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Yale Assure Lock SL Review: Should You Buy This?

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Are you tired of reading tons of reviews before buying a Smart door lock? Hopefully, your wait is at a dead end!  If you want to invest some extra cost for your beloved family’s safety and security we will suggest buying Yale Assure Lock SL.
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Our experienced analytics team presenting the review on Yale Assure Lock Sl to make your purchase experience better.
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Yale Assure Lock SL Review

Yale Assure

The Assure Lock SL is one of the best smart locks especially when it comes to high home security. Like any other smart locks without keys, this one also has a built-in touchscreen keypad but still does not use any type of physical key.
This makes it look unique with a kind of elegance you can not find in other deadbolts. But due to the lack of the key can make you suffer a bit when the battery dies.
It has a good keypad when you have some guest and you are not in the house you can program the codes and send the code to them through email or the phone. If you feel like also activating the auto-lock characteristic you can, that engage 30 seconds for the deadbolt to unlock, but also you can increase the delaying period up to two minutes if it is important.
This Yale Assure Lock SL does not have an auto-unlock function. Still, though a lock needs a smart hub to initiate several of its characteristics, it is very easy to do without one.
Regardless of the smart Homekit module, you select, this is the very best means to access a lock’s most valuable features, amongst the remote access, Yale Assure lock app functionality, the enhanced guest access, the video doorbell compatibility, and also tracking that lock’s activity.
The Assure touchscreen deadbolt comes in three different finishes to fit the door you are using and doorknob: the satin nickel, the polished brass, and also oil-rubbed bronze. These locks replace your deadbolt and use about 20 minutes to install.
After the installation, you insert its batteries, then the system will take you through the whole setup process using voice prompts which tells you the way to add key codes, activate advanced settings, and also change the volume. The lock has a lifetime mechanical and an average of one year warranty.

Yale Assure Lock SL Review: Should You Buy This?YALE ASSURE LOCK SL REVIEWYale Assure Lock SL Review: Should You Buy This?

Top 3 reasons to buy Yale Assure SL

A Versatile Lock

The first key selling point of this smart lock should be the versatility. Thanks to its radio offerings, you can connect it to smart home hubs or security systems. Also, the lock offers smart security and control over your home. Not just that, the lock is compatible with Google Home assistant, Apple Homekit, and Siri. So, this keyless lock is very versatile on its own.

Very Easy to Use

When you are using a keyless Homekit lock, a smooth operation is a must. If you can attach a network module on the lock, you are ready. After that, you need to install the Yale Secure App on your smartphone. Right then, you can get full control over your house security. The app will help you with security customization and many more.

Easy to Install

Another reason you should get your hands on this keyless lock is the installation. Installing the lock is simple, and you don’t need to ask any professional for help. But you have to make sure your door is correctly aligned and is operating correctly. Yale does include paper instruction on the package. However, if you are not comfortable with that, a third-party app called BILT can help you with animated directions.

Key Features


The Yale assure smart lock sl is well-designed that has a minimalist forward panel with a touchpad. This lock is accessible on 3 surfaces: the Satin Nickel, the Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and also the Polished Brass, each of that has a smart, clean layout that works well on the painted or even stained-wood door.
They are more minimalist than a designer, though.
The keypad lightens up when one touches it, but it doesn’t give a manual key choice. It is a friendly little equipment, giving beeps and also voice prompts which tell you what is happening.
Touch the keypad, and also it sounds when the keypad flames up. When you take too long to key in the keycode, and also it primly states, “Time expired.”
Yale Assure Lock SL Review: Should You Buy This?


Yale Assure is a smart way to keep your house secured. Thanks to its network module compatibility, you can lock and unlock your door using a smartphone. Notably, Apple Homekit users can keep their homes safe. You can create a daily schedule, unique pin codes, access codes, and many more. All the control is in your hands, and you will not get confused at all. This attractive looking deadbolt can quickly become an integrated part of your smart home.


As you know, this is a deadbolt. The lock is quite stylish and has a low-profile design. However, dependable hardware makes this a reliable, smart home security. Not to mention, the keypads have a slimmer frame. There is a backup power supply for your keypads in case the battery drains out. The battery is also long-lasting and will provide year-long service. 

Ease of Use

We have discussed this earlier in our content. Operating the smart lock is not that of a hassle when you have a network module on it. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or any Apple smartwatch, you can easily lock or unlock your door. Also, you can ask for help from Siri. Even if you don’t have a phone, you can always set a 4 to 8 digit pin code. You can set up to 25 unique codes for securing your home. Just installing the Yale Secure app should do the job fine. Also, you can share door access to people you trust and can delete codes after using them once. It is a key free, easy access to your home.

Easy Programming

Thanks to the Yale secure app, programming the lock is very easy. Set up any unique code using your smartphone and delete the code when you feel like it.


Well, the Yale lock has a beautiful and sleek design. Not to mention, the lock works flawlessly with your smart home kit. The lock works without any key. And the price point is not entirely on the higher end. On the other hand, the lock provides a ton of features. The versatility of this keyless lock makes it an excellent lock for your home security.


  • Easy and flexible guest access
  • Versatile keypad
  • Smart key free touchscreen


  • It is Expensive

Yale InstallationInstallation Guide 

Yale Assure Smart Lock uses the latest technology instead of the old physical key to protect the front door.

Current openings are usually replaced with Yale Assure lock within 30 minutes with a Phillips screwdriver. The hole in the sidewall extending from the outside to the inside of the door should be 2/8 inches in diameter. The diameter of the slot of the door lock at the front edge of the door is 1 inch.

The delivery set includes molds that determine the correct location of locks, rivets, and padlocks, so Yale will convince locks for doors that do not have spiral locks.

To install Yale Assure you need to:

Step 1: Remove the existing installation device.

Step 2: Use two mounting screws to connect the retainer plate to the door frame.

Step 3: Insert a movable latch into the edge of the slot door. 2 The rear clearance is set to 3/8 inch but may be configured to 2 inches.

Step 4: Make sure the latch is open and open, and make sure that the arrow is locked with two locks.

Step 5: Insert the cable under the lock mechanism and set the lock of the external keyboard to the same level as the door.

Step 6: Pass the cable through the internal mounting plate and connect it to the external lock using long screws.

Step 7: Place the cable under the locking hook and insert the cable into the lock. Make sure the cable is fully inserted into the connector.

Step 8: Install the inside of the lock so that the passage passes through the horizontal hole of the lock group. Make sure the cable is completely locked, and the seat is recessed into the mounting plate and door.

Step 9: Secure with two screws in the battery pack and one screw at the bottom of the lock.

Step 10: Flip and lock the lock to verify that the latch kit is working correctly.

Step 11: If you are using an optional wireless device that is connected to the network, insert the device into the space above the battery pack.

Step 12: Install 4 AA batteries with a lock in the immersion position.

Step 13: Install the battery cover using the screws provided.

Call the castle with a welcome “Welcome to Yale Real Life” and get ready for programming.

Programming of Yale Assure Lock Sl 

The fun begins when Yale Assure is already installed. Use the backlit touch keyboard to start using the same.

Final words

Personally, I  think this review will help you to choose the right one. I would prefer this Yale Assure lock sl because this device will ensure that I am secured and all of my things are safe no matter the place I will be at. Therefore don’t hesitate and wait for things to go wrong and rush, just go and but this lock and you will be always safe.

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