on door re-drilling. This happened courtesy of patented through bolts that will be allowing you to slide the Handleset in an up and down movement.

Ensure you are pairing it with Schlage’s levers or traditional knobs to help in completing the transformation of the front door.

SCHLAGE CAMELOT HANDLESET DEADBOLT ReviewA Review on Schlage Camelot Handleset Deadbolt

Top Three Main Reasons To Buy Schlage Camelot Handleset

1. Security

The Handleset is very strong and therefore will assure you of safety at night. You will not have to worry about who may break the door.

2. Affordable

It is cheap to buy, and therefore people from all classes can afford to buy it. All you need is sacrificing some little cash to purchase it.

3. Strong

Schlage Camelot single cylinder handleset is powerful, and therefore, thieves cannot break into the house quickly. It will make noise and will wake you up in time to alert security officers.

Performing Features of Schlage Camelot Handleset

Deadbolt containing professional Grade 1 Security.

Lifetime finish warranty and limited mechanical.

A one-tool installation that helps in installing using a screwdriver.

Patented through-bolts sliding up and down, so there is no need of patching/re-drilling the door.

Technical Specifications

Is providing a double option latch which has a drive-in and a double corner

Applications bearing multi-family entrance and residential single.

Trim which is exposed and outside trims. Solids are containing forged handlesets brass, wrought brass bearing trim rings containing concealed security inserts. The inside trim has levers with the zinc-based plate to help in matching the indicated finishes.

It has trims that are exposed. They have outside trim. Handlesets have solid forged brass. The wrought brass is having trim rings having inserts with concealed security. Besides, it bears inside trims. Levers are zinc-based plated to help them in matching the indicated finishes.

Keying. It is containing an FS- series handleset which is holding a 5-pin tumbler bearing two keys for every lock.

It contains a range of indoor thickness.

It contains a backset. Universal deadbolts and latches are capable of fitting in back sets.

It has security inserts and trims rings. It is containing FA-series and F-series handlesets which they use in furnishing using wrought brass cylinder trimming rings. The bottle cutting rings are made secure using tapered die-cast security insertion, which is well installed under the trimming ring to help it in resisting prying or wrenching the cylinder unit.

Schlage Sense WIFI Adapter

In reference to Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt and Handles, we are also getting a Schlage sense using a WIFI adapter to help in rounding out the kit. One thing which you need to know is that this home is super smart. This is implying we are using Apple Homekit in close relation with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Many people want the Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt to help in working with all the smart assistants though with time; it has turned out that this is not possible. The WIFI adapter is making it possible for the non-WIFI deadbolt to be connecting to WIFI – which is connected to items such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, there will be a need for making decisions on what you want to become.

It is highly connected to Homekit since there will be the need of resetting it and completing the set-up procedure using a WIFI adapter. Because HomeKit is the leading smart system, there has been a decision to leaving the intelligent lock on the network. Schlage managed to make it very easy to help in setting up the adapter even though it is built to help in plugging directly into a power outlet and afterward setting it up with smartphones aid.

Types of Handleset

Single-cylinder Handlesets

The single-cylinder Handlesets are unlocked/locked with a key that is in the exterior and unlocks/locked from the private home containing thumb turn.

Dummy Handleset

If you are having a double front door with one of the sides being inactive and the other active, you will require a two handle sets combination. For the sake of the active team, you will need a double/single Handleset.

For the inactive door’s sake, you will be after ordering a dummy Handleset. This will be giving you a look that has a full working set but not containing all the various mechanisms. It is therefore very active for use in the inactive door.


· It is cheap

· It is secure


· Fixation requires experts


If you wish to protect your residence, the family, and its belongings, the easiest way of accomplishing this is upgrading to a smart lock such as Handleset+Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. The kit is containing a straightforward installation process, and it is working understandable and straightforward.

You are having the capability of monitoring locks activity so that you are always aware when various individuals are going and coming into your home. Therefore, you will still be making sure that the house is locked up. Though this kind of door is an investment, the price is small as it will assure you of safety and also peace of mind.

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