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Ultraloq UL3 BT Review: Why Not!

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In a world of increased innovation and growing technology, the drive towards achieving simpler and more effective technological development has increased more than ever. There are ever-evolving changes geared towards a simpler life and easier ways of achieving results without reducing the quality. An example of such amazing technological innovations is this Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerpring and Touchscreen, 5-in-1 entry, Smart Lock.

Being the first-ever to be produced in the world, this unique product Ultraloq UL3 smart lock comes with very impressive features that work towards meeting the basic need of security. Security can be named among other factors an individual needs to live a fulfilled life. Like it is said, ‘Safety First.’

Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock  Review

Ultraloq UL3 BT ReviewUltraloq UL3 BT Review: Why Not!



COLOR: Satin Nickel (Black and Grey)

PRODUCT DIMENSION: 7×6.3×3.5 inches

NET WEIGHT: 6 Pounds

Best Features of Ultraloq BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

5-in-1 Offer:

The first quality to be considered is that this device offers different ways to ensure security. It comes with fingerprint identification, Code, Smart-phone, Knock to Open and also provides a Key. Whatever rocks your boat! Several varieties are achieving the same result. You can make your choice of which security method works the most for you. You can even go further to combine more than one to get be more assured of your safety. This is certainly getting more value for your money. All security methods work efficiently, independent of each other.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint__15

Advanced Fingerprint Identification:

This smart lock offers excellent fingerprint identification. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and this lock has been equipped to identify and give access to 96 of them! It is suitable for big and small offices, homes and clubs and other places with restricted entry. It also has waterproof and dustproof sensor properties to make for swift identification, not hindered by those factors. This is further enabled by its scratch-proof sensor feature. This product can identify fingerprints in less than 0.5 seconds. Amazing! So there is no incidence of having to wait too long to be identified.

Anti-Peep Password:

With this amazing feature, the incidence of having your password copied or stolen is eradicated. Any attempt at copying your password simply by looking at your keypads would end in futility. This is because as a user, you can sort of use a ‘different’ password anytime you need to gain access and successfully do so. How? Just type in a random list of numbers while ensuring your original password is embedded in the mix. So, if for example, your password is ‘2679’, you get to type in 372575(2679)53419 and still gain access. This is awesome!

Knock/Shake To Open:

This Device is connected to your smartphone and can be controlled via the app. This makes for more convenient use. But guess what? You don’t have to go through the process of opening your app, you can achieve the same result of gaining access simply by knocking on or shaking the connected phone. For IOS phones, knocking on your phone four times grants you access. You do not have to get your phone from your pocket or even a bag. Just knock like you would a door, and get the lock opened! For Android phones, you touch on the screen of your smartphone to keep it awake for alerts while you shake your phone. Once your smartphone is powered and its screen awake, you gain access by simply doing this. 

One Year Battery Life: 

Note that the batteries needed for powering this device are included in the package. This eliminates the need to go looking for batteries or buying the wrong batteries. Not only does it come with its batteries, but its batteries also have a life duration of a yea, which can be interpreted as 8000 times access via the device. You also have the battery status shown OLED display and apps. You get alerts if the battery is low to avoid getting into despairing situations. You are warned so you can take the necessary action. And if the battery dies, access the keyhole under the device with its mechanical key.

View Users:

Not only can you access the device via the app, but you can also access the users of the device. So you get to know how many people had access to your lock, who they are and how they did so. You also can delete and add users so the power over your lock is completely yours. You can decide to limit entry even to yourself alone or to a few trusted people and eliminate those who you have refused entry.

Share Ekey:

When considering security and locks, the issue of guests has to be well considered as their stay is expected not to be permanent. And we have provided a solution for that as well. You can grant your guests temporary access for specific dates and times. They can also have scheduled access not with the use of codes but through their smartphones.

Log Records:

This device via the app on your smartphone gives you a record of everyone who has accessed your lock and the exact time they did. This further ensures security as it is very helpful especially in cases of burglary, theft, home invasion or any other crime that can occur within the home. It is also very useful for accessing and rating employees.

Reversible Handle:

The challenge with some locks is they either work with left-handed or right-handed doors and not both. But this device is suitable for both doors, can be installed on both and guaranteed to work as efficiently as ever as long as the installation was done right.

