SentrySafe SFW123GDC: An Honest Review

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We use CCTV cameras, scouting cameras, and other home security systems to keep our home safe from intruders. But is it done? What about the sensitive documents, jewelry, guns, or any other valuable belongings?

If your house is secured from intruders, there is still a great chance to get these things damaged by fire or water and even the nosy kids.

If we were you, we would never keep these essential things unprotected. It hampers your mind peace and also results in sleeplessness.

Besides, if they are documents of any kind that need to open frequently, you need to keep them at home. Because it’s not a good idea to rush to the bank or locker every time you need them.

The solution to this problem is to purchase a quality safe that can be used to keep valuables safe. In our opinion, the SentrySafe SFW123GDC fireproof, waterproof safe, do the job with perfection.

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Review

SentrySafe SFW123GDC REVIEWSentrySafe SFW123GDC: An Honest Review

The Top 3 Main Reasons to Buy SFW123GDC Fireproof safe

If you don’t have the time to know in detail about the SentrySafe digital safe, here we have pointed out the top 3 main reasons to buy.

  1. Extra security: security is the main and maybe the only purpose of buying a digital safe. The SFW123GDC has four 1-inch steel bolts that make it super safe. Compare to others, and it is 60% larger than those found on the market.
  2. Proven fire and water resistance: This SentrySafe has established itself several times, surviving in fire and water. It can withstand up to 1 hour in 927 degrees Celsius. It has also passed a 15 ft fall test.
  3. Smart features: This is more of a smart digital safe. It comes with features like a backlit keypad, an LED light inside the safe, a drawer inside for additional privacy, a tray for organizing items.


One of the first things you’ll notice about this fireproof safe, it has four 1-inch steel bolts.  These bolts are 60% larger than those found on the market, making them more durable than other safes.

It has a sturdy lever hinge and a double combination lock and key. It makes it harder even for the smartest thieves to get your valuables.

In case of an accident, everything in this safe will not be damaged in any way.

Four large 1-inch screws

Although we already mentioned at the beginning of this fire safety review that the bolt-on this safe is 60% larger than the conventional ones, we would like to highlight this feature because it increases the safety value of this safe.

Fire and water-resistant

Sentry safe SFW123GDC Fireproof safeThe SentrySafe fireproof safe has advanced fire protection. It is a UL grade fire-resistant, tested to maintain internal safety for at least 1 hour and to last at up to1700˚F (927˚C). It is also an ETL certified waterproof safe that can withstand up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours.

Double combination lock and key

The dual combination of locks and keys makes security harder to break by trained thieves. Easy to set the security code, and there is also an option for secondary locking key for reliable protection. There is a small drawer inside the safe for additional privacy, which can be locked by a key. 

Heavy duty

The SentrySafe medium chest is massive and so uncomfortable that most thieves have difficulty picking it up and taking it off. If they do, it can be accompanied by a lot of screams and oaths.

Many customers mention that it is a lot of pain to bring it home, and you may find that once you find a place, this is not something you often want to move.

But it’s easier to lift and move while still in the box than when you hold the safe yourself, so you might want to hang on the table just in case.

It comes with a bolt drop kit, so once you fix it to your floor, it won’t go anywhere.

Violent attack

If a thief can’t lift the safe, either because it’s screwed, or because it’s too heavy and clumsy, then your remaining option is to attack it with a lever or try to break the combination lock. Another thing this SFW123GDC stands out on is to resist violent attacks.

As mentioned at the beginning, it has non-slip hinges and a 1-inch direct locking steel bolt to stop thieves. We’ve seen many cases where this safe has been attacked, and we’ve never heard of a situation where someone broke into this using brute force.

Sentrysafe SFW123GDC Fireproof safe


1. Can I remove the internal drawer?

Ans: Yes, it is removable. If you want to put it in a different slot, you can also move it up. The drawer can be locked with a key.

2. What is the weight of this safe?

 Ans: It weighs 110 pounds.

3. What type of battery does this safe need?

Ans: It runs on 4 AAA batteries.

4.  Can it be opened when the battery runs out?

Ans: Without batteries, it won’t open. You will need to replace the battery for it to work again.

5. Will condensation occur in the safe?

Ans: No. It comes with a moisture pack. But we recommend ventilating at least once a month. 


  1. Proven fireproof and waterproof
  2. Four large 1-inch steel bolts
  3. Double combination lock
  4. Inside safety drawer
  5. Includes rack or tray
  6. Backlit keypad and LED inside
  7. Withstands drop from 15 ft high
  8. Adjustable interior


  1. The manual book doesn’t recommend for firearms safety
  2. The interior material could have been thicker
  3. The inside may get damp if not opened for weeks

Final words

SentrySafe is an excellent choice for storing your precious things. If you think that you do not need any security at home, ask those who lost everything in the unfortunate event.

Also, if you have kids at home, it’s a good idea to put your ammo and gun into it.

It is a simple safe installation and does not require any professional help. You can easily do it yourself.

Although this is a slightly heavier side to carry, you should see it as an advantage, as any thief who destroys your house will think twice before ruining this bad guy.

Our findings of month-long research say it is an explosion of your buttons and, it is one of the best fireproof safes for home. Get it today!

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