Schlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt Review

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Security is one thing that everybody wants to live assured of. In these modern days, technology has invented devices that can be used for security. People have started adopting the use of keyless deadbolts to lock their doors. One of these modern deadbolts is the Schlage connect Z-wave Camelot touchscreen deadbolt.

Schlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt ReviewSchlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt Review

Features of Schlage connect Z-wave Camelot deadbolt:

It has a touch screen keypad. This gives the convenience of not having to carry keys all the time meaning you can use your special key codes to lock and unlock your door.

Schlage Z wave has the technology for automatic connection to your home. This feature allows you to monitor your home regardless of where you are. This is achieved by connecting this deadbolt to your smartphone for easy monitoring.

It comes with an audible alarm sensor. The alarm can alert you in case there is an intruder trying to gain access to your home and still, you can be able to know how many people went in and out of your home.

Three alert modes which can be easily switched.

It is made with high-quality durable materials that are rustproof and do not wear easily

Reasons to buy Schlage z-wave connect

This deadbolt is one that every person intending to have high-security measures should consider buying.

The Schlage Connect Alexa is a smart door lock. The touch screen is fingerprint-resistant meaning nobody can ever have a guess at your lock code.

It has a wide range of designs and finishes so you can easily select what fits your door and is also compatible with other devices that can add more security to your door such as the Alexa voice control from Amazon. It fits standard door thickness.

The lock is ANSI grade-1 certified rating. Also, the deadbolt is a great choice when you need to get an alert when there is an activity at the door since it features a built-in alarm sensor.

Now that we all know what to see let’s look at the actual lock. As with Schlage Sense, this beast is  4.5 x 5.1 x 9.2 inches from your door and looks clean. The device installation process is simple with a simplified and very streamlined operating guide, although significant, non-conforming components may require a small amount of trial and error for proper installation.

Because this model of the Connect doesn’t have its application to install. You do not require to use the smart home system to utilize the intelligent lock function.

All programming can be done by precise coding using the numeric keypad on the front panel of the lock, and its primary purpose is to add and remove PIN codes. You can also configure other settings, such as turning off the alarm, turning on automatic lock, and returning to factory settings from the keyboard.


So far, we couldn’t find any performance problem in Schlage Camelot, and should last for many years because of the ANSI grade-1 rating of the lock. ANSI Grade-1 is the most standard and highest rating any lock can get. To obtain this rating, the lock has to endure 10 strikes of 75 pounds and go through a million open and close. See this is tough!

Schlage Connect is reliable and easy to use the deadbolt. To open the door from outside, simply tap the Schlage logo at the top of the touch screen and enter your four to eight-bit access code; now you are to enter your sweet home.

Lock it on exit, just press the external Schlage button, it will lock and the green checkmark will flash once. If it does not work, the red big X sign will appear. You can also activate the automatic lock function, which locks automatically after 30 seconds of opening the door. This is helpful if you are forgetful like me.

The deadbolt runs on four AA batteries and does not drain up before a year. There is an alarm that goes off before the batteries die. But keeping a backup key might be a smart decision.


As we mentioned above that the Schlage is a certified ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt, you no need to worry about the durability.

The Schlage Camelot z wave has a pick-proof shield to prevent tampering with locks, as well as an anti-matter fingerprint surface that makes home intruders unable to find commonly used codes from finger marks.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the alarm, forcing the alarm to the most sensitive setting. It makes it extra secure than anything else.

The Camelot deadbolt has a built-in alarm system and there are three security options to choose from: active entry, manipulation, and forced entry. In the activity setting, the door beeps two short beeps, a good fit when you’re at home. Alerts, if the lock shows subtle activity, and the Force Entry option provides a clear 3 minutes alert at the same level. So, you don’t need to worry about the intruders.

Ease of Use

The Schlage connect Z wave Camelot deadbolt allows you to use it as a separate lock, or connect it to a Z-wave compatible network to enjoy the smart features of the lock.

If you have already subscribed to a smart home system such as Samsung Smart Things, you just need to register your lock. Just click on the Schlage button, enter your code and click “0″. The checkmark at the bottom left of the lock touch screen will blink green to confirm that it is registered.

Schlage also released Schlage Sense Intelligence, which uses Bluetooth instead of Z-wave and is compatible with Apple’s Home Kit.

And the daily use of the lock is as easy as we have discussed above. Don’t panic about the installation or use of the smart deadbolt, you’ll merely need a couple of minutes to understand the whole process.


We can’t agree more on the issue that the Schlage touchscreen deadbolt costs a bit high. But shouldn’t we count what we are getting for the money? Yes, we do. It comes with some safety features that are born strong and secure enough to keep it on the top.

Another important thing to consider is the design and color. It looks very elegant and comes with different finishes and two trims, beautifying your door to some extent.

End of the day, all we want is security and the Schlage Camelot smart deadbolt will never let you down on this aspect for sure.


One main advantage is that you can control your home from anywhere. Another good factor with the Schlage Z wave door lock is that it helps you do away with carrying keys that might sometimes get lost. You are always assured of access to your home.

It allows up to over 30 personalized user codes so you can give personalize codes for people whom you allow access through your door when not around. You are the one in control of adding or deleting codes from your lock.


One challenge that can be faced with this door lock is the battery. For those in humid areas, the batteries can sometimes become humid therefore causing a fault in functionality.

Frequently asked questions

1. How is the Schlage Z wave deadbolt installed?

Answer: The installation of this door lock is not complicated. As long as you choose the right bolt that fits your door then within a few hours with the use of a screwdriver you can accomplish the task. Furthermore, it comes with a user manual to guide.

2. What happens if the Schlage Z wave door lock battery dies?

Answer: Well, there is a backup key that you can use to unlock your door in such an event. But the battery has light indicators that will alert you when it’s running low.

3. Is Schlage connect compatible with an automated home system?

Answer: This device uses Z wave automation, So it will only work if your home system uses a Z wave.

4. Can I set up different codes for different users in Schlage connect Camelot?

Answer: Yes, you can set different codes for different users.


Schlage Connect Z wave deadbolt lock is one convenient device to up your security since it has features that guarantee that but manufacturers should consider a solution to the battery problem. It is also pocket-friendly and suitable for people who travel a lot away from home.

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