Sigtuna Bike Lock Review

SIGTUNA Bike Lock Review: The Last U Lock Standing!

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Protecting one’s bike is a top priority for all bicycle owners. A reliable bike lock is the single most vital element in the security of your bike. The SIGTUNA bike lock is one of the most trusted bike locks on the market. The lock is well known for its robust security and reliability. This u-lock provides the ultimate protection for your bike so that you can enjoy your bike rides season after season with no security concerns.

SIGTUNA Bike Lock REVIEWSIGTUNA Bike Lock Review: The Last U Lock Standing!SIGTUNA Bike Lock Review: The Last U Lock Standing!

Top 3 reasons to buy Sigtuna Bike Lock 16mm Heavy Duty

  1. Double layer for double protection – there’s a rarely shared secret within the bicycle scene: Ensure that your lock is better than your neighbor’s. How a lock compares to other locks is crucial – a bike thief will most likely go for the weakest lock. The SIGTUNA Lock 16mm provides outstanding protection. This double layer u-lock will scare away thieves, simply by its large size and sturdy appearance. Thieves will most likely go for u-locks with a single layer of security.
  2. Easy and convenient – The sturdy Mounting Bracket is easy to install. Its One-Push release combined with a Velcro Strap makes parking your bike easy and convenient.
  3. Lock your bike on almost anything – This SIGTUNA u-lock fit on poles and fences of various lengths and thickness. You can even lock two bikes with it just in case one of your riding mates did not carry their bike locks. The Flex Cable provides extra versatility allowing you to secure your bicycle on virtually anything.

Features of Sigtuna 16mm Bike Lock

Sigtuna bike lock reviewSuper-sturdy bike lock – This heavy-duty U-lock is made of extra-thick, hardened ABS steel. Its thickness is largely unmatched on the market.

Tried and tested – with multiple certifications, this bike lock will prevent a wide range of attacks ensuring that your bike remains secure.

Double Bolt for Double protection – The u-lock is designed with a Double Bolt Mechanism that firmly secures both sides to the crossbar. This makes it highly resistant to pulling, jacking, and prying.

An extra layer for security – the lock comes with a 1200 mm super-strong Flex Cable that can be used to secure accessories or other belongings. The braided cable can be used in securing several bikes at once.

It is designed with a double bolt mechanism that provides massive holding power.

This premium u-lock comes with a 4-foot, extra-thick Double Loop Steel Cable. The 10mm cable provides extra safety and can be used to secure accessories such as a helmet. The cable can also be used to secure your other belongings. Virtually no thief will want to go through the hassle of dealing with this hyper-security lock.

The lock comes with 3 laser-cut keys so that even if you lose one key, you will still be alright.

Is it easy to carry?

This bike lock is quite heavy due to all of the equipped features. However, its design makes it easier to carry considering its weight.

Is it easy to use?

This lock can easily be installed by simply pushing the Quick-Release button once. The U-lock is released from the bracket easily and quickly. Taking and storing the bike lock can, therefore, be done conveniently.

Is it secured enough?

This lock is made of Viking-strength steel making it the worst nightmare for bike thieves. The extra-hardened steel is then designed into a Double Bolt Locking Mechanism which offers extra protection against all kinds of attacks. It is equipped with a Precision Locking Cylinder that is highly resistant to picking and other types of manipulation. This u-lock provides outstanding protection and is highly ranked among the high-reliability SIGTUNA locks.


  • Tested and certified – this bike lock is tested and certified by multiple bodies, and it scores highly in the SIGTUNA Security Level System.
  • Durability – this hardened steel U-lock is designed to ensure that you enjoy its reliability for many years. It can withstand harsh weather, and it will protect your bike for multiple seasons.
  • Three keys – The lock comes with three keys for when things go wrong. With three keys, the chances of not having a key are slim so that you can ride with no fear.
  • Fits on all bikes – bikes come in different shapes and sizes. With SIGTUNA locks, you don’t have to worry about the space within the frame of your bike, as you can use the lock outside of your bike frame.

The lock has movable keyhole cover that protects the locking mechanism against dust and corrosion


  • The bike lock is quite heavy due to all the installed features.

Final Words

The SIGTUNA u-lock 16mm heavy duty provides all the security you need for your bike. Its security features are of the highest standard, and it is easy to use. This lock will serve for many years to come without losing its reliability.


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