Works with Most Standard Doors:

This device has been made to work with most standard interior doors with a thickness between 1-3/8” and 1-3/4”, and can be successfully prepped with a single borehole. There is a provision of a deadbolt cover plate to replace existing ones on the doors.

Designed for DIY Installation:

This device presents one of the easiest ways of installation. You need no drilling, nailing or wiring. All you need has been contained in the box: A screwdriver! And you have your product installed and ready to give maximum security.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Review: Why Not!

Installation Manual Of Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Smart Lock:

The DIY installation eliminates the need for a technician or electrician or even a carpenter. All that is needed is to follow the step by step process below:

  1. Prepare the Door

You first check the door’s dimension to ensure its 35mm and 44mm thick as earlier mentioned. You also have to make sure the hole on the door is 53mm while the hole on the door edge is 25mm. You check again that the backseat is 60mm -70mm.

  1. Prepare the Lock

There is a need to install the included spring if the door thickness is above 42mm. Then you slide the battery cover up and out. After which you remove the inside mounting plate from the back of the interior assembly.

  1. Install Latch and Strike

Install latch on the door with the angle facing door jam. Install the strike on the door frame with the bolt centered on the strike.

  1. Install Exterior Assembly

Install the Exterior Assembly making sure the triangle faces upwards. Then, route the cable under the bolt and the hole.

  1. Installing Interior Mounting Plate

Install interior mounting plate. Secure it to the exterior assembly using Screw B.

  1. Install Interior Assembly

Now, its time to install Interior Assembly. Attach the cable to the connector on interior assembly by lining notches on the cable connector to the slot connector. Then you use screws to secure the Interior Assembly.

  1. Install Batteries

Insert 3 AA alkaline batteries. They already come with the device. Install the battery cover and tighten using screws.

  1. Install Handles

Press lever handles onto the handle posts. If this is done in the wrong direction, uninstall by insert screwdriver in hole in the handle and applying a push, then hold. Install again. Check that the mechanical operation of the device is working by rotating handle from inside. Any kind of obstruction would mean that the installation was not done right and had to be repeated using the above steps.


  • 5-in-1 Smart Lock
  • Weatherproof
  • Single Latch
  • DIY Installation
  • Weather Proof
  • Three Lock Mode
  • Mechanical Key
  • Scratch, Dust and Waterproof Sensor 


  • The Use of batteries to power the device instead of electricity can limit its optimal functionality as it would fail to work once the batteries are dead. 
  • The ease at which the lock can be opened without accessing the app, just by shaking or knocking can pose an ample opportunity for criminals to gain access.


  • Can I have access to the log records via the Ultraloq app when away from the house?

A: Yes you can. All you need do is get the Ultraloq bridge and pair through the U-tec app.

  • Can I install Ultraloq BT UL3 on an exterior door, despite living in extreme weather conditions?

A: Yes you can as the device has weatherproof features and can function optimally under temperature from -35degrees C to 70 degrees C

  • Is there a backup method just in case the Ultraloq battery dies and you need to get in?

A: Yes, you can always use your mechanical key. The key lock has been hidden at the bottom of the lock for extra security.

  • How do I connect Ulraloq to Wi-fi?

A: You would need to get an Ultraloq Bridge first, then set up Bridge connected.


This innovation is one of its kind and its top-notch qualities make for an awesome device. Its 5-in-1 feature gives extra value and you have all the necessary components are packed together. This would deliver quality security for your homes, offices, and other areas you may wish to secure. Its weatherproof feature ensures it operates even in harsh weather conditions. It can be linked to multiple users and you can access all users and their log records.

You also get alerts to warn of a weak battery and have a mechanical key to gain access, just in case batteries die and you are unaware. You can be assured your password for the device is safe and never gets stolen or copied. It is easy to install and works with most standard doors. Its reversible handles also function with left-handed and right-handed doors.

We hope this Ultraloq UL3 review will help you to purchase the right one. The qualities of this device are simply mind-blowing and it delivers as promised. If you need an efficient and excellent security method, this is the perfect product to go for! Make a purchase today!

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