What To Do When Your Bike Is Stolen

What To Do When Your Bike Is Stolen

Thefts have been so ramped which have led to people getting discouraged about going on to buy new ones. There is, however, a solution to this which is you taking the next step of discovering where the bike is. There are officers in charge of investigating your bike, and it can be found again. Here are the critical things you must do when your bike is stolen.

8 Things To Do When Your Bike Is Stolen

1. Alert The Social Media

After you realize your bike is missing, report the issue to all social media accounts that you have. You can communicate with the bicycle number or any other personal identification and color, which can help your friends try to identify it for you. 

The social media contain most platforms which you can use in addressing the theft of your bicycle. Ensure all your friends and people around know that your bike is nowhere to be seen.

2. Have Your Bike Listed As Stolen Item

Lucky enough is when your bike has been registered under some organizations which are known to keep track of all bicycles. When you are in such organizations, visit their nearest offices or pages online and tell them about tour bike theft. They will help you to publicize the information to their investigators and other people that might have a clue of bikes. They will ensure your details are disseminated to help police or whoever will see it easily identify it.

3. Inform The Police About The Theft

After you inform your organization, let the police know that you don’t have your bike anymore. The police can help since whenever they will recover any bike, and it happens you reported yours with it’s serial; then they will be of help to you. When you publish to them, they will get more information concerning your bike theft, and they can get helpful resources to get your bicycle.

4. Claim In Insurance Company

Usually, you insure any of your asset, including the bike whichever the insurance it might be. The moment you get a police report, a file that case to the insurance company you are registered with and give them all the necessary information they need. You need to alert them sooner so they take the possible actions sooner and it will help you to get another file very soon. You must make followups and ensure that you get feedback because you have been paying them.

5. Inform The On Guard About The Theft

The On Guard is a significant protection organization against theft, and once you inform the other organizations about your bike lost, you can also tale a step and tell the OnGuard the same issue. You can notify them how your bike was stolen while having their lock and you can also make a claim. 

You need to ensure that you have done this very fast before a week is over as you inform them more about the theft. You should provide all information is given to all necessary organizations you report your bike theft case immediately.

6. The eBay, Gumtrees, Craigslist

You can check all available listings at the craigslist, eBays, and even the Gumtrees since these re the sites where most thieves attempt to sell the stolen bicycles to avoid being caught. The possibility of the bike being listed immediately it has been taken is very low, but you need to confirm to be sure. You, however, need to ensure you are advertising every time as you register with the sites. 

You can confirm with them through the emails your bike model and then have criteria saved to make them sent to you whatever new listings they have to your email.

7. Inform All Local Bike Shops

After you have gathered enough information for your bike, pass it to all available local bicycle shops around you which will ease them for spotting any suspicious bicycle they might see in their shop. You must make sure that they have the information about your car since they interact so much with more bikes every day.

8. Advertise Through The Posters

You can also opt to make information everywhere using posters advertising method. When you put up these posters in your local village, they will help many people to know the information about your bike even if they don’t see the owner. That will be a big help to you since you can get h more details from different places and you will easily find your stolen bike.


You need to make follow-ups to all the organizations that you are a report concerning your bike theft. Ensure they are following up on your issue. It is, however, not for free since you will have to pay them, but their costs are always negotiable. 

It might reach a point where you haven’t ground the bike and days are going bad. It might be hard to accept about the bicycle, but you might be forced to start again and look for another bike, whether new or second hand. If no success in retrieving the bike, then take a step and buy yourself a new car.