trapped in a room during a fire

What should you do if you are trapped in a room during a fire?

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Fire accidents are just something that happens without any notice. Just now you are relaxing in your room, just now you have to run because there is a fire in your building or your own room. It is better to stay prepared and calm during any natural or manmade incident. The more you are in a calm mind set-up, the more you will be able to keep yourself safe from that accident.

Before you know what you should do during a fire, it is more important to know what not to do. Breaking a window or door is not always good and safe. Knowing the limitations will give you better chances to keep yourself and others safe. Today, in this article, we will try to understand the things you should and should not do during a fire.

Total Action In A Nutshell

Here is a small summary of the whole idea of staying safe during a fire. The below-given instructions are required to make a proper move during this time.

– You have to remain calm but you should keep in mind that acting fast is important.

– Never waste a single second to get dressed or to change clothes.

– Do not search for your valuable items at that time, remember, your life is the most important thing.

– Try to stay in a low smoke area to avoid suffocation; You can save yourself and others as well in this way.

– Keep a fire escape ladder around you for better action.

– If you are in a room and trapped, try to avoid smoke at first, then do your next move.

– If you get out of your situation, help others as much as you can.

These adequate ethics will lead you to keep people safe during a fire accident. But if we are particulate our discussion to becoming trapped in a room, there are some other ideas to follow.

You Can Break A Window during a fire, But Do These First!

If you are stuck inside a room, and you don’t have any other ways rather than a window and door, you have to keep some things in mind before breaking the window or opening the door.

Fire is spread more if it gets oxygen. Suppose, you are in a room, and you realize that you are trapped inside a fire, if you open the door or window right away, oxygen will enter more inside your room and there will be a bombardment of fire there. You won’t get a chance to escape.

You should always keep in mind to close your door before you try to escape from the window. Once you are sure that the door is shut closed, break or open the window and escape. In this way, there will be less oxygen in your room and if you be really quick, you can jump outside before even there is another spark of fire.

Try To Understand The Route Of Air

Wind plays a big role in controlling fire. If you can predict which way the air is passing, you can avoid a very bad situation. For say, if we think that the air is going from North to the south and your room is north facing, closing the door before opening the window will almost stop the fire.

But if your room is on the opposite side, doing the vice-versa will give you a chance to escape safely. Don’t panic, stay calm, and quiet to make the best use of your brain and chances. Look around before jumping out of the window so that you don’t hurt yourself. You can do the following things as a safety measure and precaution against any fire accident.

– Keep a fire escape ladder in your home if you live in upper flats. You can escape easily and also help others.

– Learn how to use a fire extinguisher, don’t use it if you don’t know how to handle it. It needs a little bit of training.

– Use your voice to make everyone come out of their home. This is social ethics to live in a place. You should help others.

– If the fire is too big, always call fire service people to rescue everyone. They are trained up for these situations.

– Talk with your neighbors beforehand to take proper actions if there is any such accident. Precaution is always better.


Keeping your brain calm and working with logic will always keep you safe from accidents. Examine your home and think of a way to prevent it even before it happens. Keep an emergency kit around you so that you need not search for it at the time of crisis. Add some safety measures to your home and keep yourself safe.