The Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer’s Guide

Isn’t it shocking, in the last 2018, 3655 people died and 15200 injured in fire accidents! It is not your fault at all, but the preparation is necessary. Fire accidents can occur any time, it could be from your stoves, gas leaks, or electric short circuit. So, waiting for that will not be wise. You may now worry about escaping from any fire accident.

Best Fire Escape Ladders 2020When a fire accident occurs, you need some protective gear and a safe exit. There is no other than the Best Fire Escape Ladder to make your safe route. Finding a perfect ladder will make your house in a safe state. We have reviewed many ladders in the market and picked the best 6 of them to toil your hassle. From the view of design, safety, usability the ladders have been shortlisted.

6 Best Fire Escape Ladders Review 2021


FIRST ALERT 2 STORY FIRE ESCAPE LADDERThe Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer's GuideIn times of fire, a ready to use fire ladder can prove to be handy. However, not every product can satisfy you as many things come into consideration. For instance, the First-alert EL5W-2 is one of the best three-story fire escape ladders out there. This durable escape ladder is durable and tough for its steel construction. Well, one thing for sure, the ladder is quite hard to put together after using it. But that’s ok, as you need to ensure your safety first and move out.

The ladder can hold up to 375 pounds at a time. So, you can tell, the sturdy ladder is quite capable of letting you escape while fired. Easily fit the ladder in 6 inches to 13 inches deep windows sills. While escaping, no need to worry about falling straight down. Yes, the ladder is slip-resistant, and thanks to the epoxy-coated rungs – placing your feet will be comfortable.

What’s great about the ladder is the usable features. Unlike most other ladders out there – this one is not a ‘one-time use only’ ladder. Instead, it’s a permanent fire escape ladder. It means users can have a practice round with it too. Even so, the price of the ladder is reasonable enough to satisfy you. With the additional safety route plan, this ladder is an excellent purchase for any home.


  • Great purchase for any 2 and 3 story house
  • Slip-resistant and has steel stabilizer on each rung
  • The price is reasonable and can use it multiple times
  • Sturdy steel construction and can take quite a heavy load in terms of danger


  • Very hard to put together
  • Kids cannot use it on their own

2. Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladders – Another Best 3 Story Ladder

Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape LadderThe Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer's GuideNot every time, you can rely on the fire extinguisher. Sometimes you better let the pros handle the job, and you look for a safety router for you and your family. Well, for any three-storied home or apartment, this ladder from Hausse is an excellent choice, alright. There are many reasons for this one to be on our list. Yes, this ladder is very easy to use, and the additional features make your escape safely with the ladder.

Unlike other escape ladders, this one deploys quickly. On the other hand, assembly doesn’t require any tools or time. In times of danger, just hook it with the window sill and try thinking about escaping. Yes, no need to worry about the ladder slipping away. The sturdy non-slip construction will keep you safe, and the whole ladder will provide a steady foothold. Not to mention, the durable construction material can hold 1000 lbs of weight with ease.

The 13-foot ladder will span down to the ground. Not to mention, tangle-free construction is the best thing about this ladder. While you are escaping, a firm and steady foothold is essential. Also, you need a ladder that anyone can put up in seconds. However, users can use the ladder just once. But considering the price and features – this one’s not half bad. Yes, this is a great 3 story fire escape ladders  on our list.


  • Very easy to put up and assembly doesn’t require any tools
  • Ladder hooks are retractable
  • Impressive weight capacity and non-slip design
  • Best for three-storied homes


  • One time use-only ladder
  • Heavy for kids to use it

3. Kidde 468193 KL-2S – Best Overall Fire Escape Ladder

Kidde 468193 KL-2S - Best Overall Fire Escape LadderThe Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer's GuideFor a one-time use-only, Kidde fire escape ladder does a decent job. Just like the previous one on the list, this ladder is also versatile in many ways. Whether you live in a two-story or three-story house, this ladder can be a perfect purchase for you. Also, this ladder is ideal for use anywhere. However, it will become a proper safety route for you and your dear ones for dangerous situations.

From the outlook, the ladder is well-made. The 13-foot long ladder doesn’t require any tool to assemble. So, anyone can join the ladder in times of danger. Considering the weight of 7.7 pounds, the ladder is not that heavy, and even kids can use this one. One other thing, the durable metal construction makes this a tough contender for emergency fire situations. Even after having a metal construction, the ladder offers excellent storage options for the user.

One-foot wide rungs provide enough space for you to place your feet. Not just that, the ladder is entirely non-slip and has flexible rugs to keep the foothold steady. Well, the 750lbs of weight capacity should be enough for you. Also, flame resistance construction gives you extra protection in dire situations. Finally, you will get a whole 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. Now, that is a great deal for you, don’t you think so?


