TiGr Mini Review: Best Lightweight Bike Lock

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Are you looking for the perfect security for your bike? How about a killer lock? Tough and unique bike locks always surprise the thief. Finding something different from others is good. Yes, I am talking about the TiGr Mini U-lock. This U-lock is different from other bike locks.  

Mainly, titanium construction and decent security make it unusual. Yes, you are right. You can say this is one of the best innovations in the bike lock industry. However, praising like this will not help too much. That is why we need to discuss the product.

So, what type of performance the U-lock delivers? To find that, you need to read our discussion, and we hope that you will understand why the lock is unique from other bolts. After reading the TiGr mini reviews, you will decide whether you should get one for yourself or not.

TiGr Mini ReviewTiGr Mini Review: Best Lightweight Bike Lock

Top 3 Reasons to Buy TiGr Mini

Different from Other Bike Locks

Earlier we said, this is a modern innovation for the bike lock industry. Usability and durability make it stand out from other bike locks. Well, titanium bike locks are unique.

Titanium is well known for its durability. Also, metal is famous for making engineering applications. So, when you use it on bike locks, the lock becomes tough. Thieves will find it hard to break the lock quickly.

However, there are more than durability. TiGr bike lock also offers easy to use features, portability, and standard security options. You can say this is a versatile bike lock in the market.

Very Lightweight

The TiGr bike lock is mainly a U-lock. Most of the U-locks are made of steel. That is why they tend to be massive. Some of the U-locks might be lightweight. However, people decide that depending on a comparison of other locks.

But the TiGr lock mini is very lightweight. In comparison to regular steel, Titanium is around 50% more light. On the other hand, the metal is more durable than steel. So, if you get a durable and very lightweight bike lock, carrying the lock becomes very easy. Another thing for choosing this lock is the lightweight pros.

Very Easy to Use and Carry

This bike lock ensures durability and usability both at the same time. Hence, another reason for you to buy this bike lock. Now, what makes the TiGr titanium bike lock very easy to use in the first place? You will find it eventually after reading the entire content. The usability may be straightforward for you, but the thief will find it hard to understand the new mechanism.

Key Features


Different metals have different toughness levels and durability. However, weight and toughness are the determiners for making any security products. Steel is the most popular construction material for bike locks.

Anyway, the titanium loop on the bike lock makes it look robust. The lock can be used on just about any bike wheel or frame. You may face problems locking two tires of a fat bike or mountain bike. Hence, this lock works perfectly on a thin, framed bike.

Well, steel offers better support for cutting attacks. On the other hand, Titanium is excellent against any leverage attack. So, this means that the lock is perfect for areas that involve medium risk.

Using the u-lock in a high-risk area is a complete no-no. A thief equipped with the perfect tool can easily cut the lock without breaking a sweat.

Mainly consisting of two parts, gives no space for leverage attacks. The steel locking cylinder and the titanium bow let you fit the bike frame perfectly. This is perfect for bike security but not as much as the Kryptonite New York Lock. In market comparison for durability, Kryptonite is much better.

Ease of Use

In comparison to TiGr vs others, the locking mechanism on the TiGr mini makes it very easy to use. Mainly, the lock and the keys make it so easy for the user. However, you need to be careful about placing the keys on the lock.

After placing the key, you need to squeeze and pull the lock both at the same time. Also, you need to squeeze and press it to lock the bicycle lock. However, at first, you will find it difficult to use.

But after using it for a few days, you will get the hang of it—one of the best easy to use bicycle locks in the market. The lock ensures a secured lock using a push-button on the side. Also, the lock can tighten both sides of your bike with ease.

Ease of Transport

TiGr mini lightest mid-security bicycle lock is straightforward to carry. It weighs just around 0.9 lbs. And after attaching it to the bike, you will feel no weight at all. Mostly, this is an excellent choice for e-bike owners.

E-bikes are heavy. So, you need to find a very lightweight bike lock. Anyway, you can’t carry the bike lock inside your pocket. The compact 27cm x 10cm dimension makes it more significant. That means you can move the bike lock inside your backpack with ease. Another right way to carry the bike lock is to use the frame mount. If you don’t have any bike mount, purchase a frame mount from the local shop.


The lock limits your locking area. This means you have fewer options for locking your bike. If you are thinking of closing the bike on more prominent structures such as trees or lampposts – you are out of luck. You will need to find a bike rack to lock your bike with it.


The TiGr lock is expensive. Well, of course, Titanium is not a cheap metal. However, there are many locks out there that provide better security and features than this one. And they cost much lower than this one.

TiGr Mini Lightweight Titanium


  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Decent security
  • Titanium construction
  • Very easy to use and portable


  • Very expensive
  • Not useful in High-risk areas
  • Cannot use it on larger locking zones

Final Verdict

The size and shape do make the TiGr mini lock on the negative side. However, the lock is excellent for its two features – lightweight and decent security. In this TiGr mini Review, we tried to talk about the features.

Now, who is it for then? There are many people fond of U-locks. But U-locks are heavier. So, they use cable locks. For them, this is like a treat. But if you are riding in high-risk areas, I suggest you look for another u-lock.

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