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Fire-resistant, durable and sturdy metal construction
  • Great for two and three-storied houses
  • Quickly place it anywhere you want
  • Lightweight compared to other ladders on the market


  • Can use it only one time

4. Emergency Fire Escape Ladder – Best Budget Fire Escape Ladders

Emergency Fire Escape LadderThe Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer's GuideMost of the fire safety ladders are costly and one-time use only. But when you are looking for a budget ladder especially for windows – you might want something that offers high-capacity support. Alongside that, proper features can always make your purchase worth it. Well, this fire ladder is excellent for budget range in many ways. You can use the ladder as many times you want. So, this ladder is an excellent choice for fire drills.

First of all, you can use the ladder on just about any windows. But after receiving the ladder, you may want to test it out on the windows. The ladder is quite heavy for kids to handle, but the emergency support it provides is fantastic. Mainly, the V-shape support in the center of the ladder keeps it steady while descending. But only three people at once can climb down the ladder.

Well, the product does come with the EU’s security certification. So, the ladder is providing the best quality in the minimum price range. On the other hand, quickly deploy the ladder without wasting time on assembly with tools. The anti-slip rungs on the ladder offer a better portable option for any house. Anyway, this is a window fire escape ladder in the budget range, and it delivers what it claims to be. Overall, this is another great purchase for any household that needs a secured escape route.


  • Best on the budget range
  • Durable, non-slip ladder
  • Has V-shape support that provides stability
  • 15-foot long ladder


  • A little heavy

5. Portable Fire Ladder 5 & 6 Story Emergency Escape Ladder – Best Portable Fire Escape Ladder

Portable Fire Ladder 5 & 6 Story Emergency Escape LadderThe Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer's GuideWell, almost every ladder is somehow portable, isn’t it? But whenever we say mobile options, we mainly mean ladders with a bigger size. Yes, this ladder is one of the top safety ladders for any large house or apartment. The 50-foot ladder is a perfect escape ladder for 5 to 6 story buildings. So, for a giant ladder like this, portability is always going to be a sturdy feature. However, a Portable fire ladder is a flexible ladder with an easy portability option.

The average weight of any 2 storied ladders on our list is around 8 to 9 pounds. And for this ladder, the weight is about 23 pounds. Considering the length, this weight is lightweight, of course. Even the manufacturers tried their best to ensure the highest quality available. For aluminum construction, the ladder is sturdy and lightweight.

Anyway, why are we saying this escape ladder is the best portable option for you? Because the ladder is foldable, and that’s why storing the ladder is secure. Also, there’s a slight chance that the ladder is not stable, and that’s ok as the length is quite significant. But they used V-shaped center support to make the ladder permanent, and the steps are wide enough to get a firm foothold. But this is a one-time-use only ladder, so you cannot use it twice.


  • 50-foot long fire ladder
  • The lightweight and foldable feature makes it portable
  • Can use it on different sized buildings
  • No need for tools for installing the ladder


  • Can use it just once

6. ISOP Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or Pets up – Best for Kids and Pets

ISOP Fire Evacuation Device for Kids or PetsThe Best Fire Escape Ladders for 2021- A Buyer's GuideWhen there’s fir, kids and your pets are one to be in the most significant danger. You can try to carry them on your lap, but that is risky for both of you. So, finding the right quality fire ladder, specifically for kids or pets, is essential. In this way, reducing the casualty level is possible, and we have just the right ladder for you. Well, the ISOP Fire Evacuation Device is more of a survival kit for your kids or pets. Thanks to the survival kit, you can keep your kids or furry friends safe, and you can use a separate fire escape ladder to climb down.

Mainly, the features of this ladder-like survival kit are fantastic. Weighing just 1.66 pounds, this kit is portable, and storing it is another significant advantage. The package looks like a simple bag, and you can attach it in your back using carbines. If you are a fire-fighter and need to take the kids to safety – there’s a 50-foot long rope attached to it. Just insert a pillow inside the bag and then put the kids inside. Afterward, slowly send them to a safe place using the safety rope ladder.

Need not worry as the construction material on the kit is completely safe and durable. Also, the kit is straightforward to use. Yes, this is an unconventional fire ladder and possibly one of the best emergency ladders.


  • Best for escaping kids or pets
  • Easy to use, very lightweight and takes little space
  • Can attach it with your back using carbines
  • Comes with a 50-foot long rope for a quick escape


  • The weight capacity is less than 100 pounds.

Things to Consider When Buying a Fire Escape Ladder

Before buying, you need to make some key considerations. Whether you want a home fire safety ladder or window fire ladder for different apartments is essential. So, here we are going to talk about these key considerations to make your purchase worth it.


Yes, most of the fire safety ladders are for one-time-use only. Anyway, one needs to think about long-term use. When you use the escape ladders for homes, the main issue is assembling it. Many people can use these ladders for other purposes. However, today we are thinking about using it in terms of fire. So, finding a durable option is essential.

durabilityUnless there’s a fire in your home, you are not using the fire ladders. So, you will need to keep the ladder in a functional area. Without a durable ladder, the chances are that it will get ruined. So, before you purchase fire ladders for your home, finding the durable and sturdy model is essential.

To measure the durability – you will need to find out the construction materials, rope quality on the ladder, stability, and fire resistance. After ensuring some environmental strength, choosing the right quality fire ladder should not be a hard nut to crack.

For the durability part, heat resistance is always a vital thing to check. Many ladders come with nylon ropes, and they may melt after coming into contact with extreme heat. When there’s a fire in your home, excessive heat is not odd. So, make sure the materials on the fire escape ladder for windows are heat-resistant.


After confirming the durability of your desired ladder, you need to understand what length you should pick. Now, this should be an easy thing to judge as you know where your home is. Whether you need an escape ladder 2 stories or for 3 stories depends on where you live. And this is not just it as there is something you should know before going straight with your choice.

lengthLadders come in different lengths, and you can easily pick your desired length. Alongside the length, you better check the stability and rope durability too. Sure, you can select your desired ladder with the desired length. But without proper support with the distance, you will not get a decent foothold.

Some ladders are for large buildings, and not all the models are stable for the users. Even two-story ladders can be quite a handful without proper support. Alongside the length, weight capacity is another thing to consider. So, when you thought that just the length is the important one – you were wrong. There’s more to it than just finding the length of your emergency fire ladder.


Reading our review list may have given you a decent idea about – what sort of installation features you may want. You are using a fire-ladder, for instance, use. So, when the time comes, you will need to assemble it as quickly as possible. So, considering the installation process is essential.

There is some escape ladder for the window that requires tools. And those are the hard parts. Installing includes assembly and portability options too. Without portability, you cannot install the ladder properly. For longer ladders, manufacturers are trying to make them foldable.

Not just that, the stairs and hooks are also an important part. We are going to discuss the hooks later on this content. However, for now, installation is the main thing we are talking about here. So, try to look for a ladder that is very easy to use.


Hooks are the main feature for a fire escape ladder, and most of the time, people just don’t care to look at the feature. Well, this is a big mistake on the customer’s side. Hooks are the center point for keeping your ladder straight and steady. However, not every hook is compatible with any window. Checking out the hook’s compatibility is very important.

HOOKMainly, weight capacity is also included in the hooks. If your hook cannot handle the weight, you may not be able to use it in time. Yes, there are ropes and other things that provide support to the stability of the hook. Another thing for the hook is non-slip support. If the hook stays slippery, you will never get a firm foothold, which will be risky in times of danger.


You cannot use most window fire ladder twice because it’s tough to put them back together. So, why should a fire ladder last for a lifetime? As you can see, you are not buying a fire ladder when there’s a fire. Instead, you need to keep the ladder for extreme times. The ladder will act as an escape route for you and your family. So, the construction material on the ladder should be durable and weather resistant. Otherwise, the construction material will hurt it before you get the chance to use it.

But how can you define that your escape ladder will last for a long time? Many ladders come with a safety certificate from renowned laboratories, and that is an indicator of the lifespan. Well, not every ladder will guarantee their quality or safety, but it may still help people who are always having a doubt. There are some fire ladders that you can use twice or multiple times. On the contrary, these ladders are quite hard to find and very pricey. Well, we have found one and included it on our list.

Some people can put the ladder to other users if they want. On the other hand, warranty support can also ensure durability and long-term comfort.

Fire Escape Ladder Regulations

Any new building must observe the required building safety regulations. In the rules, they will find the escape route design. Depending on the building safety regulations, the landlord can add safety ladders without any problem.

But for any business entity, rather than safety, they need to rely on the fire services for further inspections.

Some Important FAQ:

  • Should I buy a fire escape ladder?

Yes, of course, you can. Fire safety rope ladders can lead your whole family to safety in times of emergency. But you will need a proper plan for every room and exit of your house to get the best results.

  • How do fire escape ladders work?

Commonly, the ladder will swing down to the ground from the window or exit.

  • How many ladders do I need?

Most fire experts suggest you keep at least two fire escape ladders as you need to keep two exits from your room. Also, if any bedroom above the first floor has just one door should have a separate ladder.

  • How do you escape a house fire?

First, you need to devise a plan for escaping the fire. If you are locked inside a room, blocking the smoke is your best option. Afterward, you should wait for the fire-fighter to arrive. But if you find an exit, using fire ladders for home is the best choice for you.

  • Are fire safety ladders safe?

If you can choose the windows ladder correctly, it should be safe for you to use.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, fire is a useful way to produce power and is the center of many activities. For that, the risk involved in the fire is also severe. According to the building safety regulations, the landowner should devise a proper exit plan or print it for safety. They can include escape ladders for home if they want. On the other hand, finding the best ladder is very tough. There are too many things to check and consider. Depending on various situations and tasks, we tried to include 6 of the best fire escape ladders in the market. Hopefully, you will want to get one for yourself.

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